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Ian Merringer's campaign

-- to let the rink operate for one more winter because of covid, and not demolish it until March 2021.

From the dufferingrovefriends listserv:

Sept.23, 2020, from Ian Merringer

Thanks to everyone who has—or is about to—raise a voice to argue that the park renovation should be postponed a few months to allow skating to happen in Dufferin Grove this winter.

Katy Aminian in the parks department has replied to most emails by saying they considered the idea but were going to demolish the rinks this fall/winter anyway. The reason given was that winter was a good time for demolition. I think it’s a better time for skating. Demolition doesn’t have to happen in winter. Outdoor skating does.

I followed up with Ms. Aminian this week to ask whether the contract has been awarded and if there is a start date set. She has not responded.

All is not lost. These timelines always drag on (we are already half a year past where we were supposed to be). The closer we get to winter the more sense a postponement will make. We need to keep up the pressure.

To that end, please write City Councillor Bailo and Ms. Aminian. Perhaps your kids want to write, and skating neighbours.

I’ll put addresses and a sample text below to copy and paste. If you are writing your own, here are some points to make.

The demolition of the skating rinks should NOT begin just before the skating season because:

-Covid 19 could make this a bleak winter. Where will people exercise and socialize? There is no good reason to decommission skating rinks that would allow for free, unstructured, accessible outdoor recreation, exercise and social interaction. The health and happiness of thousands in the community would be impacted.

-The city has assured us that only one skating season would be sacrificed to the renovation. But they’ve also said the renovation couldn’t be completed in the eight months between skating seasons. If that’s true, how can they be certain that the project won’t take more than 12 months? We’ve been down that road before. If they start just before a skating season they risk sacrificing two skating seasons to the renovation. How willing are they to risk that?

-The city’s only response has been that that winter is a good time for demolition. It’s a better time for skating.

-The city has not announced if a contract has been signed or if there is a start date. It’s not too late.

-To my knowledge, Councillor Bailao has not commented on the postponement. Where does she stand?

Please weigh in if you’d like your opinion heard.


Ana Bailao, City Councillor, Ward 9

[email protected]

Katy Aminian, Acting Supervisor, Captial Projects, Parks, Forestry and Recreation.

[email protected]

Please postpone the demolition of the Dufferin Grove skating rinks by a few months.

There is no counting the thousands of hours that west-enders enjoy on the Dufferin Grove skating and shinny pads every winter. For many, it’s the only way to be outside while getting exercise and seeing neighbours. Local lore tells of some children who will choose skating and hockey over video games.

This year, the need for people to be active and social outside could be greater than ever if covid measures stymie indoor gatherings and activities. Will the YMCA be open? Will kids hockey programs be running? Will indoor gatherings be allowed? Even if the rinkhouse needs to remain closed, those sheets of ice could be critical for the mental health of thousands of people.

At the community meetings we were assured the process would start this past spring, to ensure there would only be one season of missed skating. Now we hear the bidding period closed in August with construction starting this fall/winter.

Covid aside, the idea of starting a rink renovation just before a skating season is folly. The city says the rinks can’t be demolished and replaced in eight months. But by beginning this fall/winter you risk losing two skating seasons if the project runs overtime. We’ve all seen this play out.

It makes no sense to tear down the rinks just before a skating season, especially this season. You can preserve an invaluable neighbourhood facility for what could be an otherwise bleak winter.

Please imagine the sound of dozens of skate blades gliding across the ice every day and evening, all winter long. You could make it happen. Besides, construction and delay are two words that just belong together. Why not do it on purpose?

Sept.18, 2020, from Capital Projects supervisor Katy Aminian

Thank you for contacting Deputy Mayor Bailao, Councillors, and the City for your inquiry to postpone the anticipated construction commencement to accommodate this coming rink season.

The City has been working closely with community members and Dufferin Grove Park users over the last 3 years to improve the experience of the park. Dufferin Grove is a vital hub of community within this vibrant neighbourhood, but its facilities are reaching the end of their life. The condition assessment report on the Park's artificial ice rinks has indicated that the equipment which operates the rinks is at the end of its 25-year life cycle, and there is a realistic chance of equipment failure. In order to maintain the facility in a state of good condition, the ice surface and equipment are required imminent replacement.

