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3. Cost of running outdoor rinks -- data obtained through a Freedom of Information request

Date submitted: Sept.27 2007

Content: Please send us the line-by-line cost to run each of the city's outdoor artificial ice rinks (list attached) in the winter 2005/2006 rink season and the winter 2006/2007 rink season. Please break down the energy costs by the month.

Response arrived: Nov.7 2007

Cover letter (below are all the excerpts containing actual information):

"We asked staff of Parks, Forestry and Recreation (PFR) to conduct a search for records...The search by staff of Management Services, PFR, has found information that responds to your request pertaining to the months of January, February and December in year 2006....PFR staff state that this report is an estimate of these three months....The search by staff of Management Services, PFR, has found no responsive records for the month of December 2005, nor for the months of January 2007 to March 2007. Furthermore....statements of actual outdoor A.I.R. expenditures are not available for each outdoor A.I.R. nor are they recorded by the month for the reasons indicated in this report. Staff also state that there are no line costs kept for outdoor A.I.R.'s...Lastly, PFR staff advise that no additional responsive cost information or records have been found. Access cannot therefore be granted as no such records exist."

Costs of three months of the A.I.R.'s in 2006:

Permanent staff: $940,030 (see note 1)

Local 416 Seasonal ice maintenance staff: $725,848 (see note 2)

Local 79 Seasonal Recreation staff: $456,334 (see note 3)

Total salaries and benefits: $2,122,211

Salary cost per stand-alone A.I.R. for these three months: $50,529

Utilities: $1,099,800 (see note 4)

Other: $510,823

Total non-salary Expenses: $1,610,623

Estimated utility cost per stand-alone A.I.R. for three months: $26,186

Estimated "other" cost per stand-alone A.I.R. for three months: $12,162

"Gross expenditures" (estimated) for these three months: $3,732,834

Total (gross) expenditures for three months per A.I.R.: $88,877


(1) Includes permanent salaries and benefits for A.I.R. dedicated staff from Parks, PDIM and Community Recreation staff for 3 months. Costs are estimated.

(2) Includes salaries and benefits for 40 Local 416 Parks staff for 3 months. Only 26 of the 40 represent variable costs. Costs are estimated.

(30 Includes salaries and benefits for part-time Recreation staff at 32 stand-alone A.I.R.'s. Costs are estimated.

(4) Includes cost estimates for Hydro, Gas and Water for Double, Major and Minor A.I.R.'s. Water costs are not paid for by PFR.


Statements of actual expenditure by A.I.R. by month are not available through the accounting system due to the following factors:

Maintenance of the A.I.R.'s is done on a floating crew basis without dedicated A.I.R. staff

Cost centres related to A.I.R.'s also include expenses for Parks Operations

The City of Toronto does not use an accrual accounting system, therefore statement of monthly expenses is based on payment timing rather than monthly consumption.

Utility accounts contain multiple meters that include lighting for adjacent parks and facilities.

PFR does not pay for water consumption and therefore it is not tracked in the accounting system.

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