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February 2009

Sunday February 1 2009

Ice maintenance: none.

Monday February 2 2009

Ice maintenance: 11.30 s/f. Still very crunchy after that. 6 pm s/f. Still crunchy, but better.

Tuesday February 3 2009

Ice maintenance: 1.45 pm to 2.30 pm, snow removal with the zamboni, 6.50 s/f.

Wednesday February 4 2009

Ice maintenance: 11.15 s/f, 5 pm s/f.

Thursday February 5 2009

Ice maintenance: 10am, 5.45 s&f

Friday February 6 2009

Ice maintenance: pre 10am, 5pm s/f

Saturday February 7 2009

Ice maintenance: 12:30 s/f. Water deep by 3 pm 1.5 inches in some areas. 6pm crew say there are concrete patches so don't want to remove water. Can't see any concrete.

Sunday February 8 2009

Ice maintenance: scrape and water removal before 10. No concrete. 6 pm s/f.

Monday February 9 2009

Ice maintenance: 10am 7pm s&f both times

Tuesday February 10 2009

Ice maintenance: 11.15 scrape only (crew said it was too warm to flood.)

Wednesday February 11 2009

Ice maintenance: at 5:30 there was 20 mins of taking of water, still lots left, closed at 8pm few skaters lots of water.

Thursday February 12 2009

Ice maintenance:11am scrape pretty good shape, then wet again, 5pm scrape, inch of water in the middle still, frozen over by the permit at 9pm

Friday February 13 2009

Ice maintenance: 10 and 6.30 both s&f.

Saturday February 14 2009

Ice maintenance: 10.15am/6pm

Sunday February 15 2009

Ice maintenance: 10.15am/6pm

Monday February 16 2009

Ice maintenance: before 10am, 5pm

Tuesday February 17 2009

Ice maintenance: before 10am, 5pm

Wednesday February 18 2009

Ice maintenance: 10.15 am, 6.30 pm

Thursday February 19 2009

Ice maintenance: Maybe morning? 12pm 4.30 scrape. Snowfall, manual scrape, lots of snow on sides some pushed out. Staff helped push from boards and then plow came at 9pm for permit.

Friday February 20 2009

Ice maintenance: 2.30 flood, 5pm flood

Saturday February 21 2009

Ice maintenance: 10 am s/f, then no more ice maintenance. Closed early at 7.30 because the zamboni was down, and it was snowing.

Sunday February 22 2009

Ice maintenance: 11 a.m. plough and scrape, 4 pm s/f.

Monday February 22, 2009

Ice maintenance: missing.

Tuesday February 24 2009

Ice maintenance:10 am 4.30 pm s&f both.

Wednesday February 25

Ice maintenance: 12 noon, 5.30pm, promise for permit, no show, manually shoveled. Permit holders were pretty unhappy at the lack of ice maintenance.

Thursday February 26

Ice maintenance: 12- 5pm scrape and flood.

Friday February 27 2009

Ice maintenance: Scrape 10am to remove water. 4pm shell ice in 1/4 rink. Kept open but bad areas sectioned off with pylons. 6:30 scrape through shell ice and then flood. Ice in good condition.

Saturday February 28 2009

Ice maintenance:10.30 am s/f, 5.10pm s/f.

Sunday March 1 2009

-- last day of rink season for Christie Rink Ice maintenance: 12s/f. 4.45s/f.

End of season comments from A.M.: Here's my two cents re my neighbourhood rink which is Christie Pits. Twice this winter I went there to skate with my kids and we were turned away because the Zamboni never arrived on schedule. Both times, the ice was unusable because of excess water. These were on cold days that had followed strangely mild and rainy ones. Apparently the Zamboni guys said that there was too much water, but last time I checked that's one of the things a Zamboni is designed to do: vacuum up the water. On those same days, Dufferin Grove was open - even though the weather had been no different in that neighbourhood - and we went there instead.

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