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Randy's Loaner Skates (traveling collection)

In March 2018, all the skates were donated to the City of Toronto

Parks and Rec staff say they will do pop-ups at various outdoor rinks for the 2018/2019 skating season. For more information, call 311.

Archived announcement before March 2018:

For groups that want to borrow skates for a public event at a city-run compressor-cooled outdoor rink or community-run natural ice rink, we have over 110 pairs to lend you. In winter 2015 - 2016, those skate loans are free of charge, thanks to a grant from the GH Wood Foundation and a donation from the NHL Players' Association. The skates are in all sizes from tiny to adult, and for shinny hockey events we also have sticks (left and right, junior and senior), and gloves (small and medium).

To find out how to borrow this equipment, email us at [email protected]

You can find out about the history of Randy's Skate Loans here.

loaner skates and shinny gear

Randy Heasman
Randy's shinny hockey Rules:

1. Shinny hockey is for having fun and being friendly. 2. Everyone is welcome. 4. All you need are skates and a stick. 5. Shinny hockey is non-contact -- and don't lift the puck (keep your stick on the ice). 6. Don't forget to pass.


CELOS skate collection, January 2016

Hockey skates, small (11 pairs): sizes 7K to 13K
Hockey skates Junior (28 pairs)

3 pairs size 1
5 pairs size 2
5 pairs size 3
2 pairs size 3.5
5 pairs size 4
2 pairs size 4.5
5 pairs size 5
1 pair size 5.5

Hockey skates senior (45 pairs)

2 pairs size 6
1 pair size 6.5
7 pairs size 7
3 pairs size 7.5
5 pairs size 8
1 pair size 8.5
6 pairs size 9
1 pair size 9.5
5 pairs size 10
5 pairs size 11
8 pairs size 12
1 pair size 13

Figure skates (20 pairs):

2 pairs size 11K
1 pair size 2
9 pairs size 4
8 pairs size 8

very small (7 pairs):

4 pairs adjustable velcro skates
3 pairs bob skates

Total loaner skates by January 1: 111

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