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Skate Rentals and Snack Bar

Skate Rentals

City Hall Skate rental is the only city rink rental place open, Dufferin, Wallace and Campbell rinks skate lending is ended.

Skate rentals are available at City Hall (independent company), MAYBE the Bentway and the Brickworks.


Nov.25, 2022: The Skate Lending Library is graciously offered by Desjardins Insurance at select outdoor ice rinks. The program supports residents and families who are learning to skate by providing access to skates, helmets and skate aids. The program has 60 pairs of skates and 60 helmets added to the City's skate lending library. A dedicated, customized van that will travel to different locations.
Dates and locations to be announced soon.
The program is free for all and no reservations are needed. More information and skate lending locations is available on the Skate Lending Library webpage

Randy's skate loan program is now closed.

The CELOS/City of Toronto skate lending story so far

CELOS skate lending 2018

CELOS Skate lending offer 2017-2018

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The City of Toronto formerly operated three snack bars at Dufferin Rink, Wallace Rink, and Campbell Rink. The fare was reasonably priced and included hot chocolate, vegan soup and chili, chocolate chip cookies and mini pizzas.

There is also an independent catering company running a snack bar close to the rink at City Hall, and cafes in and around the rinks at the Brickworks and the Bentway sell hot drinks, chili, and soup.

City of Toronto staff formerly ran skate loans programs at three rinks: Dufferin Rink, Wallace Rink,Campbell Rink. It cost two dollars for 2 hours of skate time.

City staff also ran three tuck shops for Shinny hockey gear at Dufferin Rink, Wallace Rink, and Campbell Rink included sticks, pucks, tape, wax, skate tightener, skate file, and helmets for loan NOW CANCELLED.


Do you have Rink Diary material to share?

If you have stories, pictures, rink condition updates, a family or community event, etc. to share about your local outdoor rink, send us the material at [email protected], and we'll post it in the rink diaries (subject to editing of course).

Skate Lending: how it's done at different rinks

The joys and difficulties of skate lending

Skate Lending Programs formerly at Neighbourhood Ice Rinks (archive)

Youtube slide show created by Dufferin Rink staff, 2012

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an info bulletin about
Rink Shoveling for
Central Toronto outdoor rinks

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