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Wednesday Dec 12, 2012

From Cedervale Women Shinny Skater to Dierdre Norman: All was great at Cedarvale AIR tonight. 18 women, fun game, ice was ready and guys gave us no problem clearing off at 8:30. Thx for all your help. E

Thursday Dec 6, 2012

Women's shinny 8:30 to 10pm Every Wednesday. From Dierdre Norman to Wendy Jang

The outdoor season is here and going well so far. I do need a little help from you regarding the new Cedarvale AIR. The first women-only shinny was yesterday and the women had to share the ice with the guys again. There were only 6 women as it is not well known yet and the 'lead' gal decided to share because she was unsure of how to best approach the situation. There were no difficult or abusive behaviours but obviously we want to start off on the right foot (skate) so if you could let me know who is the rink supervisor for that rink and/or who to contact to make sure there is staff and they are aware of the women-only-no-matter-what policy I would be appreciative. E, the 'lead' gal said that the only staff person was the zamboni driver. There should have been a rink guard somewhere. Can you please let me know names and contact info so that I forward this before the next shinny time? Thanks for all your support.

women's shinny sign added
December 16 2012

morning shinny game, 5 of 6 players with no helmet

mandatory helmet sign

rink is beside to Phil White Arena

Phil While Arena
Dec.26 2012, Boxing Day, letter from rink user to the zamboni supervisor

I want to share some concerns about Boxing Day shinny @ 10 AM (women's)-

- we had 20 min instead of 1 hour

- the zamboni driver arrived before 10 to do the ice but waited til 10:30

- we stood and sat in the cold for 10 mins while he first scraped then flooded the ice

- we had a mild altercation with the rink guard with a batch of little children at 11 who wanted their time spot on ice

We played 4 on 4 m my feet were freezing from just standing so long- the [arena beside the outdoor rink] was not open.

I did overhear the zamboni driver saying that he didn't know what the rink schedule is.

One of the Dads said he lives nearby and this is not unusual.

All of this unpleasantness would have been avoided if the zamboni driver cleaned the ice in the 10 minutes that he was actually there before 10 AM

Your help so this does not repeat itself, is very much appreciated.

Dec.28, 2012, response from zamboni supervisor

Please feel free to call me on my cell at 416-936-3262 and I can deal with the operator immediately.

In the meantime I will remind them of the importance of cleaning the ice as scheduled and provide them with more copies of the rink schedule.

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