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Park Director Invites CityRinks editor to a meeting

Original Message --------
Subject: Re: ice-making during snow next Thursday?
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2010 16:18:18 -0500
From: Richard Ubbens <[email protected]>
To: Jutta Mason <[email protected]>

Dear Ms. Mason,

Thank you for your correspondence regarding the outdoor rinks. I appreciate your interest in the rink operation.

Like you, it is our desire to get the outdoor rinks up and operating as soon as possible, while we ensure that we are spending our allocated budget resources responsibly and effectively.

While we had hoped to turn compressors on this Monday November 22, we are monitoring weather conditions closely. The Environment Canada forecast (please see: ) predicts a high of 10 degrees Sunday, 14 degrees Monday and 11 degrees on Tuesday with night-time temperatures of 10 degrees. Cooler temperatures are not forecast until next Wednesday.

I would be pleased to meet with you to discuss your experience with the rink operation. Please contact my Administrative Assistant, Tina Ferreira, at 416-392-7912 to schedule a time.

I look forward to meeting with you.

Yours truly,

Richard Ubbens, R.P.F.
Director, Parks
Parks, Forestry and Recreation

Original Message --------

Subject: meeting at City Hall
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 2010 23:59:18 -0500
From: Jutta Mason <[email protected]>
To: Richard Ubbens <[email protected]>
CC: Denzil Minnan-Wong <[email protected]>, Karen Stintz <[email protected]>, Kevin Beaulieu <[email protected]>, Councillor Joe Mihevc <[email protected]>, Ana Bailao <[email protected]>, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], Councillor Paula Fletcher <[email protected]>, [email protected], [email protected]

Dear Mr.Ubbens,

Thank you for your offer to meet.

As you may know, Harbourfront's Natrel Rink opened on time last Saturday with no trouble, using a slightly lower amount of compressor-power-to-surface-area than is available at City Hall, and without the benefit of City Hall's sun protection (shade cast by the hotel). The rink work I've observed at City Hall this past week seems to be routine seasonal maintenance, suggesting that perhaps your Division never intended to open that rink or the other 13 rinks on November 20, even though that was the date posted on the city website.

It would be interesting to discuss the content of your Division's letters of explanation. Since any decision to restrict the use of existing public facilities in order to save money ought properly to be made by Council, I suggest that some city councillors might like to attend for clarification as well. Could we begin the meeting at the compressor room at the City Hall rink, to focus on your concerns about equipment stress?

I've cc'd some councillors, councillors-elect, or their assistants here, and will call their offices as well, to see if they'd like to attend. I can meet Monday afternoon any time, Tuesday morning, Wednesday mid-afternoon, Thursday mid-day, or any time on Friday.

By the way, in case you're still considering postponing the ice-making even longer -- the rink slabs in this neighborhood measured a temperature of 3 - 5 centigrade today, because of the cold weather these past few days. Turning on the compressors on Tuesday latest will allow ice to be made beginning on Wednesday. That's the same time-span as was used at Harbourfront, so the rinks can still open on Saturday, if the flooding is done at night.

You will recall that your Division was made aware last winter of the need to schedule 6pm-to-2am ice maintenance during the first week. This costs no overtime. Was the necessary scheduling done?

Jutta Mason

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