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There's nothing like outdoor skating

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City Hall/Nathan Phillips Square Rink Profile

Opened: Nov.22, 2014
Closes: scheduled for March 22, 2015

Rink change area: A new change area, with a snack bar too.

Staff: One to three rink guards at a time, plus a zamboni operator always on site.

Helmet use: only leisure skaters under six position paper: is the city's helmet in need of an update? Should little kids be forced to wear only CSA approved helmets?

Maintenance: The rink has its own Zamboni, and its own operator on two shifts. Very well maintained. However, during large events in the Square, the ice isn't cleaned because it's too hard to get the large crowd of skaters off the ice. 14 shifts a week.

Comments about this rink: e-mail us at [email protected].

a very popular spot for skaters -- how can they even move?

Rink Diary


Views of the rink

From The City of Toronto Website 2014-15

For the skating schedule, go to City Hall, then click on Skating.


City Hall Rink

  • This rink is always opened first and closed last. Because it's in the shadow from a big hotel to the south, its ice is better than rinks that are in direct sunlight.
  • Parking underground in city hall lot (pricey but handy).
  • 5 minutes from two subway lines and 2 minutes from the Queen Streetcar.
  • Skate Rental: 416 304-1400. This is also the most reliable number to find out how the ice is.

Rink Capital Costs

Total cost of City Hall Rink reno was increased by $750,000.00 net of all applicable taxes ($763,200.00 net of HST recoveries), revising the current contract value from $1,935,019.00 to $2,685,019.00 net of all applicable taxes.

See here for Contract award details.

CELOS Estimate of Rink Operating Costs (2009)

posted January 07, 2009

We have gone to several disparate sources to arrive at an estimate of annual (seasonal) operating costs of Toronto's 49 outdoor rinks ("AIR's" - Artificial Ice Rinks).

Our best estimate of direct costs from these approaches is

  • maintenance staff $1.3M
  • rink guards $0.5M
  • energy $1.4M

Total direct cost estimate $3.2M (average about $65,000 per rink - 12 week season)



To see the (2007-2008) report card, click here

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