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Citizen-Z Cavan Young's 2004 film about the zamboni crisis

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wood stove at Dufferin


Petition against Wallace shinny rink shrink. NOTE: Wallace info-party Feb.4, 1 to 4 pm


Older Featured Pictures

Grenadier Pond, Jan.8, 2022 Photo: Richard Sanger

Dufferin Rink construction, Dec.14, 2021

Feb.20, 2021: secret shinny at a community rink

Grenadier Pond: will this be the only way to play shinny this year? (Feb.2017 photo by Michael Monastyrskyj)

Grenadier Pond -- this may be the only way to oplay shinny hockey this winter (photo by Michael Monastyrskyj)

this is why City Hall's rink can stay open in March -- the hotel next door shades it from the afternoon sun

strollers cause no lawsuits, they let families skate: see blog

Dec.19:College Park rinkhouse still under construction: starchitecture but no skate lending planned!

Wallace Rink on opening day -- not sure about this idea...

Does Dufferin Rink need replacing? See the maintenance log

Good news: city says it was NOT illegal for Humber students to bring loaner skates and coffee to Col.Sam Smith skating trail

The city's website listed Sherbourne Common as staying open to March 18 -- but on March 6 it was 40% cement

Feb.15, 2018: short-sleeves skating season: learn when it works

loaner skates laid out to dry after the Morningside Rink Community skate Day, Feb.10, 2018

John Anga's skate donation (and hockey gear) to St.Roch school Feb.7, 2018

starting out

Zamboni day

the joy of shinny hockey: see Michael Monastyrskyj's film clip

Jan.8, 2008, Dufferin Rink: good ice, good hockey, 15 celsius. Learn more about how rinks work here

pond hockey at Toronto Island. Photo: Michael Monastyrskyj See also: Harbour skating video

''Toronto Island and Harbour, Dec.28, 2017. Photo: Alec Farquhar.

Dec.22, 2017, 6.30 p.m.: zamboni at Bentway Rink. Photo: Jeremy Fisher

December 17: Orchard Park natural ice rink: let's play shinny!

Riverdale Rink and new skating trail re-opened Dec.16 2017

yesterday zambonis turned into snowplows

Beaver Tails, bonfire pit, plastic rink at Ontario Place

the new plastic rink at Ontario Place, Nov.27, ready to go

no new skate lending programs at neighbourhood rinks, it's not in the city's master plan

Parent-and-child shinny, minus 9, March 4, 1 pm: a game of many pucks

Feb.18, noon, at Dufferin Rink: the sun melted the top layer, the water protects the ice underneath

Wallace Rink at 4 p.m. Feb.14, 2017

ice over three inches thick will get mushy much faster on warm days

Grenadier Pond, February 3 2013 -- same as Feb.3 2017. Photo: M.Monastyrskyj

Colonel Sam Smith: a complicated story of bad construction timing

Colonel Sam Smith: a complicated story of bad construction timing

No luck with natural ice rinks yet: e.g. Pearen park

Sherbourne Common Rink on New Year's Day

Harbourfront's Natrel Rink, skate rental: friendly

changing on the cold ground when changerooms/washrooms are closed on holidays

Orchard Park Dec.20: community carolling at the rink campfire

Dec.16,2016, Orchard Park: early try at making natural ice

snowy days

Dec.10: Evergreen Brickworks skating trail: open for the season

Dec.4: first flood at the Evergreen Brick Works skating trail: opening Dec.10

rinks being rebuilt: six rinks are closed for construction

skate loans attract new skaters

March 8 last year, 6 celsius, Harry Gairey rink unskateable. A lesson not learned: March doesn't work for outdoor rinks.

Feb.20, 2016: Dufferin Rink bike race on ice, after a day of 11 degrees

student skating party, Feb.11, 2016, Greenwood Rink

natural ice rink liner: maybe this is the week to start building ice again

City Hall, 11.30 a.m. Feb.3, 13 degrees

new Colonel Sam Smith armoured campfire installation: "danger, fire is hot!"

