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January 2010

Friday January 1, 2010

Ice maintenance: morning - NONE, afternoon - 2pm - manual scrape, 2:40pm Zamboni scrape, evening - 5pm manual scrape by hockey players and rec staff, 9pm manual scrape by permit group and rec staff

Saturday January 2, 2010

It was freezing cold today and staff decided to cancel the Saturday afternoon campfire. Even so there was a good turnout for the 4-6pm pleasure-skating period. At 5pm there were 21 pleasure skaters on the ice and another ten people in the rinkhouse. Park staff set up a crafts table where some of the younger children could paint if they felt too cold to skate. A group of young girls made same paintings that staff hung on the wall.

When the hockey players were asked to leave the ice at 4, they did without too much fuss, but there was a lot of grumbling especially in the dressing room. One of the pleasure skaters told the rink guard the hockey players were complaining about what they called "fairy skating". Still all things considered the changeover from hockey to pleasure skating went smoothly unlike at the beginning of 2008-2009 when the players were quite defiant. The hockey players don't like pleasure skating but they've come to accept there's going to be a certain amount at Campbell.

The Zamboni arrived in the middle of pleasure-skating forcing staff to spend time removing and then putting back the temporary mats they had set up for pleasure skating. Pleasure skating at Campbell is limited so it was unfortunate that the Zamboni came in the middle of the most popular pleasure-skating period. The driver did a very quick scrape. Afterward he left, some of the skaters spent time discussing the condition of the ice.

As usual during pleasure skating there were a group of younger boys on the ice who were disappointed they couldn't play hockey. Also as usual staff had to spend a lot of time and energy making sure those boys weren't too rambunctious. The boys kept challenging the limits, but eventually did listen especially after one of the older boys convinced the younger ones there was no point in challenging the rules. But when the rink guards changed, the boys started challenging the new rink guard again.

Some usage numbers for the day:

11am 5 pleasure skaters, 1 child wearing helmet 5pm - 21 pleasure skaters, 10 people in changeroom

Ice maintenance: morning - 11:30 scrape, evening: 4:45 scrape (Note: at 3:30pm workers used a machine to scrape off ice at the entrance to the rink gates at the west end)

Sunday January 3, 2009

It was a cold and windy day. When rec staff arrived at 10am, there were two hockey players on the ice. They said they had been there since 9am and hadn't seen the Zamboni. Blowing snow had accumulated overnight on the ice especially along the boards. At 10:30am the b/a used a green shovel to clear snow from the east end near the railroad tracks. He did this for an hour before giving up because the wind was blowing the snow back onto the ice. At 3pm the b/a and the rink coordinator tried again with the green shovels. Rec staff were helped by a father with his son and daughter who had come to play hockey. More hockey players arrived and pitched in. Staff offered everyone who helped hot chocolate or other drinks. One hockey player insisted on paying $1 for a 50 cent juice box even after staff told him it was free, because "I like what you are doing here." When staff thanked two other hockey players for their hard work clearing the ice, the players said the last time they shovelled snow off the ice was on a pond where they used to play shinny using garbage cans as nets. They said it was nice to see the community coming together. Even though people who came to the rink to play hockey ended up working hard clearing the ice, they were smiling and saying thank you to the staff. Earlier in the morning one boy who came to the rink with his father said "This place is just like Dufferin Grove."

Ice maintenance: NO VISITS by Zamboni, 10:30am - manual scrape by rec staff, 3-5pm manual scrape by rec staff and hockey players

Monday January 4, 2009

Snow on the ice at 3pm
Click on photo to enlarge it

Snow on the ice at 3pm
Click on photo to enlarge it

Ice at 6:30pm after skaters cleared it with green shovels
Click on photo to enlarge it

Ice at 6:30pm after skaters cleared it with green shovels
Click on photo to enlarge it

When rec staff arrived at 3pm the ice was largely covered in snow especially along the boards and in the corners. No one was skating or playing hockey. At 3:30pm a mom came with her daughter for pleasure skating. This was the girl's first time skating.

A little while later two 12-year-old boys arrived to play hockey. A boy named Pedro grabbed a shovel and started clearing snow. Rec staff had to tell him to stop because shovelling can only be done under staff supervision. After the b/a had a chance to make sure that mom and daughter were ok on the ice, he went back to Pedro and asked him if he still wanted to clear snow. He took a green shovel and started pushing it to the north gate which the b/a opened. As more of the boy's friends arrived they took the other green shovel as well as the smaller yellow shovels. One of the boys asked as a man who had come to pleasure skate if he wanted to help and he was game. It took the b/a five boys and one man an hour and a half to clear snow off the entire rink surface.

The boys especially Pedro were very proud of their work and rightly so. They all worked very hard. When rec staff thanked the man for helping, he said he had fun. Rec staff gave the boys free hot chocolate and later when one of the boys lost his puck, the b/a gave him a used one for free.

