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Correspondence 2010-2011

Subject: Delayed rink openings November 2010

See The Rink Opening Saga for background information.

Request to City to test rink opening on learning of a planned delay in rink openings. We wanted to organize an effort to at least try opening a rink on November 20 to demonstrate feasibility.

A Memorandum from Brenda Patterson to the City Council, November 12, 2010, explaining delay of rink opening for the 14 rinks that were supposed to open November 20.

An e-mail to get the rinks open 2010 request from rink users to at least open some test rinks on November 20

Letter from Brenda Patterson to rink users in response to their letter. Really almost the same as Ms. Patterson's original memo.

A letter from Adam Giambrone to Brenda Patterson regarding the recent decision to postpone the opening of 14 City rinks, November 18, 2010. Richard Ubbens replied on her behalf.

Request to director of parks to let volunteers open three rinks for November 20.

Response From Parks Director stating that the department requires very special conditions to make ice.

Response To Parks Director stating the the evidence contradicts his positions regarding opening dates and requirements of conditions for ice making

Invitation From Parks Director to the editor to discuss "your experience with the rink operation" (and response).

Earlier information regarding rink opening dates

E-mail to Councillor Karen Stintz, Dec.22 2010

Harbourfront's outdoor rink opened on Saturday morning -- lots of people, great ice. Did City management check with you before they decided to keep all city outdoor rinks closed?

Response from Councillor Karen Stintz, Dec.22 2010

The management did not check with council before deciding to keep the rinks closed.

E-mail to Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong, Dec.22 2010

Did City management check with you before they decided to keep all city outdoor rinks closed?

Response from Councillor Denzil Minnan-Wong, Dec.22 2010

We were sent a general letter explaining why the rinks weren't opening. That is all.

A letter from Councillor Ana Bail„o To Brenda Patterson, December 8, 2010.

A response to Councillor Ana Bail„o from Richard Ubbens, R.P.F. Director, Parks Parks, Forestry and Recreation , December 21, 2010.

An e-mail from Jutta Mason to Braden Root-McCaig regarding "Outdoor rink compressor information", January 15, 2011.
A letter from City Councillor Ana Bail„o, to General Manager Brenda Patterson, Friday, January 28, 2011
From: Braden Root-McCaig to Jutta Mason, Wed, 23 Feb 2011 14:26:23 -0500

Hi Jutta,

Apologies for the delay. Attached is the official response to the letter we sent to Brenda Patterson (and which I send you last week). The attached letter is from Richard Ubbens and I've had it for at least a week. I was expecting, however, a response from Brenda directly and hadn't thought that Richard's letter was the final word. I have now clarified with Parks that this is the final response.

Still waiting to hear back with regards to the Rink Task Force and the issue we have discussed with the City Manager's Office.

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