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Email from Jutta Mason (CELOS) to Matt Cutler (office of the general manager of PFR), March 14, 2018

From: Jutta Mason <[email protected]>

Re: Skate Collection Donation completed today

To: Matthew Cutler <[email protected]>

Hi Matt,

This morning I delivered the last of our skate/stick/helmet lending collection to Wallace CRC staff, plus a letter from Peter Thillaye, the president of our charity (CELOS). The letter gives the collection to Parks and Rec. We donate them for free and do not need a charitable receipt.

Your note of March 1 (below) mentions that we might feel more comfortable now with Ward 18 rec supervisor Keith Storey's original suggestion that the collection be used for occasional travel to various rinks.

To clarify: it's not that we've come around to this original proposal. It's that all the councillors on this cc list declined or ignored our offer to make the collection available to a rink in their ward, on the 7-day-a-week basis that is usual for skate rental.

Events-based skate rental for outdoor rinks is a hassle. Everyday staff-run skate rental is a way to build on our unique Toronto resource of 50+ mechanically-cooled outdoor rinks, using existing resources including the many underemployed rink staff.

As promised, we've just posted Dufferin Rink staff's 2012 slide show on how to run $2 skate rentals, on YouTube here.

Our original offer to the various councillors had no takers, even after the $3000 start-up donation by David Rothberg.

In its place, various agencies and friends of Regent Park, also copied here, got together to do a couple of quite promising show-and-tell skate days at Regent Rink. There was media interest and on March 1, you wrote that the city is

"willing to accept, store and maintain the skates and make them available for lending at special events and other pop-up skate programming"

It's good that Parks and Rec is willing to put a toe in the water to try that. CELOS looks forward to contributing to the public discussion, later in summer and fall, of how these and other approaches can improve the use of our outdoor rinks.


copied to:

Cc: Peter Thillaye <[email protected]>, Keith Storey <[email protected]>, Councillor Mike Layton <[email protected]>, Councillor MFord <[email protected]>, Councillor Grimes <[email protected]>, Councillor Fragedakis <[email protected]>, Councillor Fletcher <[email protected]>, Councillor Holyday <[email protected]>, [email protected], Councillor Filion <[email protected]>, Councillor Colle <[email protected]>, [email protected], [email protected], Councillor Wongtam <[email protected]>, Councillor McMahon <[email protected]>, Councillor Pasternak <[email protected]>, [email protected], Councillor Doucette <[email protected]>, "Warren, May (Metro News)" <[email protected]>, IEVA LUCS <[email protected]>, Courtney Sweet <[email protected]>, Fatima Barron <[email protected]>, Elle Alconcel <[email protected]>, Sean Brathwaite <[email protected]>, Dale Howey <[email protected]>, DBR <[email protected]>, Emily Martyn <[email protected]>, Councillor Troisi <[email protected]>

On Thu, Mar 1, 2018 at 3:38 PM, Matthew Cutler <[email protected]> wrote:

Hi Jutta,

I'm following up on our conversations about the skate donation, and your recent request for the City to store the collection.

When we first discussed the skate collection, you had very specific terms for your donation. I understand that the idea of an occasional skate rental/lending program may be something you're more comfortable with now.

The City has always been willing to accept, store and maintain the skates and make them available for lending at special events and other pop-up skate programming. If you are willing to donate the skates in this context, we would be happy to receive them and to administer this program.

Let me know if you'd like to move forward with donating the collection to the City for a pop-up / occasional skate lending program.


Matthew Cutler | Office of the General Manager | Parks, Forestry and Recreation

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