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Rink Diary 2013-2014

March 1 2014

Sunday afternoon at 4.45 -- a happy-looking bunch of pleasure-skaters, since the rink was re-opened and the season extended. Very quiet on the shinny side with a few kids and young teens. Most youth shinny players at this rink wait until the evening, when they can play shinny without helmets.

5 shinny players, all helmeted

lively pleasure-skaters, but not many
Dec.9 2013

At noon the rink had been cleaned of snow and the ice looked good. There were two shinny players, one with a helmet, the other without. The front doors were unlocked and the inside hallway was immaculate. However the stairway leading to the front doors from the street had not been cleaned of snow. There may still be a jurisdictional dispute -- whose responsibility is it to clean the walkway? For years this problem was solved by simply leaving the front doors locked and making skaters come in the side gate to the inside rink doors. Happily, the front doors are now unlocked. There was no staff in sight, for the CELOS visitor to ask about what plans may exist for clearing snow off the stairs to the front doors. It might be a good idea in the interim for the CELOS rink visitors to include a kit in their cars when they visit rinks -- a small snow shovel and a broom.

hallway immaculately clean

snow not cleared off the entryway stairs


Dec.1 2013

thin ice but ready to use

Even though the city's website has listed this rink as closed all day, by 9.40 a.m. there was one hockey player on the ice, and by 10.30 there was a whole group of parent-and-child shinny players. They said the ice was thin but definitely skateable. The front door leading to the change hallway was unlocked and so were the side gate and the back door. But at 2 pm, 311 was still reporting the rink as closed, and at 10 pm, the "closed" message was still up on the city's website.

Saturday Nov.30, 2013

10 a.m.: The rink was empty and the doors locked. Both rinks looked like they did indeed have ice. There was a loud hum from the compressor room, suggesting that it was in fact on. The city website lists it as closed, even though it might have been possible to skate on it.

hockey pad with ice, a bit bumpy but skatable

locked rink gate, no staff around

locked front door, no opening day or even a closed today sign

There were patches in the middle that looked crunchy, but the pedestrian gate to the rink was also closed so we couldn't take a closer look. No sighting of staff although there might have been one person leaving the hockey pad on skates as we arrived.

Friday Nov.29, 2013

A rink user reports seeing ice-making at the rink at 7 pm, even though the city website still lists it as out of order.

Thursday Nov.28 2013

compressor room door open

The rink is not making ice. The compressor room door was open and that means somebody must have been working in there, but there was no Cimco truck or any other sign of intensive work being done. The answer is usually the same: compressor trouble. But what kind of trouble, or why it was only discovered a few days before the rink season began, is not revealed.

no ice on hockey pad, just puddles...

no ice on pleasure-skating pad, just snow


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