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February 2010

Monday February 1, 2010

A large group of students from St. Rita's came to the rink at 1pm. Staff was kept busy giving out free hot chocolate and selling other snacks.

When pleasure skating started at 3:30pm there were only two hockey players at the rink, but staff asked them to stop playing anyway because people in the neighbourhood have had concerns in the past about pleasure-skating hours not being enforced. People started coming after 4 and there were 11 skaters on the ice. Rec staff spoke to a man who came to skate with his two young sons. Staff told him that Saturday afternoon pleasure skating was very popular but the turnouts for Mondays were uneven. The man said things would pick up when more people heard about Monday skating. He himself had just heard about it from another parent at Perth school. He added there would be a demand for pleasure skating because parents with young children were buying houses in the area. This would explain why so many parents with children come out on Saturday. Most of this Monday's skaters were people who also come Saturday afternoons.

A permit group had rented the ice from 7-9pm and staff warned the drop-in shinny players that they would have to leave the ice at 7. Most left before 7, but the permit group didn't arrive until 8. Before staff cleared the ice the group decided not to go on. They had rented the ice thinking Campbell was an indoor arena and didn't want to skate outside. They also said they didn't want to kick the drop-in shinny players off the ice.

Drop-in shinny players who had left before 7 started coming back at 8:30. One group had gone up to JJP (Earlscourt) at St. Clair and Dufferin. They said it was a bad experience because the players up there weren't friendly. They said they were glad to be back at Campbell because Campbell was home. Another group had walked to Wallace-Emerson only to find out there was a permit there too. When the b/a left Campbell at 9:30pm there were 27 hockey players on the ice.

Usage numbers: 1pm 3 hockey, 0 helmets, 0 changeroom, 2pm (school group) 30 pleasure skaters, 30 helmets (children) 20 changeroom, 3pm 0 on ice, 0 helmets, 50 changeroom, 4pm 3 pleasure skaters, 0 helmets, 0 changeroom, 5pm 11 pleasure skaters, 2 helmets (children), 0 changeroom, 6pm 17 hockey, 0 helmets, 2 changeroom, 7pm 6 hockey, 0 helmets, 5 changeroom, 8pm 8 hockey, 0 helmets, 1 changeroom, 9pm 18 hockey, 0 helmets, 0 changeroom

Ice maintenance: morning: no maintenance before 9:15am 12:15pm s/f, salt on driveway when rec staff arrived, 6:20pm s/f, dumped and washed out machine on campfire site area, rec staff heard from foreperson that they have heard nothing about a plan to open the building early

Tuesday February 2, 2010

When a CELOS researcher went to check the ice at 12:15pm, a hockey player and a pleasure skater were sharing the ice. The skater said she and her husband are artists who live near the rink.

The evening was quiet because of the snow, but a few guys showed up to skate and shoot around the puck. Eight people from Tuesday's 9pm permit group managed to have a lively game of shinny despite the snow.

Ice maintenance: morning: no maintenance before 10am, scrape/flood after 10am & before 12:15pm, 7:50-8:15pm scrape

Wednesday February 3, 2010

When a CELOS researcher went to check the ice at 10am, two hockey players had just arrived by car.

Some people who have been causing trouble in the evening at Dufferin Grove. Tonight they went over to Campbell. Among the group is a woman who has been banned for a year from city parks because she was abusive towards Dufferin statf.

Ice maintenance: before 10am scrape, 7:15pm scrape/flood

Thursday February 4, 2010

Ice maintanance: before 10am scrape, 5:40-6pm scrape/flood

Friday February 5, 2010

When the CELOS researcher went to check the ice at 10am, he found the rink full of children skating. They turned out to be students from St. Sebastian's Catholic School at Wallace and Brock. A teacher told the researcher he was taking his students to all the local outdoor rinks so that he could see what they were like. The researcher told the teacher that if he called Dufferin Grove ahead of time, rec staff could arrange to have the rinkhouse open for the students. The teacher said he might do that. He said he was thinking about coming back to Campbell one more time this winter.

A man who often comes to the rink with his son was here again tonight. He grew up in the area and as a boy played hockey at Campbell. The b/a working tonight also grew up near Campbell and the two men shared some common memories.

Both remembered the natural ice rink parks staff used to make next to the main rink. This allowed people to pleasure skate during hockey periods and play hockey during pleasure skating. Both men also remembered going to Oscar's Ski and Sports on Bloor St. to get their skates sharpened. The man asked if there was skate sharpening at Campbell. He said if Campbell did it would make a lot of money. Other hockey players have said the same thing.

He now lives north of the 401 but still comes down for two reasons. 1) Rinks in his area force players to wear helmets, which is something he doesn't want to do. 2) Shinny at Campbell is always All Ages, which means he can play with his son. He said Dufferin Grove is a nice rink but he doesn't want to play there because of the strictly enforced age groups.

Ice maintenance: 9:30am scrape, 8:30-8:45pm scrape/flood

Saturday February 6, 2010

During the afternoon there were a lot of complaints from hockey players about the quality of the ice. By the time pleasure skating started at 4, the ice was very snowy. A skater offered to shovel snow off the ice. The b/a brought out the big green shovels as well as some smaller ones. Together the b/a and the skaters hand shovelled snow off the ice.

Ice maintenance: pre 10am scrape, 4pm manual scrape by b/a & skaters, 6pm s/f

Sunday February 7, 2010

Ice maintenance: 10:30am scrape, 4:20pm scrape - no flood no mention why except that maybe some trouble with machine.

