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Table of events tracking ice-making from the November, 2009 diary

Park staff start the ice-making, not very enthusiastic

Date Weather Action Comments

November 16

High 8, low 1

Park staff hosed down rink, 6pm

November 17

High 7, low 2. Sunny.

Two hose-floods by Parks staff at 5 and 8

not much freezing

Volunteers pitch in. This works, and builds enthusiasm

Date Weather Action Comments

November 18

High 11, low 4. Cloudy

One hose-flood by Parks staff, they left at 8.15. Two hose-floods by volunteers, 10 pm and 12 midnight

Ice freezing.

November 19

High 9, low 8. Rainshowers until late afternoon

Two hose-floods by Parks staff

The rain is good and the ice is getting thicker.

Two hose-floods by volunteers, 9.30 pm, 11 pm

Ice building up well

November 20

High 10, low 5

One hose-flood by volunteer, 5 a.m. Five hose-floods by Parks staff, at 5pm, 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm. Two hose-floods by volunteers, 11pm and 1.30 am

November 21 Saturday, opening day

Sun and cloud, high 11, low 6

One hose-flood by volunteer, 4 a.m.

Opening day. Opened for 20 minutes, then directed to close

Ice maintenance staff put on 6 hose-floods before 10, then volunteers hose-flooded at 11 pm and at 1 am.

November 22

Bright sun all day, high 11 celsius

Volunteer hose-flooded at 6 am

Ice was fine all morning despite the sun.

Ice maintenance staff fit in several cold hose-floods -- ice froze into bumps. Volunteers hose-flooded at 11 and 1 a.m.

lots of people skating in short sleeves. Ice was covered with water by early afternoon but hard underneath -- never stopped being skateable.

By now everybody is on a roll, and crowds build at the rink

Date Weather Action Comments

November 23

High 9, mostly cloudy with sunny periods in the morning.

zamboni flood at 5 a.m.

Ice was covered with rime at 8 a.m., but not too bumpy. Thin on the sun-sides.

The ice became covered with a thin layer of water by about 2 pm, was dried up by about 6 pm.

The ice maintenance crew agreed with their supervisor to stay late, until 2 a.m., to add more thickness

November 24

Off and on drizzle a lot of the day, high of 8, low 6

zamboni out at 5pm, 7, and 9pm (and then again after the rink closed)

The ice was perfect

November 25

High 9, low 6. Rain showers off and on for much of the day, ending in the late afternoon

Again the ice stayed hard and smooth under the water, and the water froze up fast when the rain stopped

The ice maintenance staff said they are on until 2 a.m. for the last time

November 26

High of 8 -- stayed there a long time, then down to 4 in the evening, low of 0 overnight

The ice maintenance staff came at 3 but said they had been told to stay until 2 am again, to keep building up the ice

There's lots of ice but the driver has been directed not to scrape, only to flood, to build more ice, so it's quite bumpy


High 7, low 1.

Good ice


High 6, low 0.

Good ice again


High 9, low 3.The day ended rainy, but it began with a weak sun

All day there was a crowd

November 30

High 5, low 1

The rink is so full

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