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March 1, 2014

5 pm, drop-in shinny
Nov.23, 2013

At 11.15 the rink gate was open, but there were no skaters around. The zamboni was putting down water on what looked like thin but skateable ice. There were mats laid out to both the women's and men's change rooms, but only the men's change room was unlocked.

The zamboni driver said that no skaters had showed up yet. He thought it might be because all the schedules said the rink would open on Nov.24. But he said a rink guard was scheduled for 2 pm, at public skating time, and there might be some skaters coming then.

the gate is open! But no sign

putting down more water
Nov.20 2013

big sign not there anymore

There were signs of ice-making but the front gate was locked as it so often is. Wendy Jang, the year she was rinks supervisor, got some big banner signs made to highlight the rinks. Glen Long had a really big one, stretched across the back fence near the swimming pool. But now there's just empty fence. The on-duty recreation staff agreed that it would be good to post a sign about the rink going to open soon, and said he would make one.

There was a layer of ice on the rink, maybe half an inch, some of it a bit watery, as though the rink was being flooded in the daytime. (It was cold but sunny.) But there was no one around to ask.

ice making had started

no sign about opening day on the gate either

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