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Gerrard St. E. at Alton. Double pad. Parking on-street. Phone: 416 392-7804.

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2003 - 2004

Greenwood Rink

December 13, 2003: Open, with very snowy ice. The rink house looked squalid. At 4.45 p.m. the operator was just starting to do the ice -- according to the rink guard, for the first time that day. The rink guard also said that their tractor broke the week before and that for 3 or 4 days they had no ice maintenance at all. He may be mistaken. It's worth checking into.

January 6, 2004: Through the chain-link fence it looked like excellent ice but at noon the rink was locked and changerooms locked -- no note of explanation. Bulletin board still had holiday hours posted but no regular hours. The building looks shabby and un-looked-after. Overflowing garbage containers.

Rumour has it that some of the rink staff had an after-hours party that attracted noise complaints from the neighbourhood, and that's why the rink was closed.

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