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Sunday Dec.15 2013

A plough and a snow blower can at about 11.30 a.m. The plough did a circle around the perimeter but left before ploughing the middle. The snowblower stayed and blew the snow about. At 12.15 the rink is still unskateable, although marked "operational" on the city's website.

Saturday Dec.14 2013

All-day snow. The zamboni came only once and the rink was snow-covered, but the city's website continued to mark it as "operational."

Friday Dec.13 2013

A scene has been building up for the past week or so, with several youth trying out how far they can go at the rink. This evening Phil [not his real name] went out of his way to mock one of the staff and take cookies out of the cookie container when the staff's back was turned, laughing while he passed them to his friends. Later when the staff began to sweep the change room, Phil began laughing and mocking the staff.

The loud, public discussion for the evening centered around strip clubs, female body parts "snatches", and sexually explicit speculations about what what activities take place in the private rooms. At one point during the evening a heavy-set young woman came inside to wait for her boyfriend who was playing hockey. Phil and Gary [not his real name] took the opportunity to insult the girl and mock her boyfriend for going out with her.

The youth occupied more then half the facility, sprawled over 4 tables, yelling back and forth.

Raf [not his real name] is aggressive and foul-mouthed, instigating fights and taking other people's things. He bragged that he would come back next week and behave as he pleased.

Corporate security was called to be on-site for 9pm to help close the building, The officer stayed till 10pm as some of the youth were spotted waiting outside.

Sunday Dec.1, 2013

scuffed ice, but at least no cement

At 10.15 a.m. the ice was still scuffed from yesterday, no ice maintenance yet. A dad with his kids and their friends was just coming off the ice. They said the ice was very thin but they didn't hit any cement.

Saturday: Nov 30, 2013

Campbell opened today with some very thin ice. Lucky it wasn't warm or sunny, or the rink wouldn't have opened at all. Normally established rinks are ok with the elements in November, but with only 2 days of ice making, it would have been alot worse. Today by noon the north boards were down to concrete and various bubbles in the ice had melted to into holes. Staff put stools with signs to mark the dangerous spots, and tried to patch any holes with a slush mix.

thin ice, good enough for a skating the night before

concrete against the north boards
Thursday Nov.28, 2013

no flooding with only two days to go

The snow from Tuesday night was still on the ice. No flooding at all on Wednesday, and only two days until rink opening!

Wednesday Nov.27, 2013

Lots of indoor preparations to get the rink ready to open. It snowed a couple of inches overnight -- program staff were waiting for ice maintenance crew to take the snow off and keep on flooding.

youth staff sign: opening Nov 30!

skates ready to loan out
Tuesday: Nov 26, 2013

In the morning, city workers arrived to keep working at the fixing the boards. Staff arrived after 3pm to start flooding the ice. There already was a bit of a base beneath since the rink normally pools water. The hose was one of the big heavy duty black but there was no attachment spray-head. So there was lots of water being laid down all at once in big puddles.

fixing the boards

ice making - no spray just hose floods
Monday: Nov 25, 2013

The compressors were turned on.

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