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Discussion points sent to Councillor Janet Davis (e-mail, February 11, 2009) for the February 20 rink meeting:

Councillor Janet Davis,
Chair, Community Development and Recreation Committee

Hello Councillor Davis,
Now that the outdoor rink meeting date is set for Feb.20, I’d like to suggest the following as the discussion points. These issues have all been brought out in the Zanetti Reports and in the January 25 letter I sent you. However I’ve made some of my questions more explicit, so that PFR staff can prepare and we can use everyone’s limited time as fruitfully as possible.
I look forward to taking up these points:

1. Classification of rinks: on what basis are the following rinks classified as “minors”:
1.Campbell, 2.Trinity, 3.Christie, 4.Withrow, 5.Riverdale, 6.Rosedale, 7.Regent North, 8.Regent South, 9.Monarch, 10.Jimmie Simpson? What distinguishes them from the same-size, same set-up rinks called “majors” in Etobicoke and North York?

2. Work assignment:
a) I thought I heard GM Brenda Patterson say at the CD&R Committee meeting that not all 59 lead hands work at outdoor rinks, although that seems to be part of their job description:

How many of the lead hands are assigned to outdoor rinks this season?
b) for the current rink season, on what dates did the lead hands begin working at the outdoor rinks, by district? (I believe it was November 20 in Etobicoke?)
c) what is the formula for work assignment, comparing the different types of rinks: civic/double-pad/major/minor?

3. Cost:
a) This October 30 staff report lists a $172,000 cost to extend the rink season by 2 weeks for 14 rinks, to March 15: Please break down this amount into details. Does it involve extra staff besides the 59 permanent staff? Fuel costs? Building attendants? (Please break down by rink -- fourteen is not a high number.) b) what is the rink budget amount assigned to each district, this season?

4. Access:
a) is there a formula on the percentage of free, drop-in public access to the outdoor rinks, in any of the districts?
b) is there a policy on the availability of unsupervised skating?
c) is there a policy on unsupervised shinny hockey? (e.g. it’s not permitted daytimes at Broadlands but is permitted daytimes in Etobicoke) Who decides, Parks or Recreation?

5. Permits and cost recovery policy:
p.12 of the Program Review (Full Costing and Pricing Study), under Recommendations:
1. is recommended that PFR develop a user-fee and pricing policy based on PFR full costs incurred.....
The Full Costing Study also recommends a PFR cost recovery rate between 58% and 71% for the four activities reviewed, to be phased in over a number of years....

What is the status of this recommendation in relation to outdoor rinks? Was this report discussed at your (or any other) committee?
I'm hoping that our discussion will take the answers to these questions as its starting point. I'm told that Recreation Director Malcolm Bromley and Parks manager Kevin Bowser will be there as well, hence the cc to them and to the GM.

I'll bring along one colleague who's knowledgeable about our CELOS outdoor rink research.

Jutta Mason

e-mail from Jutta Mason to Parks manager Kevin Bowser Feb.13 2009:

Hello Kevin -- another question to add for Councillor Davis' meeting: Yesterday there was a remarkable inconsistency in rinks that were open and other ones that were closed. Here below in red is the evening announcement we had on the home page. Was there central direction? Or does every area, or even every rink, make its own decision to open or stay closed (with the weather the same throughout the city and each of these rinks having a compressor plant)?

Outdoor rink ice conditions 7.30 pm Thursday: West Mall and all other Etobicoke outdoor rinks are OPEN. All west-central rinks are OPEN, ice is good. All East-Central rinks are CLOSED. Mel Lastman and all other NY rinks are CLOSED except for Otter Creek, which is OPEN, and Broadlands, which will be open at 8.45.

response from Parks manager Kevin Bowser, Feb.13 2009:

Thanks Jutta: I will add to the list. Have a good weekend.

e-mail from Councillor Janet Davis to Jutta Mason, Feb.13 2009

Thank you for the detailed list of proposed discussion items for our meeting. I will discuss these with PF&R staff in preparation for the meeting, and determine the best way to deal with them. I look forward to seeing you next week!

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