We reviewed and discussed your inquiry internally with our Parks and Recreation Operation colleagues, and the overall consensus was to have the project proceed within the anticipated timeline as previously communicated with the Community. From the beginning of the design process, we worked closely with the Community and the Project's design team to ensure we will shut down the rinks only for one season in 2020/2021 and are committed to maintain this timeline (weather permitting). Although, we have lost a couple of months during the procurement process as a result of COVID-19 impact, we are planning to demolish the rinks over the winter 2021, which is an ideal for demolition, and install the rinks in Summer 2021 (pending site condition and weather permitting).

If we start the work in March 2021 as per your suggestion, we wouldn't be able to complete the project in a timely manner, and open the rinks at the beginning of the 2021/2022 rink season.

We hope to see you and your family in other outdoor rinks in the neighbourhood for the 2020-2021 season, while we are renovating Dufferin Grove Park: 1. Campbell Avenue Playground Outdoor Rink, at 225 Campbell Ave Toronto, ON 2. Wallace Emerson Outdoor Rink, at 1260 Dufferin St Toronto, ON I hope you find this information useful.

Sept.25, 2020, from Mary Wood

Dear Ms. Bailao and Ms. Aminian,

I am writing as a resident of Dufferin Grove, a parent and a high school school teacher for the last 20 years.

I suspect if either Ms. Bailao or Ms. Aminian were teaching this past month with me in my classroom they might sway the city on the decision to move ahead with the demolition of the current Dufferin Grove skating rink.

I get to see my students every other day. The other day they are at home in front of a screen (trying to learn). When I see them despite masks, being distanced and unable to move around the classroom, they are still HAPPY to be in school.

They know it is way better than online learning for their social and emotional health to connect with each other and their teachers. They are scared about whether or not we will need to close at some point this winter. When we discussed about some fun things we could stil do this winter outside they all said 'patiner' (it is a French class, patiner means 'to skate').

The abitlity to skate outside this winter will assure safe outdoor activity at a cost which is not prohibitive to residents.

Nothing at our school, nor any schools is the same. We are not opperating as business as usual - and nor should the demolition of our current rink - There are NO field trips, no guest artists to visit my classes no French cafés where I bring the students croissants and baguettes and even make raclettes.

School is bare bones, and with that, the thought that a whole neighbourhood of families and young people won'T be able to skate at Duffering Grove during this unprecedented pandemic because 'things are slated to be demolished etc etc etc. is not good planning. It is not good planning for public health and it is not good for our young people.

I have dedicated my career to helping educate young people all the while being their advocate within institutions run by administrators and bureaucrats who know little about their day to day lives.

As a professional educator I am telling you that young people need to be outside as much as possible this winter and we need to make that happen for them.

With climate change there is no guarantee we will be able to tobbogan regularly or flood a rink for ourselves. Access to the Dufferin Grove rink becomes more critial.

The Duff Grove rink needs to stay open and sending us to Campbell park is not an option. The city just gets bigger every day, we need investment in MORE rinks and this build can wait til this first winter passes.

Let's start demo in MARCH of 2021, so that if we have delays, we will likely miss only one season and not two (the other schedule of demo-ing now, puts us at a greater risk of missing out on two seasons.

September 25, 2020,from Emily Summers, constituency assistant to City Councillor Ana Bailoa

Thank you for connecting with our office with respect to the rink renovations at Dufferin Grove. We understand how important outdoor recreational activities are to residents. In order for these amenities to continue to be available it is critical that state of good repair work be completed and this important work will be undertaken as quickly as possible with staff making every effort to adhere to the timelines.

With uncertainty concerning the length of significant Covid impacts still unclear, we want to ensure that this ice rink will be available for use next winter. It is also important that this work is coordinated alongside the upcoming renovations to other community centres and ice rinks, such as Wallace Emerson. We would not want to see two community hubs under construction at the same time.

We appreciate your advocacy for your community, and we have reached out to Parks and Recreation senior management to better understand what their plan is for this coming winter and in particular with respect to limiting the spread of COVID.

As always, we will continue to update everyone via our bi-weekly e-newsletter, and please feel free to contact me directly.

Sept.25, 2020, from Mary Wood

Dear Emily, LEt's agree to disagree on the need to rebuild the rink absolutely for this winter.

But let's say the build starts as per 'what was planned' What new measures and programs are you proposing to offset the rink build? What activities can young people do in the parl? Will you organize for a rink to be flooded? Will you bring in snowmakers so we can toboggan if there is not snow?

