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Rink Diary 2009 - 2010

Dec.5 2009

High 1, low -6.

Trying to find out whether Dieppe Rink is open, here's the message: "the mailbox belonging to Dieppe Rink is full."

Letter from rink user J.A. to City Councillors Davis, Ootes, and Bussin, cc CityRinks Dec.5 2009

Once again, I am emailing your office regarding the schedules at the outdoor rinks in the east end of Toronto.

To refresh your memory, there is no coordination in the age group scheduling Dieppe, Riverdale, Greenwood and Kew Beach Rinks. For the simple request of including a time slot for parents who have jobs during the day, we are unable to take our kids under 12 to play shinny as all the time slots at each of the above rinks have these ending at 6PM.

Now, the staff at Dieppe has been very accomodating with adding a Thursday evening skate for the parents/kids (I believe it is Johnny Bergeron that has been very helpfull in making this happen). It would be fantastic if there was some type of coordination of the time slots of all the rinks in the area.

Is there any way that your office could take some type of initiative to simply ask for a bit better co-ordination of the outdoor rink times? Ironically, I believe that the city's issues regarding allocation of ice time (besides the lack of facilities which is another discussion) at the indoor rinks is probably related to a similar type of "scheduling apathy."

Email from CityRinks to J.A. Dec. 5 2009

For comparison, at Dufferin Rink, 12 and under is every weekday from 5.30 to 7 (big hit) plus Saturday 12 to 1.30, plus 9 and under on Saturday from 1.45 to 3, plus family shinny Sundays from 5 to 6.30. Tell them, and please keep cc'ing me. We're going to make the rinks an brief to the ombudsman, and your issue should be part of the package.

Question: is Dieppe open today? Riverdale, Greenwood? (I know Kew is open).

They were all supposed to open today but most didn't.

Email from J.A. to CityRinks Dec. 6 2009

We stopped by Dieppe today and picked up the printed schedule, which had the Thursday parent/kid shinny changes incorporated. The rink was still closed as there was concrete showing through. The rink attendant seems like a good kid with alot of information and apologies. Still not sure about the policy of having to wait for the Zamboni driver to show up to do maintenance, but union discussions are another matter

Greenwood is open with kids playing. Ice is a bit rough but guess that's expected.

Thanks for all your continued work. It's greatly appreciated and makes all our lives a bit better.

Tuesday Dec.22 2009

A beautiful clear, cold winter day, and a school holiday -- but at 11.15 a.m. the Dieppe Rink changeroom is locked. There's no sign to say when it opens. The side gate to the rink is open. Three young shinny hockey players changing on a bench outside say they don't know when the clubhouse opens -- they say this is their first time at this rink. Three pleasure-skaters (father and two kids) are just leaving; otherwise the ice is empty.

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