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2010 - 2011

From Sheila Paxton, assistant to City Councillor Mark Grimes, Oct.28 2010

It is not listed as it is not yet ready to go. Final testing of the equipment can only happen when it becomes somewhat colder.

It is scheduled for after Nov 27 at this time. Depending on the date the Power House adaptations will be completed it may be as late as December 1. The trail will have its own Zamboni

Community members that attended the public meetings objected to the suggestion that a snack bar be located in the park. Other alternatives will be considered.

Some history of the skating trail.

Wednesday Dec.8, 2010.

The skating trail opened today. Not many people know about it yet, since the official opening is not until Saturday the 11th. So there was no one skating as twilight was falling, but that situation will change, for sure, since the trail is really smooth and the view is wonderful. There's comfortable change room for people to warm up. The zamboni driver was proud to point out how long it took to make all that ice, and how solid the ice is now.

ice as smooth as glass

benches along the path

Power Plant building has a change area

lots of benches in the change area, and a Christmas tree
Dec.18 2010

Peter Kuitenbrouwer in the National Post: a great place to skate, needs hot chocolate!

Tuesday Dec. 21, 2010

January 12 2011

The skating trail continues very popular. The Christmas music has given way to a radio station which broadcasts lots of ads -- so part of the time while skaters are enjoying the outside air, they're listening to muffler ads.

February 27 2011, from L.N. to

I took my kids today at Colonel Sam Smith outdoor rink, we had lots fun. Unfortunately when I want to take picture of my kids, the supervisor come and told me not to.

I was wondering why I can't take picture in there, can you explain to me? I didn't have a chance to ask the supervisor because he left soon as he told me and I was kind of shocked.

March 7 2011, from to recreation supervisor Terry Hickingbottom:

I understand that you are probably the relevant supervisor to respond to this email. Can you help with this? ...there seems to be some confusion about who can take a photo and under what circumstances.

March 17 2011, response from recreation supervisor Terry Hickingbottom:

There are parameters in place around photo taking and at Sam Smith we had numerous issues with enforcement and compliance of the Photography Policy.

In the instance that you have made me aware of, it would have been reasonable for our staff to create the opportunity by educating the participant regarding the "staging' of a photo to avoid having any other members of the public visible within the shot.

We will continue to educate our staff regarding this policy and the application of it at our rink locations.

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