And How dangerous are the slabs? What engineers? Where is the report you are referring to. I need to see this in black and white writing.

You'll forgive my questions, but as a critically minded person who teachers young people to ask questions all the time, I hope you understand my need for exact information.

September 25, 2020,from Emily Summers, constituency assistant to City Councillor Ana Bailoa

Hi Mary,First, I'm glad you were able to join us at the community consultations. While we understand issues have been raised with City staff regarding the life span of the rink, the engineers that have examined the rink have shown that the concrete slab is in need of repair, or it risks failing, which can be dangerous too.

Our main goal is to ensure the community has a safe and usable rink for years to come, and that the construction and renovations of the rinks in the neighbourhood, happen in different years. If Dufferin grove gets postponed, then Wallace Emerson would be delayed, and so forth.

I have played hockey and skated at Dufferin my whole life, and so I truly understand how great of a community gem it is.

Sept.25, 2020, from Andrea Holtslander

Dear Councillor Ana Bailao, Mayor John Tory and Councillor Joe Cressy, Chair of Board of Health,

Our neighbourhood rink in Dufferin Grove park is slated to be demolished this winter as part of a park revitalization project that was initiated in 2016. I am asking that the rink demolition be delayed until after the next skating season. It is vital that we retain this important neighbourhood outdoor public facility when all indications are that there will be another wave of COVID, with accompanying limitations on places to play and exercise. I have asked the project manager Katy Aminian, and our councillor, Ana Bailao, for this delay. It appears in her response to me that the councillor wants the project to go ahead, as she referred me to Katy Aminian’s response. Katy Aminian wrote me that PFR wants to go ahead as planned, as if there were no pandemic.

Aminian states that the condition assessment report indicates that the rink is at the end of its life cycle. However, I took part in consultation meetings on the project from 2018. The project’s engineering report stated that the rink didn’t require replacement. It appears that the rink can easily withstand another winter.

Aminian has also indicated that there are two other rinks in the area. However, since the beginning of the pandemic, Dufferin Grove, already popular, has seen a big increase in usage, as have public spaces everywhere when access to indoor facilities is limited or impossible. How crowded will these other two rinks be if all the Dufferin Grove skaters go there? Isn’t crowding something we’d like to avoid?

Without a car, access to these other rinks will also be long and involved, making an after school or after supper skate with children difficult. Many of us would prefer to avoid public transit.

Accessibility is an important factor in public health.

The city has been quick, creative and flexible in its attempts to create more outdoor public space in response to the pandemic, with Quiet Streets TO, CafeTO, increased bike lanes, and installing porta-potties in parks to accommodate increased usage. We need more, not less, public, outdoor recreation space. Please preserve access to our local rink for another skating season.

Sept.25, 2020, from Belinda Cole

Hi Ana, Hi Katy,

After all of the COVID shut-in this past year, the worst thing we could do is to move into the Dufferin rink to demolish it - instead of keeping it open until the end of February.

We all need the time and exercise out in the fresh air.

Please let me know where you stand on this matter.

These are our public amenities, and our community is making it clear how we want to enjoy them - by skating at Dufferin for the full season.

You are our public reps to make sure this happens.

Will you commit to this?

Sept.25, 2020, from Sami Mapudomo

what else do you need but to point out to those who believe themselves to be the powers that be that the demolition/renovation plan is already half a year behind... therefore to utter the words 'we must stick to the plan' is absurd from their end and demeaning to your end as it presupposes that you have no power of reasoning nor agency. show them they are wrong. chi miigwech

Sept.25, 2020, from Bruce Cox

Has anyone called Councilor Bailao? e-mail is one thing but has there been a direct conversation? She seems very approachable and accessible.

Oct,1, 2020, from Don Kerr

I've received a call and an email from Ana Bailao's office, both disregarding our collective concerns about Dufferin Grove Rink being closed this winter.

Wallace Emmerson Rink is scheduled to be closed next winter, after the new Dufferin Grove Rink has been built.

I am now wondering if the community can come together with a plan to build and maintain a natural ice rink to give us all somewhere to skate. The huge, empty construction site at Brock and Croatia, AKA Bloordale Beach, would be a good spot for this.

Would Ana's office be open to supporting this idea, wherever it may be built, and help us gain permission, access, materials, and a source of water to make this a reality.

