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Dufferin Rink: cracks

The older rinks: Wallace, Scadding, and Ramsden -- have no cracks. Dufferin Rink is the first-rebuilt rink of the new series, and our cracks are the biggest. At all the new rinks, the cracks show yellow stains.

Our new rink surface and machinery cost about $1 million to build in 1993. It's supposed to last much longer. Something strange is going on here, and we wrote to the City Councillor that the rink needs to have an inspection by CIMCO, the company that installed the compressors and builds rinks too. Big mistakes were already made at this rink, and were then mended. This may be the biggest problem yet, or it may be relatively easy to fix. Now is the time to find out.

April 30 2004: The manager of Technical Services wrote to the Councillor that three years ago the City hired consultants to check out all the Parks and Recreation facilities, and they found nothing wrong with the rinks. The City has now hired another consultant to do an even more detailed inventory later this year. They’ll let them “know of our concerns” and tell us more then. Another “don’t worry.” But the consultants who work with the City all have the same complaint – when they go around to do the inspections, they can’t get into the buildings, they can’t find anyone who knows anything, and so on. We've asked them for a copy of the first consultants' report from three years ago.

June 2004 Park Newsletter: RINK CRACKS NO PROBLEM: As this newsletter was ready to print, City Councillor Adam Giambrone’s assistant Kevin Beaulieu called to say that a concrete expert from CIMCO (the rink company) called him to say that he had dropped in at our rink on his way by and he’s pleased to tell him that the many cracks in our rink are no problem at all. Also, Councillor Giambrone wrote to let us know that the technical services manager has assured him that all our concerns have been flagged for follow-up during the Dufferin Grove inspection, including the cracks in the cement, the reinforced sinking floor, the rust and the leaking of brine last season. He expects that a city-wide rink inspection will come to our rink in late summer.

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