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posted January 19, 2021

To find out how to book a skating time, and what's still allowed under the covid rules, go to the city's outdoor rinks web page

From the cityrinks blog: By the middle of the season, most rinks have less than 25 people on them even at prime time and in good weather. Many of the city's registration links show registration as fully booked, but staff say that people often don't show up. read more.


Dec.14, 2020

Someone has posted a change-org petition to bring back shinny, i.e. "non-contact hockey" (the official name). But it's not very active.

Dec.3, 2020

Ontario Public Health data relating to actual serious illness, not just positive lab tests, shows that the second wave of covid still has less serious illness (including deaths) than the first. See the graphs here. So it's safe to let people play shinny, as they could play basketball in warmer weather, yes? (Its official name is "non-contact hockey.") Pass it on.

Nov.28, 2020: At 5 p.m., only 17 rinks are still listed as open, presumably because the others didn't have enough ice yet to manage today's weak sunshine.

Sept.23, 2020: CIMCO Refrigeration, part of Toromont Industries, has been awarded a new three year rink maintenance contract (they have always had this contract), for $3.99 million, to begin on Oct.1, 2020.

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