It may sound like a fantasy, but this idea could help both sides of this dilemma achieve their goals.

All predictions are pointing to a colder than usual winter, which will help greatly with the maintenance of a natural ice rink.

We can get some guidance from the Sorauren Park community who've been tirelessly maintaining a natural ice rink in that park through several less-than-ideal winters.

Sure it's a lot of work, but always worth the effort for the magic of skating and shinny, and sustaining our sanity through the isolating winter months.

If Dufferin Rink is actually demolished before this winter, the boards could be repurposed to contain a temporary natural ice rink at another location, either in the park or nearby.

Oct.1, 2020, from Mary Wood

I'm in Don.

I do not understand how the city has not proposed any ADDITIONAL outdoor activities given that a HUGE community hub will be closed as they rebuild the Duff Grove rink. It is astounding to me.

We all know how difficult lockdown was during March and April and May (and that was with nice weather). We need a rink (at the least) and Bloordale Beach seems a great choice. I wonder if we could at also get some dump trunks to dump the SNOW removal at Duff Grove park too to create what many children refer to as 'snow mountain' thanks to the zamboni collection of snow off the rink.

Oct.1, 2020, from City Councillor Ana Bailao's assistant

By way of update on the rehabilitation of the Dufferin Grove Rink, we have had further discussions with City staff on the reconstruction.

We had all hoped that we would have been able to use the Dufferin Grove Rink this season and every potential avenue to making this happen was explored. However, City staff in the Parks, Forestry and Recreation Division confirmed that it is simply not possible to delay the needed rehabilitation of the ice rink.

The main issue with respect to any consideration of delaying the ice rink rehabilitation is of course safety and the actual ability of the rink to operate. Staff commissioned a study which was peer reviewed and both have confirmed the need to do this work. Staff have also informed me that based on the studies and experience over the last few years they are concerned with the likelihood of a "catastrophic" failure of the physical plant which could potentially result in the leakage of ammonia along with, of course, the ice rink being rendered inoperable.

Safety, of course, is the main concern that could put users of the rink at risk but City staff have also indicated it is likely the machinery supporting rink operation will simply fail.

An aside that should be noted is also the reality that this year, due to public health directives, there would also be no ability to allow skate and helmet lending to proceed as these actions are not allowed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. In the context of these considerations, City staff have made it clear that reconstruction will proceed this year.

However, we have worked with City staff to determine what can be done to help mitigate the inability to use the rink this year and they have indicated they will be creating an artificial ice surface this year, near the soccer fields. City staff will create and maintain this ice surface as soon as winter conditions permit (likely the end of December/start of January).

Of course, other rink facilities such as Campbell, Wallace Emerson, Earlscourt and Christie Pits are available for use this year while Dufferin Grove is reconstructed.

We recognize that this is challenging and if there was any safe and prudent way to allow the rink to continue this year it would have been considered. But, this is simply not the case.

Thank you to all of you who have reached out to us on this issue and we hope that you understand the need to proceed with reconstruction this year in view of the safety issues.


Oct.1, 2020 from Kendra Hawke

Don - what a wonderful idea. It is buried in this thread. I suggest you give it a post of its own.

I’ve also written to all the politicians as well as the CBC and received only the formula response - with none so far from the media… however I will reach out to them again -:).

I’ll come out and help hold a water hose if we can do the natural rink at the ‘beach’. Great idea!

Oct.1, 2020, from Annette Mangaard

I’ve also written to all the politicians as well as the CBC and received only the formula response - with none so far from the media… however I will reach out to them again -:).

I’ll come out and help hold a water hose if we can do the natural rink at the ‘beach’. Great idea!

Oct.1, 2020, from Abigail Pugh

Here are some news outlets to contact with a tip about this story (city closing rink during pandemic winter; community fighting the decision).CBC news: [email protected] news: [email protected]: 416 599 CITYBlogTO: if you can find their number you’re cleverer than me.

Here is a useful article on getting your news tip noticed:

Let’s get this story told.

Oct.2, 2020, from Adam Tunis

Ian, Thanks for getting this started - I've emailed everyone I can as well but another suggestion to throw out (that I did suggest to ana to no response yet) is that if they are intent on demolishing the pad would be to install temporary cooling system on the soccer field. It can be done, and could probably even allow for more skating surface than the current pads depending how much of field we can use...

Not sure if rink systems will be the next patio heaters but if city gets ball rolling now I'm sure could be set up by November/December.