At 6pm a group of older hockey players arrived. They complained about the deep grooves on the ice. One of the players asked what he was paying taxes for and wanted to know why Campbell didn't get the same level of maintenance as Dufferin Grove.

The b/a had been told a permit group would be coming at either 7 or 7:30pm. When more hockey players arrived, he told them about the permit. There was some grumbling. While most of the players took it in stride, a few were angry. One man complicated an already tense situation when he told the players that if the permit group arrived one minute late or had less than twelve people the permit would be forfeited. The man was loud and aggressive and b/a snapped at him. After things calmed down the b/a apologized to the man for snapping but also let him know his information was wrong and unhelpful.

Most decided to stay and play as long as they could but a few left without bothering to lace up their skates. Some of the players were unhappy that the b/a couldn't tell them whether the permit would start at 7 or 7:30. As it turned out, the group didn't show up at all. One of the players who had been complaining before wanted to know what had happened to the group. The b/a couldn't tell him. The b/a did explain that Monday permits are one-offs booked through the permit office at City Hall.

Ice maintenance: morning - NONE, afternoon - 3:30-5pm manual scrape by rec staff and skaters/hockey players, evening - 6:45pm - scrape & flood

Wednesday January 6, 2010

Ice maintenance: morning flood & scrape, afternoon 5:30pm flood & scrape

Thursday January 7, 2010

At 6.30: 17 shinny players, 2 kids with helmets and one adult with helmet.

In the evening there was a bit of tension between the Thursday permit group and the drop-in shinny players. When the permit time ended, the drop-in shinny players went onto the ice. The permit group, not realizing their time was up, asked the drop-in players to leave. However, the situation was soon straightened out.

Ice maintenance: morning flood & scrape, evening 6:45pm flood & scrape

Friday January 8, 2010

At 3pm there was a lot of snow on the ice especially at the east end near the railroad tracks. You could skate on the ice but it was hard to play hockey. The rink was busy in the evening and at one point there were twenty players on the ice. However, a lot of guys got frustrated and left early. By 8:15pm there were only two players left on the ice with another four in the changeroom.

All evening long players were approaching the building attendant to complain. The b/a who is recreation staff couldn't say for sure when the Zamboni would be coming but based on his past experience said the flying squad would be at the rink shortly before the 9pm permit. That's exactly what happened. The squad came at 8:30 and did a flood & scrape. The permit group was pleased but the shinny players were understandably upset.

Many players say the City treats Campbell as a second-class facility. They get angry because they feel loyal to their home rink. If you listen to the shinny players talk about Campbell, you can hear the sense of pride they have in being part of a special Campbell hockey culture.

Ice maintenance: morning - none, evening - 8:30pm flood & scrape

Saturday January 9, 2010

We're trying an early-morning game: "Find the zamboni flying crew." They start their shift at 6 a.m., first going to the service yard at Boothe Avenue, across town, to park and pick up the machine. Our "find-the-zamboni" game started out in the dark, with a sickle moon still high in the sky, at 7.07. At Wallace Rink - no ice resurfacing yet. 7.13 at Campbell Rink: no ice resurfacing yet. 7.22 at Christie Rink: no ice resurfacing yet. 7.32 at Trinity Rink - no ice resurfacing yet. 7.39: zamboni driver on site at Dufferin Rink (he's not part of the flying crew). Clear, cold sky (minus 15), getting lighter. 7.39 at Wallace Rink: no ice resurfacing yet. 7.49 at Campbell Rink: no ice resurfacing yet. 7.58 at Christie Rink: no ice resurfacing yet. A beautiful sunrise -- but no zamboni flying crew, anywhere. They must be somewhere else, but where?

The Zamboni finally arrived at 10:10am and did a flood and scrape.

People gather around the campfire during pleasure skating
Click on photo to enlarge it

When pleasure skating began at 4pm there were no skaters in the rinkhouse, but twelve hockey players on the ice. Some of the hockey players who don't come to Campbell every Saturday are still surprised there's pleasure skating at the rink, but a lot of other players know there's skating at 4 and make their plans accordingly.

When rec staff asked the guys to stop playing, the players asked "Where are the pleasure skaters?" Staff pointed to five girls walking through the park. These girls are regulars who show up for both Saturday afternoon and Monday after-school skating. More people arrived and by 4:15pm there were forty people at the rink 20 on the ice, 10 by the campfire and another 10 in the changeroom. The rink was busy for the whole two hours of skating. As some people left more came. A few were still arriving at quarter to six.

Last year Campbell had a small core of skaters who came almost every Saturday. This year that core seems to have grown. A few people mentioned to staff that they came to the rink for the first time because they heard from friends about the Saturday afternoon campfire. Earlier in the week staff got a phone call asking about the campfire from a woman who lived near Bathurst.

