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Regent Rink skate lending proposal

Dec.4, 2017: letter to rink supporters

A few days ago -- after we got some media attention (thanks to some on this list!) about the city's refusal of our 110-pair "skate lending library" donation, on the grounds of not enough resources -- businessman David Rothberg contacted us.

He asked: how much might it cost to help city rink staff start up a skate lending program like the one at Dufferin Rink, at another rink? We figured out that 200 hours of extra staff support for the first season ought to make it work. David said: "done --- I'm willing to donate $3000 right now."

A happy surprise.

Some of you may remember that David Rothberg was the person who stepped up in 2011, when city staff announced that outdoor rinks would be closed for all or part of Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day. David donated $740 to keep the three Ward 18 rinks open for normal hours on all three days. (Star story by Catherine Porter here)

Next step for skate-lending: since all the councillors we contacted have already declined the skate collection, we now want to try the one rink we missed (because the interim councillor taking the place of Pam McConnell was not selected until November). That's Regent Rink, in Ward 28. It has a layout that's ideal, a good mix of rink users, and a lot of newcomers who could enjoy winter by renting $2 skates (and $1 sticks if they want to try playing shinny hockey).

Follow up: correspondence about this offer.

Proposed timeline and budget. This did not take place, but the timeline could be used in future.

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