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January 29, 2009

Councillor Davis wrote:

Dear Jutta,

Thanks for your email. I'm happy to meet with you to discuss these matters. I will ensure that the appropriate staff are present as well. Jay Thiessen from my office will be in touch to arrange an available time. I have asked my staff to try to find a time in the next two weeks; however, after a quick look at my schedule, the next two weeks are not promising.

I look forward to meeting you again.


Councillor Janet Davis

Subject: Re: request to meet with you
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2009 09:12:26 -0500
From: Jutta Mason
To: Councillor Davis

Dear Janet,

Thank you for your response. I see you're on the Executive Committee, among many others, and Council's operating budget introduction is coming up next, and it's not surprising you don't have time to meet soon.

I would like to suggest an alternative. Would you consider locating the meeting at Dufferin Rink, sometime before the rink season is over (March 15 for Dufferin Rink)? Your intention of including the relevant management staff would make it all the more useful to actually set the meeting at a rink, illustrating what we are trying to show.

I realize that the $3.7 - $5.7 million (according to the staff report), that it costs the City to run these outdoor rinks, is only a small portion of the PF&R budget that is part of your committee's oversight. However, the problems and remedies that we would like to illustrate, may offer one kind of template for other PF&R challenges. So the extra time it would take to move the meeting out of City Hall for this occasion could be well worth it.

It could even be a lunch meeting, at Dufferin Rink's Zamboni Café.


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