Pleasure skaters came in shared use times

Monday February 8, 2010

Ice maintenance: possible am maintenance, 6.00pm s/f permit

Tuesday February 9, 2010

Ice maintenance: pre 11am s/f, 8:30pm scrape (snowing, 9pm permit)

Numbers sample 7pm: 18 shinny players, (1 kid with helmet), 2 inside

Wednesday February 10, 2010

Ice maintenance: scraped between 11:30 and 3pm, 7pm scrape

Thursday February 11, 2010

Hockey players were unhappy because for the second day in a row the Zamboni scraped the ice without flooding. There are a lot of grooves in the ice and the ice along the north boards is very rough, because the strong sunlight is causing it to melt in the afternoon. This is always a problem in February even when the temperature is low.

Numbers sample 7pm: 17 hockey, 3 helmets (2 adults, 1 child), 0 inside

Ice maintenance: scrape before 10am, 7pm scrape

Friday February 12, 2010

Campbell had unusually good maintenance today. The 'flying squad' came to flood the ice three times.

City workers came to the rink today. One worker fixed a gap on the west gate where pucks occasionally come through. Another worker came to put a latch on the stall door in the men's washroom.

A group of younger students from St. Rita's came at 9:30am. They usually come in the afternoon, but arranged to come early today because the school is having a Valentine Day's dance in the afternoon. As usual rec staff gave out a lot of free hot chocolate. The students also bought a lot of hot dogs.

At 8:30pm a group of young men came to play shinny. When they heard there was a 9pm permit they were outraged. This was surprising because there has been a 9pm permit every Friday this winter and it's almost the end of the season. Also, the permit time is on the schedule that is posted in several places inside the changeroom and available to take home. Most of the regular hockey players are used to the idea that Campbell has a schedule but there still are a few who aren't.

Ice maintenance: 11:15am scrape followed by scrape and flood as well as some extra work along the north boards where the ice has been melting in the afternoon 6:20 scrape/flood, 8:15pm scrape/flood

Saturday February 13, 2010

The ice looked great at 10am except along the north boards which were still rough from the afternoon melting that occurs in February when the sun rises higher in the afternoon. There were some deep depressions in front of the entrances to the players boxes.

Hockey players started arriving in numbers at 1pm. From 1-4pm there were 15-20 guys on the ice with different players coming and going. It was overcast this afternoon and the clouds helped protect the ice from the sun. However, the clouds couldn't protect the surface from the blades of the fast-moving shinny players.

By the time of the 4-6pm pleasure skating period, the ice was very snowy. The b/a opened the north gate and brought out one of the old green shovels left over from pre-Zamboni days. Using it he began pushing snow off the ice. A few of the little girls who are Saturday afternoon regulars asked to borrow smaller shovels and helped for a while to push snow. An adult skater, a man originally from Russia who comes to the rink with his son, took another green shovel and worked hard to clear the snow. Together the b/a and skaters managed to scrape the entire ice surface.

The turnout for this Saturday's campfire and skating was lower than in previous weeks. At one point there were about 35 people at the rink, but by 5:30pm most of the skaters had gone home. Maybe it was the cold, cloudy weather, maybe the Olympics or maybe the fact Sunday is Valentine's Day. It might also have been that people took advantage of the Family Day long weekend to go out of town.

Ice maintenance: pre-10am scrape/flood 4:30pm rec staff and patrons hand shovelled snow off the ice 5:45pm scrape/flood

Monday February 15, 2010

Numbers sample, 3:20pm 19 shinny players (1 with helmet), 5 inside

Tuesday February 16, 2010

Ice maintenance:3pm still wet, very recent s/f, 7:15pm s/f

Wednesday February 17, 2010

Ice maintenance: pre 10 am scrape, school group arrive at 12 and ice is snow covered (not too thick), 2:30 thick snow, not skatable. no maintenance time given, players try to remove snow with nets half rink is cleared, snow at boards, recreation staff shortage meant that snow could not be hand shoveled out of rink, 7:30 zamboni arrives with 2 drivers to clear snow. scrape done.

Thursday February 18, 2010

Ice maintenance: 3pm s/f, 6pm s/f

Friday February 19, 2010

Ice maintenance: 12:15pm s/f, 8pm s/f

Saturday February 20, 2010

Ice maintenance: 9:30am s/f, 4:45pm s/f

Numbers sample, 5pm - about 50 people!!! (35 pleasure skating, 15 inside, then some more at the campfire)

Sunday February 21, 2010

Ice maintenance: 10am scrape and flood, nets kepts on ice moving them frequently and monitoring ice, 5:15pm driver on site - advised on site staff to close ice, there was no physical means of doing this, driver left, 5:30 a decision to stay open but monitoring ice.

Tuesday February 23, 2010

Ice maintenance: pre10am scrape, 5:40pm rec staff manually scraped with skaters, 6:30pm scrape

Wednesday February 24, 2010

Ice maintenance: pre 3am, 5pm scrape

Thursday February 25, 2010

Ice maintenance: Pre 3pm scrape, ice in good condition. Snow accumulation on corners, 5pm manual scrape, 6pm scrape - final maintenance of evening. zamboni to leave, 7:30 notice that zamboni might arrive, 8pm snow accumulation, permit waiting for maintenance crew. 8.15 manual scrape done by permit and recreation staff

Friday February 26, 2010

Ice maintenance: 10 am scrape to remove over night snow, 12:30 - ice covered in snow morning, school group canceled 3pm - ice still covered, more accumulation, not skatable, 6:30-7pm zamboni maintenance. scrape final for the rest of the night. by 9pm ice still in good shape, light dusting of snow, permit on the ice.

Sunday February 28, 2010

Ice maintenance: 10am scrape, 2:15 scrape, ice is good


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