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wood stove at Dufferin


2006 - 2007

March 4 2007

Last day rink party. There was a sound system set up by the swing gates, with skating music, and free hot chocolate, and a fire in the woodstove. The ice was in pretty bad condition, so there were pylons all over (to cover the divits). But people seemed to be having a good time; they used the pylons as markers to skate around, and Dave the rink guard clowned around on skates to the amusement of the kids.

skating around pylons

free hot chocolate

fire in woodstove

tying up skates takes two

Feb.26 2007, from shinny hockey player D.A. to City rinks maintenance supervisor Brian Green, cc to Dufferin Rink.

I've recently become a participant in Toronto's outdoor rink programme. After 30 years of not playing much hockey I've joined the shinny circuit. I'm catching up as it were and having a ball. But I do wonder sometimes how many games I've got left in me. From an older player's perspective they're* all* important but I'm noticing some uneveness in the ability of Toronto Rec staff to deliver the facilities (ice) to its eager public.

On Wednesday Feb. 14th our 7 PM permit at Christie Pits was cancelled due to snow that fell the day before lying still untouched on the ice surface. The following week on Wednesday Feb 21st same permit cancelled due to warm weather. It had been plus 3C and sunny. Centre ice and goal areas chopped up and in need of rehab. Did daytime skaters ruin rink for the cool evening? 25 of us showed up. Poor Alfred the rink attendant. Two of our group had invited out of town guests from Montreal. Toronto artists playing with Montreal's finest. It would have been great.

So why in both cases was Dufferin Grove operating and CP not?

Feb.22 2007

thick snow on the ice at 2.30 pm

Heavy, wet snow this morning. Stopped at about noon. At 2.30 there was no clearing. The building attendant said they've been having trouble with soem nasty kids. About two weeks ago one of the rink staff was attacked after he told two kids to leave. they were coming out of the youth club that shares the building, and they were noisy and rude in the skate changing room, so he asked them to move on. They went outside and started shooting pieces of ice against the window with their hockey sticks. He followed them, and one of them spat at him, then shoved him against the wall and asked him to fight. The other staff came out and the kids went up the hill, but then they got more ice and fired it at his car, so it has dents in it.

The rink staff asked for letters of trespass but it's unclear whether that was done. (There had been talk of delivering the letters to the kids' houses, because they live nearby and people know them.) However, the ice maintenance supervisor spoke to the community response unit at Fourteen Division, and since then there have been a few visits and drive-bys of police, and the young toughs haven't been coming around.

The rink was re-opened at about 6 pm.

Feb.21 2007

Bright sun. At 2.15 the ice was very soft but mostly skateable. Kindergarten class there from Palmerston School. Rink closed at 4 pm because so many mushy spots and gouges. Can see dirt in some of the soft parts.

Feb.20, 10.45 pm

Fast game of shinny hockey, 12 people on the ice, four more in the (messy) boxes. The ice is excellent, no gouges, corners good, not snowy.

Feb.10 2007 9.35 pm

Four shinny players, two more just arriving. Three others leaving. They were friendly, said they just moved to this area and can't believe their good luck with the number of rinks around. They were glad to hear about the city rinks information "awesome."

Ice a bit snowy.

Jan.20 2007 4 pm

Zamboni just finished, and lots of skaters coming out of the rink change house to play shinny, skating around and around the ice to warm up. Perfect ice and perfect view.

Christie Rink with the great view
Jan.8 2006,

4.10pm: Ice good. 5 pleasure skaters, 10 youth playing cards inside, some waiting for hockey time. Building attendant said the rink was very busy all week and that it was only wet in the early morning because the rising sun hits the plexiglass and makes the ice melt. Then, he said, when the sun gets higher, it no longer has the power to melt the ice. (??)

10.05 pm: Ice good. Building locked but lots of cars parked beside rink and a fast game going on, with 17 people.

Jan.6 2007

3.40 pm No skaters, lots of water, no one inside.

9.20 pm 17 shinny players, good ice.

Jan.5 2007

Building attendant reported that the ice was wet and there were very few skaters all day.

Jan.2 2007, 2.30pm

Ice was not bad, although soft against the boards. 19 pleasure skaters, plus 11 inside change room.

Dec.28, 3 p.m.

Zamboni was there cleaning the ice, the second time that day (they only expect two cleanings per day). The Building attendant said the rink had been hugely busy the day before. At 3 pm there were 49 people pleasure-skating.

8 pm. Lots of 18+ shinny players. No helmets.

Dec.24 2006, 1 a.m.

The rink lights were off but the rink had at least 20 people skating on it, more milling around the edges. The parking lot was fuller than I've ever seen it. The mood was friendly, and it looked as though people were intending to play for a while -- trays of water bottles in the players' boxes. Hard to know how they could see the puck in the dark. The play was fairly quiet -- nobody was taking shots against the boards.

From Rink Recreation coordinator Donna Densmore, Dec.20 2006, to Dufferin Rink on-site staff Dan Watson, and Jutta Mason

Thank you both for attending the Christie rink meeting last evening, I really appreciate your time.

Staff meeting visit by Dan Watson and Jutta Mason, Dec.19 2006

Weekly Christie rink staff meeting. We did a show-and-tell of the CityRinks web pages, and talked about the outdoor rink handbook.

Dec.15 2006

Ice in good condition, smooth with only a few superficial wet areas. Meeting with Campbell and Christie Rink staff about making sure there's Sunday shinny time somewhere in this cluster, at every moment on Sundays.

Dec.13 2006

High 9 celsius. Low 2. Mostly cloudy. Some water at the edge and on the west side where the sun goes, but good ice underneath. Looked like it had been maintained at some point in the day. Two skaters. Building attendant said they're out of schedules but will have more.

Dec.12 2006

High 9 celsius, low 3. Mostly cloudy. In the afternoon the whole rink had water on it and stayed closed. It opened at 5 with only 1 staff. Ice starting to get more solid; puddles still large but not deep. 5-6 people skating, two with hockey sticks.

Dec.10 2006

High 7 celsius, sunny. Low 1. At 1.30 there were 6 people pleasure-skating, 7 in the changerooms. Three staff. One skater said that during the morning shinny time there were four sides playing, but then at 12 they had to stop.

At 1.45 most skaters had gone home and there were only 2 left. The ice was solid but had some small puddle son top especially where there was dirt embedded and by the south-facing boards.

At 4.30 there were two groups of shinny players looking in from outside the rink and 4 people pleasure-skating. The ice was firming up.

At 6.30 p.m. there was no answer on the Christie Rink phone when Dufferin staff called to check the rink schedule.

At 7 p.m. there were 31 shinny hockey players on the ice, but the ice was pretty rough. There had been no ice maintenance since the morning because the zamboni trailer blew two tires. It turned out that the phone was out of order/not connected/broken (!??!)

Dec.3 2006

AboutUs-Photos:christieRinkDec306.jpg | Christie Rink is excellent with no zamboni

The rink opened at 2 p.m. (although kids were on by 1.30). This rink isn't supposed to open until Dec.9 but the City Rinks supervisor Brian Green turned on the compressors some days ago, since there was already some rainwater on the rink. the heavy rains on Nov.30 did the rest. The rink has about 2 inches of ice on it already. And it's completely smooth and beautiful, even though there's no zamboni available (this rink has no garage, so it gets the flying squad, which is not mobilized yet).

Jim Craik, the zamboni driver, said that the reason why the ice is not shelling or cracking is that it froze only from the bottom, not the top (it froze before the temperature went below zero).

This rink is supposed to relieve the first-week pressure on Dufferin Rink -- we'll see how that goes.

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