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Cosburn Avenue East of Greenwood


Strengths: : Double pad. Good physical facility: the windows in the change room stream in light. Safe and family friendly environment with high weekend usage. Large free parking lot in this car-friendly area of East York

Areas for improvement: This rink is great overall but lost points on ice quality (appears to be forgotten by the flying squad), lack of office window and some building maintenance. Attempts have been made at a schedule but staff and users report no major improvement in reliability. Rink is sometimes locked when other rinks are open.

Next steps: Flyer the huge catchment area and many schools nearby, to increase daytime and weekday evening use. Fix women’s washroom piping. Put a window and a glass door in the staff room. Let rink stay open unsupervised when no staff are there. Put a small snack bar into the former vending machine spot, and do weekly family events

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73 %

1. Access

24 / 30

Public ice time / permit balance

9 / 12

Reliable schedule

8 / 11

Enough mats for skaters

2 / 3

Skate equipment available

1 / 4

2. Communication

14 / 20

Good signage

9 / 11

Friendly staff

4 / 4

Working phone line

1 / 5

3. Ice Quality

4.5 / 10

Regular maintenance

0 / 3.5

Not too thick

1 / 3

Maintenance complements schedule

0.5 / 0.5

Clean below the surface

3 / 3

4. Skater Friendliness

30.5/ 40

Welcoming atmosphere

14 / 14


3 / 8

Working facilities

9.5/ 11


3 / 7

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