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Rink Diary 2006-2007

Dec.18 2006, 12.15 pm

The ice had been cleaned/scraped that morning before staff arrived. It is a double pad and there is a large parking lot!

The cement surface had not been properly cleaned before the ice was put in, there was a great deal (more than any of the other 10 rinks we saw) of leaves under the ice. However the ice quality was good since it had been cleaned/scraped and the temperature and cloud cover were helping.

No skaters but the place was open. The schedule was not posted outside but when we asked the staff person he readily gave us a copy. Staff clearly care about the rink since some smart signs have been posted, hand made in red pen, explaining that while the ice is being cleaned skaters have to wait on one or the other side of the rink. Outside there were many mats and no benches. It was clean of trash on the whole.

Inside a mirror had been broken in the ladies washroom for a whole year. Despite being logged in the log book, staff reported, it had not been fixed. Property work order?

Furthermore the men's toilet was reported to be clogged - and unfortunate recurring theme during our rink visit day. They get 1 or sometimes 2 zamboni visits a day.

nothing in vending machine

The snack vending machine was closed and empty. The change room is pleasant, well lit, well set up and well matted. The code of conduct and schedule were posted indoors.

Green shovels had been removed and not returned.

Dec.12 2006 report from City Rinks supervisor Scott Attwood

High 9 celsius, early morning drizzle, then mostly cloudy. Low 5. Dieppe rink closed.

Dec. 11 2006 report from City Rinks supervisor Scott Attwood

High 5 celsius, early morning drizzle, then cloudy. Low 2. Dieppe Rink still closed.

Dec.10 2006 report from City Rinks supervisor Scott Attwood

High 7 celsius, sunny. Low 1. Dieppe Rink still closed.

Dec.9 2006 report from City Rinks supervisor Scott Attwood

Dieppe Rink is unable to open as scheduled. High plus 4 celsius, mostly sunny. Low minus 4.

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