Ice maintenance: morning 10:10am - flood & scrape, evening - 6:15pm flood & scrape

Watch January 9 Family skate at Campbell Rink

Sunday January 10, 2010

More problems with unruly teenagers today. The rink coordinator asked some teens who weren't there to play hockey or skate to leave because they were being loud and rude and generally making the changeroom unpleasant for the people who had come to play hockey. After the coordinator left, the teens returned thinking the building attendant wouldn't object, but he did. The teens were reluctant to leave and this led to a long confrontation between rec staff and the teens. At one point when the building attendant was outside, someone overturned the tables in the changeroom and threw rolls of paper towels around the floor. The building attendant didn't know who had overturned the tables, but in order to get control of the rink again asked a group of young hockey players who had been causing problems all afternoon to leave for the day. Again there was a refusal to leave and a long confrontation. The rink coordinator came again.

Staff are limited in what methods they can use to make sure people behave civilly at the rink. Often the best solution is to ask one person or a group to leave and come back the next day. More often than not, teens simply refuse to leave. If rec staff give in to a refusal to leave, they lose control of the rink. Rec staff don't send people home on a whim. Except where something very serious happens suddenly, people are always given warnings before they are told to go. Not leaving when asked is a very serious matter.

Ice maintenance: morning - 11:15-11:30am Zamboni flood & scrape, evening - none before 6pm

Monday January 11, 2010

The rink coordinator and the building attendant had long conversations with two teens who had caused problems on Sunday. The rink coordinator told them she would have to talk to their parents about what happened. Rec staff also talked with a teenager who had been told not to come to the rink after Christmas after he had gone into the staff office without permission. Sneaking into the office was the last straw after a long period of being rude and disrespectful to staff. Staff had already talked to the boy's father. The boy was allowed to come back after he promised to behave better.

Ice maintenance: afternoon - 1:30pm flood & scrape (reported by hockey players to CELOS researcher), evening - 5:45pm scrape (it was snowing)

Tuesday January 12, 2010

The building attendant came early today to open the rinkhouse doors for a school group from Bishop Marrocco. When he got to the rink he saw two policemen on bikes riding along the railroad tracks. A few minutes later the officers came to the rink. They told the b/a they were looking for a missing Asian woman.

When the b/a arrived the ice was still covered with last night's snow. He took out a green shovel and began shovelling. By the time the high school students came, he had only managed to clear a small portion of the rink. When the students got on the ice some offered to pitch in. As it turned out some of the students spent more time shovelling than skating or playing hockey.

Ice maintenance: afternoon - 3:15pm scrape & flood, 8pm scrape

Wednesday January 13, 2010

Ice maintenance: pre 3pm scrape & flood, 5:50pm scrape & flood

Thursday January 14, 2010

Ice maintenance: pre 3pm scrape & flood, 7:30pm scrape & flood

Friday January 15, 2010

Most of the lights in the rinkhouse aren't working making the changeroom quite dark. On top of that, the electrical outlet in the snackbar/staff office isn't working, which means rec staff can't serve hot dogs, coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Also, the cold drinks are now warm because there's no electricity for the fridge.

Ice maintenance: pre 3pm scrape & flood, 8:15pm scrape & towel flood

Saturday January 16, 2010

Another great turnout for the 3:30-5:30pm campfire and pleasure skate. At one point rec staff counted 50 people at the rink: 30 on the ice, 10 standing by the campfire and another 10 inside the changeroom. While 50 people would not be an especially large number for Dufferin Grove or even neighbouring Wallace-Emerson, it is a phenomenal turnout for pleasure-skating at Campbell, which is still mostly a shinny rink.

Ice maintenance: 6:20pm scrape & flood

Sunday January 17, 2010

Ice maintenance: 10:15am scrape & flood, 5pm scape

Monday January 18, 2010

A school group from St. Rita's came to the rink at 1. Rec staff usually give school children free hot chocolate but they couldn't today because there's a problem with the fuse box in the staff office. Also, the changeroom is dark because most of the lights are still broken. Rec staff did, however, sell a full case of cola to the students. One of the girls from the school came to Canada from Portugal. She was surprised to see the large sign in the changeroom that reads "Welcome to the rink" in Portuguese.

A couple originally from Burma came to the rink with their daughter for pleasure skating at 3:30pm. The girl knew how to skate, but the parents didn't. The father, however, decided to rent skates. This was the first time he had ever skated. He was wobbly but made some progress in the two hours he was at the rink. He got a lot of encouragement from rec staff and a mom who was at the rink with her two boys. He fell down a few times but seemed to be enjoying himself.

Ice maintenance: 1pm scrape, 6pm s/f

Numbers samples, 7pm: 14 shinny hockey players (1 with helmet), 4 inside.

