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Elizabeth Simcoe Park

Rink Diary 2013-2014

February 16, 2014 - from facebook group posting

So Friends, it is mid-February, and we do not have an ice rink in the park this year. Initially delayed by repairs required to the water source, we have struggled since to create a rink because of the slope of the site. The City no longer allows us to use a liner for our rink, and attempts at flooding the ground surrounded by snowbanks resulted in extreme water run-off. Our rink team has been working with the City to find a solution for next winter, which will involve creating a level packed sand surface in the fall months that can be successfully flooded. Thank you to our volunteers who have kept up their efforts.

December 19, 2013 - from facebook group posting

This year's ice rink in Simcoe Park is unfortunately off to a bumpy start. We are waiting for repairs to be made to the water supply for our rink. In the meantime, City staff will be flooding the rink (temperatures permitting). Hopefully we will have some ice over the school break.

Rink Diary 2012-2013

January 8 2013

12 noon, 2 Celsius: deep, solid ice

dedicated nearby water outlet

plastic liner

frame for liner, carefully reinforced

tennis balls to protect from impalement

lights on school -- can they be turned?
January 2013 - From Hilary Wollis - Friends of Elizabeth Simcoe Park

shoveling the corners

The 600,000 residents of Scarborough share one outdoor rink that is managed by the City, at the Scarborough Civic Centre. Otherwise, our only skating opportunities come during public skating hours at arenas.

We have a small natural ice rink run by community volunteers (Friends of Elizabeth Simcoe Park) in the Guildwood neighbourhood of Scarborough, at Elizabeth Simcoe Park, on Sylvan Ave, adjacent to Elizabeth Simcoe JPS.

skating around the rink

We make our rink happen with no refrigeration, no clubhouse, , no changerooms, and no city staff beyond the giving of permission and provision of a water source and hose.

There are also natural ice rinks at Curran Hall Community Centre, and one is being planned by the friends of Morningside Park. I believe Councillor Berardinetti also has a rink in her Ward, near Anson Park.


Rink Diary 2011-2012

posted on February 13, 2012

Kids skate and slide on outdoor ice rink thanks to residents

Elizabeth Simcoe Park home to one of Scarborough's few outdoor ice rinks


Published: Feb 3, 2012
Source: Inside Toronto

It's amazing what a little ice rink can do.

Separated by a snow fence from the rest of Elizabeth Simcoe Park in Guildwood, 10 children were on skates Monday afternoon racing, jumping, turning tight circles, sliding or just laying on the ice, which neighbourhood parents had created.

"It's a lot different from being inside on an indoor rink," said Scott Wardle, 9. "There's no stands, there's no boards. The ice is kind of bumpy but it's still very nice."

Ice pads on baseball diamonds and other patches of grass were once common in east Toronto. It seemed like every park had one, said Hilary Wollis of Friends of Elizabeth Simcoe Park.

"That was a big part of our childhood."

Now it's a novelty for children in Scarborough to skate outdoors as they once did, said Wollis, surveying the park rink's homemade benches and plastic milk crates guarding a corner with rough ice.

"We have lost something over the decades by not doing this." Read more >>

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