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Councillor Rink Information Correspondence

From: Jutta Mason
To:[email protected]
Date: 1/11/09
Subject: Kew Rink opens Nov.21

Dear Councillor,

Kew Gardens Outdoor Artificial Ice Rink, which is in your ward, is set to open on Nov.21 this year, in less than three weeks. Kew Gardens Rink

If you were to put out an announcement (flyer, newsletter enclosure, media release, whatever) about the opening date to your constituents this year, they'd have the fun of the rink from opening day. Is that a possibility?

You might also want to encourage the City to put out the opening day information. It's missing now. Three weeks before the opening date for the first 14 outdoor rinks, neither the "Rink Hotline" nor the city's own website have updated their information from last season. The online skating brochures are not up-to-date, and even the 3-1-1 line hasn't got any information. It might be good to send a little nudge from your office, to the recreation director, Malcolm Bromley [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

This is the best time of year for outdoor rinks to open. Habourfront Rink (non-city)is opening on Nov.20, and Wollman Rink in Central Park (NYC) on October 22. They just told me on the phone that their ice is fine and there are lots of skaters.

Jutta Mason (the unofficial website of Toronto's outdoor rinks)
416 533-0153

Sandra Bussin wrote:

Hello Jutta, please update a home address if you are a resident of Ward 32. Do you have a special concern about this rink? Sandra's office would be pleased to send your request forward if appropriate.


From: Jutta Mason
To:Sandra Bussin
Date: 2/11/09
Subject: Re: Kew Rink opens Nov.21

Hi there -- I'm one of the people who runs the citizen-run website. We have been working for quite a few years to help the outdoor rinks, citywide, to be as good as they can be. (For example, we urged the City to put windows into rink buildings so that staff could see the rink -- and we were glad to see that Kew did finally get one.)

So I am not a ward resident, I am an outdoor compressor-cooled rink booster (Toronto has 49 of them, more than any city in the world). We visit the rinks regularly.

Does Councillor Bussin intend to advertise the earlier opening of Kew Rink?

Would you like us to put up some posters in your neighbourhood?

Sandra Bussin

Date: 3/11/2009

Parks, please update Councillor Bussin:

From: Wynna Brown
To: Bussin, Sandra
CC: Bowser, Kevin; Bromley, Malcolm; Koropeski, Andy; McInnes, Kelly; Patterson, Brenda
Date: 3/11/09 4:57 PM
Subject: Fwd: Re: Kew Rink opens Nov.21

Hello Councillor,

We are in the process of coordinating the promotional material for the early opening of rinks, beginning November 21. Staff will be posting notices at locations as we get closer to the date and the web site will be updated shortly. In addition we will be issuing our usual media release at the appropriate time to inform residents of opening dates.

If you need anything further, please feel free to let us know.

Thanks and regards,
Wynna Brown

Sandra Bussin wrote:

Wynna, Thank you for the update which is provided to Councillor Bussin and her EA, David McCully.

Best regards,
Trish for Councillor Bussin

From: Jutta Mason
To: Sandra Bussin
CC: Wynna Brown, Andy Koropeski, Brenda Patterson, David Mccully, Kevin Bowser, Kelly McInnes, Malcolm Bromley
Date: 11 Nov, 2009

Dear Councillor Bussin,

Despite good intentions, the outdoor rink information is still inadequate. It's true that the city web site now has a list of rink openings (no headline -- the reader has to scroll down). But eleven days before the first 14 rinks open, the rink 'hotline' still has last season's message. The hotline number is prominently posted at each rink (see photo). (And even if rink users were to call 311, the wait time is 8 minutes, this morning.)

It would be good if, as a minimum, there was an updated sign on every rink. Is there one at Kew? We did offer to post one, but were advised by your office to check with the Lobbyist Registry re our unsolicited emails to your office.

We did check, and we are not considered lobbyists. Would you like us to post rink-opening signs in your ward?

Jutta Mason

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