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Icycle at Dufferin Grove, 2010

Date: January 15, 2010
From: Jutta Mason
To: Brenda Patterson CC: Councillor Adam Giambrone, Councillor Paula Fletcher, Councillor Davis, Derek Chadbourne

Dear Ms. Patterson,

As you know, there's lots of difficulty with the regular winter fun stuff at Dufferin Rink and Wallace Rink right at the moment. Here's another piece (see forwarded e-mail below) that might be problematic -- the bikes on ice activities are actually listed in the city's Bike Month events calendar. I gather that one of your staff will be helping them fill out the forms today, but it sounds as though the bike people are very unhappy.

You'll note that there is already a scarcity of offerings on the bike month calendar -- is that maybe because this events policy doesn't work well?

I've cc'd others on this e-mail hoping that the problem with the "one-size-fits-all" events policy will be recognized before the city is down from one outdoor rink item on its special events notices, to none.

Jutta Mason

Date: January 15, 2010
From: Derek Chadbourne

Hi, our annual bikes-on event "Bicycle," which is listed on the city website as part of the Bike Month events calendar, has been told to get a regular city permit, with insurance. We've been an activity at Dufferin Rink for years, working together with rink staff to make it work. We're worried that all the paperwork, insurance costs etc are going to sink this event for good. Can you help?

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