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Rink Socials correspondence

April 8, 2019

Dear Ms. Duchaine,

Matt Cutler, whom I saw just before he stopped being the PFR partnership manager, told me that sometime this spring or summer there will be a ECDC committee report about the city's "Rink Socials"/place-making partnerships that happened in February/March. Could you let me know at which committee meeting that report will be on the agenda?

Thank you,
Jutta Mason

Apr 9, 9:05 PM

Hello Ms. Mason,

I checked in with colleagues, and there is a report being drafted going to the ECDC committee on May 27, dealing with results of the Pilot Skate Exchange and Skate Lending Program. The rink activations will be addressed in that report.

Allison Duchaine

Supervisor, Marketing, Communications and Events | Office of the General Manager

Parks, Forestry and Recreation | [email protected] | 416-395-0364

Apr 9, 9:39 PM

okay, I'll confirm by looking at the agenda a week before, thanks a lot for this helpful info.

Fri, May 17, 10:28 AM

Hi again Ms.Duchaine, I just read the general manager's report for the upcoming ECDC meeting that I thought would address the "rink socials" question I sent you in early April, after checking with Matt Cutler before he left. However, there are no details in the GM's report, in fact the term is not even used.

Since it's exactly the details (including the specifics of the funding and expenditure of partnership and city sources) about the Rink Socials and PFRs partnership arrangement that I was expecting, I assume that I will have to go through FOI to find that information. Can you confirm that this is the route I will have to go?

Jutta Mason

Wed, May 22, 1:43 PM

Hello Ms. Mason,

My apologies for the late reply to your email. I am copying in my colleague Vanessa Enskaitis to assist you. Vanessa can speak to our Council reports.

Thank you,
Allison Duchaine

From: Jutta Mason [[email protected]] Sent: May 17, 2019 10:28 AM To: Allison Duchaine <[email protected]> Cc: Cam Collyer <[email protected]> Subject: Re: Rink Socials report?

Wed, May 22, 9:57 PM

to Allison, Vanessa.Enskaitis, Cam Hi Ms. Enskaitis,
last winter the city put out a press release about the rink socials and an enthusiastic description was also posted on the city's website. The announcement mentioned that Bombardier was one of the event sponsors. To start, I would like to know:
- the amount of the Bombardier donation
- the cost of city staff support (there were extra city staff assigned to all of the events)
- the cost of the many items of park furniture purchased for the events
- the cost of hiring Evergreen to run the actual events.
I would also like to to know if the city has the intention of publishing this information.

Please let me know if any of this information needs to come via the city's freedom of information office.

Jutta Mason

Thu, May 23, 3:27 PM

Hi Jutta,

Thanks for getting in touch. Let me speak with staff and see what we can do for you.

Either way, I'll aim to have something for you by mid next week.

Does that work?


Thu, May 23, 3:56 PM

Hi Vanessa,
glad to hear you will have that information, so that I can post it on our websites, unless PFR posts it publicly and I can just post the link. Too bad that it's not part of the information going to the councillors at the ECDC committee meeting on Monday --

Thu, May 30, 7:14 AM

Good morning Vanessa,
The middle of the week, when you thought you might have the information I asked for, has come and gone. Considering that this email thread started on April 8, I think it's time for me to file an FOI request. I'll wait until tomorrow in case you're ready with the information today. My questions, again, are in the May 22 email in this thread.

Thu, May 30, 10:14 AM

Hi Jutta,

You will have your response later today.
Vanessa Enskaitis

Thu, May 30, 3:34 PM

Hi Jutta,

As promised, here is some additional information about the skate lending program that was piloted last winter.

· the amount of the Bombardier donation

The Bombardier donation was gifted directly to Evergreen. The City partners Evergreen on many placemaking initiatives throughout Toronto and this donation provided an opportunity to explore further placemaking exercises and become a learning and capacity building project for both partners.

· the cost of city staff support (there were extra city staff assigned to all of the events)

Four part-time City workers were hired to support the skating lending library, arts and crafts and on-ice activities at a cost of $1674.84 in total wages per event. This is in addition to two full-time City staff workers and many others who supported some of the events or scheduled their shift for one of the event weekends, which was accommodated within existing resources.

· the cost of the many items of park furniture purchased for the events

The cost of the furniture was approximately $40, 000 and has been distributed to city recreation facilities for repurposing.

· the cost of hiring Evergreen to run the actual events

Parks, Forestry and Recreation partnered with Evergreen and Montreal-based place-making firm La Pépinière to undertake a series of pilot placemaking initiatives throughout the city. Evergreen worked with La Pépinière for event project management, event evaluation, and a final report for which the fee was $15,000.

· Does the City intend to publish this information

The City holds hundreds of event every year and does not report back unless directed by Council.

Thu, May 30, 4:15 PM

thanks, Vanessa, for your prompt and thorough reply. Would you like me to send you a link to the report I write about the events? Vanessa Enskaitis

Thu, May 30, 4:25 PM

You’re welcome. Yes, I’d like to see your report. Jutta Mason <[email protected]>

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