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posted March 18, 2019

All 48 of the city's operational outdoor rinks are now closed for the season.

Note: the City of Toronto OPEN DATA portal has a page for outdoor rinks, but it only goes to 2016.

March is no time to run most outdoor rinks because (1) the March sun is too strong, (2) so many people are sick of winter that even good ice gets few skaters, and (3) running outdoor rinks in March uses a shameful lot of energy.

Since Feb.8, Sherbourne Common was listed as closed for unspecified "mechanical issues," and down to cement.

Ramsden Rink did not run its refrigeration equipment for the season due to "unanticipated critical mechanical issues," unspecified. On January 15, city staff said they would maintain it as a natural ice rink, but that was very rare.

The red flag is posted for Grenadier Pond.

The city's outdoor rinks information website is usually accurate in good weather or very bad weather, but otherwise, often wrong.

Construction delays:

College Park trail said "delayed opening" with no date given. But it never opened at all.

Closed for the season: North Toronto Memorial (for construction). Rivercrest was first listed as "delayed opening - Jan.2019 - mechanical issues," no details given, but was then changed to "closed for the season."

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