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wood stove at Dufferin


Feb.10: ice floes in the harbour, no more skating. Photo: Alec Farquhar


Older Featured Pictures

Jan.21: Ice Highway in Toronto Harbour. Photo: Chris Jackson

Jan.10: skating toward Centre Bridge. Photo: Alec Farquar

Jan.8: Toronto Island: long pond towards centre bridge. Photo: Alec Farquhar

Jan.6, 2022: first skate at Toronto Island. Photo: Alec Farquar

shinny hockey on an Iceland crater rink (Youtube clip sent by Deirdre Norman)

Queensway Rink at 1 pm Dec.13 -- closed at 1 p.m. despite only 6 degrees -- why?

city's shinny hockey rink sign: but this CBC story says why it's better outdoors

Feb.15, 2015, 7.45 pm, inside the Dufferin rinkhouse, after an hour of outdoor shinny hockey at minus 21 degrees: "it was great"

Col.Sam Smith: the ice is too thick, that's why it's often closed

Fairmount Park natural ice rink on Saturday Dec.8, 2020: ice is back!

Jan.18, 2020 skate give-away, at Mel Lastman Rink: liability waiver

zamboni clearing snow

A look at last season's City of Toronto place-making project

Campbell Rink Oct.25, 2019

Feb.15, 2015, 7.45 pm, inside the Dufferin rinkhouse, after an hour of outdoor shinny hockey at minus 21 degrees: "it was great"

snowstorm-shinny with an orange ball

the Bentway skating trail has free skate lending on Thursdays

the Bentway chiller makes great ice -- trail opened Dec.21, see the video

Harbourfront's Natrel Rink is open, skate rental is friendly

Nov.5: Barbara Ann Scott trail, ready to open? Tent in place...

Attendance was very sparse in March, as usual

A bit of history: Jan.8, 2008, Dufferin Rink: good ice, good hockey, 15 celsius. What works in January doesn't work in March

loaner skates at the Col.Sam Smith skating trail -- for two afternoons

The yellow flag was up on Grenadier Pond. Photo by Michael Monastyrskyj: family shovelling, Feb4, 2018.

Grenadier Pond Jan.24 -- perfect. Photo: Richard Sanger

skaters at gas-flame warming table, Bentway skating trail

What makes a good neighbourhood rink? See our 2-minute animation

City says NO to rink staff offering $2 skate rentals at Regent rink

Habourfront's Natrel Rink, sailing ship tied up at the dock behind

Harbourfront's Natrel Rink ice coming along well on Nov.13 - opening Nov.19

Wallace Rink: closed four weeks early, explanation makes no sense

Wedgewood Rink: lost 5 weeks of rink season for a three-day repair

a look at the newest outdoor rink: McCowan District Park

12 noon Nov.26: 30 rinks open for the season!

Season start-up techniques: Nov.21: lots of leaves frozen in already

Dufferin Rink clubhouse: skating makes you hungry

Glen Long closed for the season on March 11 but the compressor was still running on March 15

West Mall pleasure-skating pad, March 8, 12 noon: listed as OPEN on the city's website

Dufferin Rink, March 6, 2016, mushy ice at 3 celsius

shinny hockey worked fine at 11 celsius on Dec.23, but not in March

some of the 'Randy's Game' team mates and family, with his freshly mounted stick

Low-sun November 25, 2012: 2pm, 8 celsius, no problem - same temperature on Feb.20 is not as forgiving

Grenadier Pond: thick ice, snow on top, Feb.14, 2016

Feb.3, 2016, 8 p.m., 7 celsius, Rennie Rink hockey game with referees

Jan.8, 2008, Dufferin Rink diary: good ice, good hockey, 15 celsius

Dufferin Rink 9-and-under shinny hockey on his knees

Jan.23, 2016: Sorauren natural ice rink

Sorauren natural ice rink, Jan.20, 2016, school outing

Jan.19, 2016: first skater of the season at a natural ice rink. Photo: Sally Bliss

Saturday morning skating class, Trinity Rink

Christie Pits rink changeroom/washrooms: locked on New Year's Day -- why?

Harbourfront's Natrel Rink DJ Skate nights started Dec.19

Dufferin Rink shinny hockey, Nov.28, 4.p.m.

