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wood stove at Dufferin


In March, rinks rarely keep good ice: here's why


Older Featured Pictures

Dufferin Rink walkway mishap, March 5, 2023

First-ever shinny players on the new Dufferin Rink Feb.4, 10.30 a.m.

Feb.1, 2023: Dufferin Rink almost ready to reopen

rinkside campfire beside Dufferin Rink construction site, Dec.28

CIMCO at Dufferin Rink reno: a sign of progress?

Dufferin Rink construction Dec 5, 2022

Dufferin Rink Reno: Nov.9, 2022, boards installation

Feb.9, 2022: warm + sunny spells means trouble at natural ice rinks

Jan.27, 2022: Dufferin Grove natural ice rink. Photo: Don Kerr

Jan.17, 2022: Dufferin Grove natural ice rink after the blizzard: group effort

Sam Smith, Jan.3, 2022. Photo: Dale Howey

Colonel Sam Smith -- ice still thin

Toronto Island ice, Feb.13, 2021

City Hall skate rentals are open!

kids need shinny hockey

March 8, 12 C: 311 information says this rink is open, but it's a lake

Taking the snow off

Grenadier Pond -- great ice, Feb.19, 2020

Grenadier Pond, Feb.15, 2020

Feb.15, 2015, 7.45 pm, inside the Dufferin rinkhouse, after an hour of outdoor shinny hockey at minus 21 degrees: "it was great"

Sorauren rink: natural ice rinks don't work in this weather

Jan.21 -- first game at Orchard Park

Orchard Park natural ice rink Day 2 of flooding

neighbours flooding at Fairmount Park

The holiday rink at Union Station -- with free skate rentals

History: Grenadier Pond ice maintenance crew (Jan.17, 2015)

January 12: Grenadier Pond has ice

January 15, 2019: Grenadier Pond has ice

skate lending collection on hold: still locked up in a city storage room

will Regent Rink have pop-up skate-lending this winter?

Sorauren rink has a pizza oven -- it will be going today during their field house farmers' market

Christie Rink has a woodstove -- but the last warm fire was years ago

After a snowfall, many rinks look like this. You can't call them to check when they're cleared: read why

snow-day-shinny hockey with an orange ball

Fairmount natural ice rink, Jan.30 -- getting ready for their annual Winterfest. Photo: Rafael Moctezuma.

Ontario Place rink: Muskoka chairs everywhere -- needs more skaters

charcoal hand warmer tables, drinks, at the Bentway skating trail

Dec.29, 2017: City TV doing a rink item about the city's rink info site

Jan.6 -- start of drop-in adapted leisure skate program at Phil White Arena (next to Cedarvale Rink)

Dec.1 to 23: mulled wine at the Holiday Fair, by Nathan Phillips Square rink

Early January: good ice, good hockey, 15 celsius -- rinks work well in early winter (not in March)

Morningside natural ice rink, Feb.11: rink-side marshmallow campfire

Natural ice making a comeback: Sorauren Park hosers, Feb.2, 9.30 p.m.

Sorauren Park natural ice "rink" Jan.24-- is winter coming back soon?

Grenadier Pond Sunday Jan.15, 2017, photo by Sean Meagher

Jan.6 2017: first skater reports from Grenadier Pond

lighter, quicker, cheaper rink fixes: read more

lighter,quicker, cheaper fixes: read more

outdoor ice hockey in India

Cedarvale rink event: parents beware of city youth jobs

can Dufferin Rink's sloppy skate lending program survive?

Wallace Rink: new rental skates from an NHL PA donation, Feb.3 2016

Jan.31, 2016: warm weather skating at Irving Chapley

Grenadier Pond, late afternoon, January 29, 2016

Jan.23, 2016: Grenadier Pond. Photo: Paul Szeptycki

Jan.23, 2016: looking down through the trees at skaters on Grenadier Pond

the joy of shinny hockey: only skates, a stick and a puck -- puck stays on the ice, almost zero injury claims result
Click to enlarge

Grenadier Pond Jan.23 LAST YEAR: it probably won't happen this year

New Year's Day: Scarborough Civic Rink was open 10 to 10

Dec.25: 12.30, good ice and lots of action at City Hall

Nov.24, 2014: 14 celsius, shinny hockey with polo sticks and a ball

North Toronto rinks close for "weather" except not during permits

If Greenwood shinny players wore helmets, would it help against concussions? Answer

Beside Lambton-Kingsway, 10 minutes after school's out

Dec.14, 1 p.m.: the city's website lists Prince of Wales Rink as open

City Hall, Dec.5, 2015: a new place to sit by the rink

this is why City Hall's rink can stay open -- the hotel next door shades it from the afternoon sun

March 10, cloudy day,4 celsius: Cedarvale Rink - sign said it was closed but it was open. But no skaters

March 9, 2015, 4.30 pm - Dufferin Rink is unskateable

March 8, 2015, 2 celsius, Dufferin Rink, lots of pylons

Dufferin Rink March 1 -- sunny day, high of minus 6, already a hole melted in the ice

March sun is too strong for outdoor rinks - staying open to March 22 is a waste of money. See our blog

Cedarvale Rink's new "warming room": ample seating, sociable space

Christie Pits in 1923: five rinks! (Toronto Archives).
Click on picture to enlarge.

Jan.31, Grenadier Pond, after the snow: trail runs the length of the pond

Grenadier Pond, Jan.23: ice is 12 inches thick

Jan.16: a mile of wonderful ice at Grenadier Pond

Archives photo of Riverdale natural ice rinks in 1934

Colonel Sam Smith skating trail on Boxing Day and New Year's Day, listed as unsupervised, but staff were there

Dufferin Rink clubhouse: a break for lunch

skating at 12 celsius, no problem in December - read why

Nine-and-under shinny time: NHL prospects?

Rosedale Rink locked at 12 noon Dec.15 -- why does that rink always get the short end of the stick?

city staff are putting up information signs, at last

Dufferin Rink, first time skating, with loaner skates

Wallace Rink: skates are all ready for borrowing

Sunnydale's new MLSE boards blew down

shinny hockey at Dufferin Rink, Nov.22 10 a.m.

City Hall Nov.21: ready to open

cliffhanger: two days to go, to fix the ice for nine rinks

snow and leaves frozen into lumpy ice, Dufferin Rink, Nov.19

only crunchy frozen snow on Dufferin Rink, Nov.17 2014

compressors were turned on at some city rinks Nov.15

going for a spin at Dufferin Rink

Sibelius natural ice rink

City's website: Greenwood Rink pleasure-skating side still closed, 24 hours after end of snowstorm -- true or false?

If Greenwood shinny players wore helmets, would it help against concussions? Answer

Dufferin Rink, Dec.5, 2 pm, 12 celsius

the kids are back at their neighbourhood rinks

Harbourfront's Natrel Rink -- open since Nov.16

Nov.12: Harbourfront's ice four days before opening date

The Globe, March 15: good ice but few skaters

March 10, 1 pm, 8 celsius: slushy ice, only good for boots

''Saturday morning parent-child, Dufferin Rink, March 3'

North Toronto's neighbourhood rinks are often closed

cleaning off all that slushy snow is tough

Valleyfield rink house is finally open!

Christie Rink changeroom -- only one bench

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