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March 1, 2009

From: Jutta Mason
To: Councillor Minnan-Wong , Councillor Davis , Councillor Adam Giambrone
CC: Brenda Patterson


Dear councillors,

Here is my contribution to the cost calculation of opening some additional outdoor rinks by Nov.21 2009. Please ask Parks to check for accuracy, and explain where my mistakes are, if any:

Normal 2009 opening date for City Hall rink: Nov.21
Normal 2009 opening date for West Mall, Mel Lastman, Albert Campbell, Dufferin, and Rennie: Nov. 28
Normal 2009 opening date for Hodgson, Broadlands, Glen Long, Irving Chapley, Kew, Regent South, Sir Adam Beck, Sunnydale: Dec.5.

If these 14 rinks open on Nov.21, that means:
Number of these rinks opening on time in 2009: 1
Number of these rinks opening 1 week early in 2009: 5
Number of these rinks opening 2 weeks early in 2009: 8
Number of city rinks in North York, opening two weeks early in 2009, NOT operated by Parks: 3
Number of those North York rinks that have their own caretaker-zamboni operator, on-site anyway: 3
Extra wage cost for those three NY rinks: $0

Number of rinks opening 2 weeks early in Etobicoke, that had onsite rink staff two weeks before opening day in November 2008: 2 (cost?)

Number of major rinks opening 2 weeks early that had ice maintenance only 1-2 times in 24 hours this past season: 1 (along with the 8 other central-Toronto major single pads)

That means the minumum ice maintenance standard accepted by Parks is: 1-2 times in 24 hours.

Number of full-time Local 416 lead hands that have ice maintenance as part of their job description: 59

Number of daily shift hours available for winding up Fall work, if lead hands spend 1 hour of every workday between Nov.21-Dec.5 resurfacing a rink: 7

Additional staff needed to resurface outdoor rinks for the 1-2 extra weeks: 0.

Hope this helps, please contact me if you want more information.


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