Nov.23: ice at city hall already thick

NHL Players' Association "loaner skates" donation

Sir Adam Beck, March 19, 1 celsius, only one skater all day


Grenadier Pond: dog sled, mid-February

BANNED in Toronto: little kids who wear bike helmets for pleasure-skating: why?

social life of urban rinks

Greenwood Rink: cost was $3.4 million; savings by closing building New Year's Day: $77.00

Regent South: making ice all night Dec.29 into Dec.30

Clearing snow the old-fashioned way

first skate in his life

Harbourfront's Natrel Rink is open

Lasker Rink in New York City opened October 27th, 2014

kind-of-skating in mushy mid-day March 11

not many people come to skate in March

Harbourfront's lively Natrel Rink

January 27, 12 noon: Wallace Rink at minus 16 celsius

Dufferin Rink clubhouse: skating makes you hungry

ice everywhere: skating on the Wallace Park soccer field. Photo: Michael Monastyrskyj

Jan.12: winter day, ice on the rinks, ice everywhere else too

January 11: foggy day, staff chipping ice for rink access

West Deane Rink: listed as closed by 311 but open since Jan.3

Edithvale natural ice rink, Dec.27: photo by Cynthia Husband

Dec.22, 8 pm: ice-storm shinny hockey

Dec.22 --Day of the ice storm: iced tree bent over a rink

Monarch Rink changeroom unlocked for students on a cold day

Mel Lastman Rink -- under repair -- rusty pipes

Withrow Rink not ready: unfinished repairs

Nov.23: Mel Lastman Rink not ready -- too bad

Dufferin Rink, lots of ice, ready to go for Nov.23

The rink at City Hall is protected by shade from the hotel

Sherbourne Common Rink, zamboni filling up

campfire at Orchard Park natural ice rink

little skaters at Campbell Rink snack bar

Wallace Rink on New Year's morning

snow shinny - after team-shovelling

Boxing Day at Dufferin Rink changeroom

New Rink - Joseph Bannon in Councillor Mammoliti's Ward

Scarborough's only rink, surrounded by shade, opened Dec 1, closed Dec 3, reopened Dec 7

kids help take excess rain water off ice with staff

Harbourfront ice building up nicely, Nov.13

March 11, 2012: last stragglers, watery rink

Harbourfront Jan.21, photo by Raf Lewis

Clearing snow the old-fashioned way

Fairmount Park double pad natural ice rink, Jan.14

Dufferin Rink, a chess-and-cookie break from skating

City Hall rink during the holidays

Campbell Rink, with loaner skates and good food

getting ready to skate on Christmas Day, Dufferin Rink

Campbell Rink new girls' shinny hockey

Sherbourne Common -- this rink needs friends

learning to skate on a school holiday

Nathan Phillips Square Nov.28 - perfect ice

Dufferin Rink at high noon Friday: wet ice but solid underneath

Dufferin Rink, Nov.21 2011

first Dufferin Rink rat Monday morning

rink rats, Dufferin Rink 10.30 a.m. Nov.19

sand is the base of the rink at City Hall this year

City Hall rink Nov.13 2011, under construction

Sunday morning shinny at High Park Rink, Dec.26, 2010

strong March sun, slushy ice

brine pipe lines showing on ice surface, March 10

getting the hang of skating at Sorauren natural ice rink

neighbourly rink-side campfire at Greenwood Rink

9 celsius at 2 pm on Feb.18 -- layer of water on the ice

minus 5 -- but that February sun makes the nets sink in

crowded rinks during the holidays

Rosedale Rink Sunday Dec.19, 9.15 am

Saturday campfires at Campbell rink (Laura Berman)

City Hall rink Nov.17 not ready: pipe maintenance

Lillian Michiko Blakey:Dufferin Rink, 1960

Harbourfront's Natrel Rink, Nov 18, making ice

Harbourfront Rink Nov.19 2010, lots of ice now

Skating at Harbourfront, Nov.20, high noon

City Hall rink opened Nov.27 despite construction

new Colonel Sam Smith Skating Trail -- opened Dec.8

taking water off Wallace Rink without help from the zamboni

Dufferin Rink Dec.12: Beginners' shinny scrimmage

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