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wood stove at Dufferin

January 30, 2009

Councillor Davis wrote:

Dear Jutta,

Thank you for your quick reply to my email.

In consideration of City staff time constraints, I would prefer to have our meeting at City Hall. We are coordinating schedules and my staff should be able to propose some meeting time options soon. Thank you for your patience.

I also understand that there has been a local meeting to deal with the issues at the Dufferin Rink. It is appropriate that this local matter be addressed directly with your local councillor and the local staff.

Looking forward to speaking with you soon.


Councillor Janet Davis

Subject: Re: request to meet with you
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2009 16:43:05 -0500
From: Jutta Mason\\ To: Councillor Davis


Dear Janet,

Thanks for your update. In terms of Dufferin and Wallace rinks, if you're referring to my cc-ing you on my responses to Adam Giambrone's e-mail, that's because Adam included you on his original e-mail to Brenda Patterson. The only thing in that thread of general interest is the continuation of silos between Parks and Recreation. But that's a big one.

I'm sorry to hear that you can't fit in the trip to Dufferin Rink. Just one more try: Since this is a one-time proposal, would it be more convenient to have the meeting at a rink near your part of town? As I've been going around talking to people at various rinks, many say they feel the rinks are orphans despite their cost -- that their actual management has fallen off the City Hall radar. It would be a nice gesture, to set the meeting at one of the locations, in the east end if that works better.

I'll wait to hear back from your office.


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