Colonel Sam Smith, Jan.22: installation of campfire site

Week Six of rink season: rink stairs still blocked at Wallace Rink

Colonel Sam Smith skating trail, early morning ice

New Year's Day: City's website said West Mall was closed -- but it wasn't

Dufferin Rink New Year's Eve campfire

Dufferin Rink: Christmas Day shinny hockey team despite the Grinch

The Grinch was here: hockey rink 10 a.m. Dec.25, good ice, locked for the day

Buttonwood Rink, Dec.16, 2015: why is it failing?

Dec.14, 11 a.m.: Rennie Rink listed as closed on the city's website...

Dufferin Rink on Dec.12: good ice, like most of the others

Valleyfield Rink opening day Nov.28: shoes for goalposts

Dufferin Rink: last-minute ice making Nov.28 10 a.m.

Dufferin Rink, November 19, 2011, high of 12 C

Harbourfront's Natrel Rink is now scheduled to open Nov.28 2015

March 21, 2015: Dufferin Rink had ice, but was only good for bikes

March 17: at 3 pm 311 lists Dufferin Rink as "open"

Marcus Gee's Globe column about rinks and budgets

Feb.15, 7.45 pm, inside the rinkhouse, after an hour of outdoor shinny hockey at minus 21 degrees: "it was great"

Dufferin Rink: after-hours shinny hockey is back

Jan.17: first natural rink campfire of the season at Orchard Park

keeping warm at Dufferin Rink's clubhouse

Sorauren Park natural ice rink: help flood Jan. 10

flooding the natural ice rink at Sibelius Park January 2014

Nathan Phillips Rink, from the Sheraton Hotel

Nathan Phillips Square, Dec.15 1.30 pm

Greenwood Rink: shinny is non-contact -- so no helmets!

new City sign at Riverdale Rink

Dec.5: still no ice at Queensway Rink -- why?

Trinity Rink opened Dec.3 instead of Nov.29

BANNED in Toronto: little kids who wear bike helmets for pleasure-skating: why?

Nine-and-under shinny time: NHL prospects?

Greenwood Rink: shinny is non-contact -- so no helmets!

Greenwood Rink: shinny is non-contact -- so no helmets!

DufferinRink: please, we need a chain to raise the lift gate!

Nov.23: West Mall at 3 pm: slushy, not ready for hockey

Nov.20, 2.30 pm: Rennie: still no ice-making 3 days before the opening date!

March sun is too strong for outdoor rinks

Outdoor rinks on sunny days in March

Grenadier Pond, February 3. Photo: M.Monastyrskyj

postal service and zambonis: "neither sleet, nor snow..."

Sibelius natural ice rink

January 30, 14 degrees: website says rink is closed, but it's not

Clearing snow the old-fashioned way

A big Toronto Maple Leafs logo to say "welcome back!"

why is Glen Long Rink so often closed?

January 13, 2 pm at Dufferin Rink: 15 celsius -- don't fall!

January 12, 1 pm, 12 degrees, good rink

good shinny hockey, despite the January thaw

Nathan Phillips Rink, from the Sheraton Hotel, Dec.27

choosing shinny sides on Boxing Day, Harry Gairey

Greenwood rinks under construction

Nov.29,2006: over a hundred skaters at 16 degrees

Dufferin Rink: loaner skates for growing feet

7 pm: Dufferin Rink shinny game on rough ice


Dufferin Rink 10 am Nov.24 -- first city rink to open?

8 am Nov.24: a cliffhanger -- can Dufferin Rink open today?

November 22 -- on the Dufferin Rink test patch

City Hall Nov.17: no rink -- a mini-football field instead

Nov. 14: City Hall rink has artificial turf on it!

City Hall rink still has construction, Nov.13

March 11 2012

One skater on a March 7 lake, 6.30 p.m., 15 celsius, City Hall

first time: Dufferin Rink, March 3

rainy winter, City Hall rink, photo by Raf Lewis

zamboni at work after snowfall, Feb.18

clearing the ice for the toddlers program, Campbell Rink

the only indoor skate changing spot at Sherbourne Common

Mel Lastman Rink, Jan.6, photo by Raf Lewis

getting ready to skate on Christmas Day, Dufferin Rink

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