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Sunday Dec 2 2012

Rain day - and with no staff/equipment to remove the water, skaters sit and wait in the rink house.

bored skaters in the rink house

Girl shinny water on ice
Sunday Dec 30 2012

Cooking at Campbell.

Friday February 1 2013, from Campbell staff Marina Deluca Howard

Saturday Feb. 2 Campbell Supper is pub-inspired fare, with Sheppard's Pie, Tortilla black bean yam casserole, home-made pizza, salad, and strawberry pie. Vegan and GF options.

Campbell will be open Family Day from 10am-7pm More Pleasure Skating Hours for families to enjoy the day. pleasure skating from 10am-11am, then again from 1pm-3pm All Ages Shinny 11am-1pm, 3pm-7pm unsupervised after 7pm

Also a short update on the season:

Campbell has evolved into a community space. Pop in on a Tuesday evening and you and your toddler can play with toys, read some books, colour, or make your own pizza with fresh dough made by staff. No pizza oven outside yet but friendly helpful staff will help with cheese and tomato sauce and the change room has tables for little rolling pins.

Its all ages shinny and the regulars happily make space for nine year olds wanting to play shinny. There is always a surprize--whether its cinnamon buns or fresh cookies or pizza. In the kitchen you may see the regulars, a group of teen boys, and occasionally girls, baking cookies or pitching in to help create a warm multi-use, welcome space for all.

The Saturday Suppers provide neighbours with a chance to skate, and chat and eat. Sunday pleasure skaters get a chance the next day to sample leftovers at lunch, although there have been days when the dinner sold out.

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