Oct.7, 2020, from Jutta Mason

At a time when there is already so much fear all around us, it’s unfortunate for the city councillor to raise the possibility of a catastrophic ammonia leak at Dufferin Rink.

Happily there’s a way to remove that anxiety. The magic word is CIMCO. That’s the company that has the city’s contract to monitor and service of all of our outdoor rinks. Toronto is the world capital of mechanically-cooled outdoor rinks (54 and counting) and CIMCO (part of the Toromont Company, stands for “Toronto/Montreal”) is the Canadian company that is #1 for rink construction and maintenance worldwide.

The ammonia tank is insde the rink’s locked mechanical room, and nobody gets to touch any of the equipment in there except for CIMCO mechanics. (If you want to know how the cooling equipment works, the details are here.) Every fall, before any machinery is turned on for making ice at any of the city’s rinks, CIMCO tests everything. The problem when Dufferin Rink opened late two winters ago was that the city had only finalized the yearly CIMCO maintenance contract one week before the rinks were due to open. So all the rinks got behind. Some new parts had to be ordered, and some simple repairs had to wait. But this year the city’s contract was approved to begin on Oct.1.

Ian Merringer and the skaters he’s contacted are asking for the existing Dufferin Rink refrigeration machinery to be used for one more winter before it’s replaced. The reason, as we know, was not on the radar when the rink redesign was discussed. But now, there are many good reasons to have as much outdoor enjoyment as possible. Toronto has 3 million people, lucky we have all those outdoor rinks! The more rinks open and available for use, the less crowding.

To make sure that Dufferin Rink can run safely this winter, the city can direct CIMCO to put Dufferin Rink back on its list and do its yearly start-up inventory right now. The full report can be made public, and that way skaters will know what the facts are -- the same approach as you’d expect when you take your car in to be serviced.

A request to Councillor Ana Bailao: will you ask for CIMCO to check the safety of Dufferin Rink’s equipment now?

Oct.8, 2020, from Ian Merringer

To supporters of skating at Dufferin Grove this winter,

It was a busy week. We hope it gets busier.

To recap:

There were media stories Monday, Tuesday and Thursday (CBC, Blog T.O., Radio-Canada).

Following the CBC piece on Monday, Councillor Bailao’s office sent an update, referencing two engineering reports that they said deemed the rink unsafe.

Ana’s office said they would create an artificial ice rink near the soccer fields. They soon corrected that they meant to say natural (unrefrigerated). The success of natural rinks in Toronto during recent winters has been very disappointing. We are collecting info on that.

We have one of the engineering reports (TS Engineering, 2019). To quote: “The refrigeration system is past its expected life expectancy, and continued operation is not recommended due to safety and financial risks to the City. ”

Being past its “expected life expectancy” is not the same as being a danger to skaters and staff. To our knowledge, there are no specific areas of concern.

To see if we are missing something, we’ve asked for the second report they referenced. None of the three requests have been acknowledged. We will be filing a Freedom of Information request in the morning (this will take four weeks, minimum).

Finally, this week’s bid award panel did not award a contract for this project.

The next meeting is Oct. 14.

What’s next?

You may have seen Jutta Mason’s post to this group.

Jutta explains why a targeted safety review of the system by CIMCO would put this issue to bed. She has requested that Ana arrange this and we hope this proposal gets as much community support as possible. Please read Jutta’s post.

Until we hear that the city has hired CIMCO for a supplemental assessment we will continue to argue that there is no justification for closing the rinks for the upcoming Covidicious winter.

-The rinks were working fine in March. Jutta says the Zamboni driver logs show its is one of the best in the city. The rinks can be there for the community when it needs them most.

-Starting the project in February or March would mean real and enormous benefits to the mental and physical well being of the residents, taxpayers and voters of Ward 9, and beyond.

-Opening the rinks would reduce overcrowding at other rinks.

-Postponing work until the spring would give the crews more time to ensure they don’t work through two skating seasons if the project goes overtime (as has happened, from time to time).

So, please sign AND CIRCULATE the petition:

And, we’ve added a few people to the suggested address list for emails you might be inclined to send in response to the moving target that is the city’s stance.

Ana Bailao, City Councillor, Ward 9

[email protected]

Katy Aminian, Acting Supervisor, Captial Projects, Parks, Forestry and Recreation.

[email protected]

John Tory, Mayor of Toronto

[email protected]

Peter White, Manager, Parks

[email protected]

Gord Perks, Councillor, Ward 4

[email protected]

Michael Layton, Councillor, Ward 11

[email protected]

Ann-Marie Nasr, Director Parks Development and Capital Projects

[email protected]

Oct.8, 2020, from Kathryn Scharf

Why the sudden urgency on rink replacement?

I was on the community reference group for a while that was convened to advise on the re-development of the rink house. It was a very frustrating process for a lot of reasons that are not worth re-hashing at this point.

My own position on the project was "if it's not broken...." That applies to many of the pieces of culture and programming that had been built over the years by community, with-- once upon a time-- some support and cooperation from parks and rec. That spirit has dissipated, and as a result, the brilliant community experiment that was DG Park has been eroded. Those of us who felt that this was the primary issue and that the re-development of the rink house is an unnecessary, expensive and likely further disruptive process to the park community did not manage to prevail. Ultimately the project was going to go ahead, and to be fair, there are many in the community who support this and like the concept that was developed.

Relevant now is that one of the arguments that was continually raised was the life-span of the rink. At that time, even the idea that it needed to be wholesale ripped out and replaced at all -- vs maintained and further used as is for several more years-- was quite contested by Jutta and others who know the state of the rink intimately. The evidence did not seem clear to me at the time that replacement was necessary. However, the City was consistent in promoting the idea that it needed to be replaced because it would ultimately need to be anyway and might experience more and more maintenance needs as it aged. Fine.

Except what I do NOT remember from any of these discussions was the notion that replacement was urgent, that there would be a breakdown imminently, or worse, a safety risk were it to continue for one more season. The appearance of this argument now seems disingenuous to me. I'm baffled as to why the city is so committed to proceed instantly in the current situation. Is it some sort of budget-line issue, like if it's not done this year the worry is that it won't be able to shifted to another year? Is it about "winning" the issue and getting it done before there is time for community to re-group or re-think about the plans?

Jutta has raised a fact-based argument as to why city staff will not be at risk, and the community has indicated that they feel that it is vital to operate it at least for this last season. I am ccing you, Councillor Bailao, urging you to listen and act on our behalf to keep the rink open for healthy exercise in what promises to be a dark, isolating time.

Oct.13, 2020, from Councillor Ana Bailao

Good Evening,

I have heard from many residents with regards to the desire to postpone the Dufferin Grove Park North-West Corner Improvements

As many of you know, this is a project that has been undergoing community consultation for over two years now, and means a great deal to everyone involved. My office understands that while many community members are excited for the many improvements that will result, there are still concerns regarding the upcoming winter and the closure of the ice rink and a desire to explore the possible delay of the renovations until April 2021.

From the many people that have contacted my office I understand that residents recognize that one season of the ice rink usage would have to be missed, however, given the current situation I understand that residents feel that the City should explore the possibility of having that season be 21/22 instead of 20/21 and therefore explore the possibility of only starting the renovations in April of 2021. Parks staff have expressed concern and referenced past reports that reference the end of life of the ice rink.

This afternoon, I, once again, met with the General Manager of Parks Forestry and Recreation and the project team to raise many of the same questions and concerns you have brought to my attention. I specifically asked PF&R staff to utilize a third party engineering firm to conduct a further assessment and specifically look at the usability and safety for this winter season. I have further requested that staff detail in a memo to my office, the results of this review. I will share that memo with community members as soon as it is received.

I truly believe we are all interested in ensuring the rink could be operational for the season and it is safe for everyone who uses it. Like many of you I think it is important for staff to undertake this further review and I am looking forward to sharing their memo with all of you.

Tomorrow, this item will be presented at Bid Committee (bid award panel). This process will award the contract, however, staff have assured me that it still allows them to negotiate different timelines if needed.

I would also like to remind everyone that Parks staff have already committed to creating and maintaining a natural ice rink for the community in the soccer field area in case the operability and safety is not guaranteed for this season and this project continues.

Thank you, and I will be in touch shortly with further updates.

Oct.18, from Mary Wood

Number of letters written to ask Councillor Bailao to get a safety check for duff grove rink: 35

Numbers of signatures on a petition: 990

Number of hours writing and speaking to the press: 5

Number of people at the protest: 45

Number of says since I asked Ana about the safety inquiry: 6


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