Tuesday January 19, 2010

Ice maintenance: pre 3pm done, 8:30pm scrape (flurrying), permit at 9pm

Wednesday January 20, 2010

When the building attendant arrived at 3pm, he found two city workers in the changeroom. They said they had fixed the changeroom lights and the electrical box in the office. This means the fridge, kettle and hot plate work again and the snack bar can serve hot dogs, coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

When the Zamboni arrived on its second visit the ice was still in a good shape. One of the hockey players asked, "So what's the deal here? They come when we don't need it?"

Ice maintenance: pre 3pm scrape & flood, 5:20 scrape & flood

Numbers samples 4pm: 2 shinny players, no one inside
6pm 11 shinny players (no helmet), 1 inside
7pm 20 shinny players (2 with helmet), 4 inside

Thursday January 21, 2010

There is a regular 8-9:30pm permit at Campbell. By the time permit group arrived the ice was snowy from use. The group used the old green shovels to clear the snow by hand.

Numbers samples 4pm: 8 shinny players, 2 goalie, no one inside
6pm 16 shinny players (1 with helmets), 2 inside
8pm 16 shinny players (10 with helemts), 4 inside (permit group)
7pm 28 shinny players (1 with helmet), 1 child helmet, no one inside

Ice maintenance: pre 3pm scrape & flood, 5:30pm scrape & flood

Friday January 22, 2010

A group of students from St. Rita's Catholic school came to the rink at 1pm. There were about fifty students, teachers and parent volunteers. One middle-aged dad, an immigrant from Portugal who came with his daughter, decided to borrow skates from the rink. He said it was his first time ever on skates. For close to 2 hours the rink was busy and rec staff had a hard time keeping up with the demand for free hot chocolate as well as other items from the snack bar.

The afternoon was sunny and the ice along the north boards was soft. The students chewed it up with their skates. By the time it began to freeze in the evening the ice along the boards looked like a little mountain range with peaks and valleys.

A permit group was scheduled to come at 9pm. The Zamboni arrived at 8 and started to do a flood, but the operator had to stop because the auger wasn't working. The drop-in shinny players were unhappy because they lost a half hour of playing time for nothing.

To see a two and a half minute video clip of the shinny game at 5:30pm, go here: Campbell Park Shinny 5:30pm January 22, 2010

Ice maintenance: pre-11am - flood & scrape, 8pm Zamboni started to do a scrape & flood but had to stop because the auger was broken

Sunday January 24, 2010

Ice maintenance: 10:45am scrape followed by scrape/flood, nothing after

Tuesday January 26, 2010

Ice maintenance: done once before 3pm, 6 pm scrape only and 8 pm scrape/flood

Wednesday January 27, 2010

The b/a found a surprise when he arrived at 3pm: a new park bench screwed into the concrete slab by the campfire spot.

Ice maintenance: 12:30pm scrape, 5pm scrape/flood

Thursday January 28, 2010

A player from the evening permit group complained that some of the outdoor rink lights were out. He said it was hard to see the puck when it went into the corners. After the group left, the b/a went to check. He noted four lights were out: two in the southeast corner and two in the southwest. This is at least the second time this season a permit hockey player has complained about the lights. Rec staff have notified maintenance.

Ice maintenance: 12:30pm scrape, 4:30pm hockey players cleared snow using green shovels 6:45pm scrape & flood

Friday January 29, 2010

Ice maintenance: pre 9am scrape, 8pm scrape

Saturday January 30, 2010

Morning and early afternoon were quiet with only a small number of hockey players showing up.

Despite the cold weather a lot of people turned out for the 4-6pm pleasure skate and campfire. At 6pm staff were put in the unusual position of asking 20 pleasure skaters to make room for 2 hockey players. Last year it was the other way around.

Usage numbers: 10am 0 on ice, 1 person in changeroom, 11am 2 hockey, 0 helmets, 1 changeroom, 12pm 3 hockey, 0 helmets, 0 changeroom, 1pm 4 hockey, 0 helmets, 5 changeroom, 2pm 6 hockey, 2 helmets (1 adult, 1 child), 2 changeroom, 3pm 2 hockey, 0 helmets, 3 changeroom, 3pm 2 hockey, 0 helmets, 3 changeroom, 4pm 8 pleasure skaters, 0 helmets, 16 changeroom, 5pm 30 pleasure skaters, 15 helmets (3 adults, 12 children) 10 changeroom, 6pm 20 pleasure skaters, 5 helmets (2 adults, 3 children) 3 changeroom, 8pm 17 hockey, 0 helmets, 6 changeroom, 9pm 19 hockey, 0 helmets, 4 changeroom,

Ice maintenance: before 9:30am scrape, 6:10pm scrape

Sunday January 31, 2010

The day began with a surprise. A boy who comes skating with his parents on Sunday mornings during the 10-12pm shared use period was celebrating his birthday so this Sunday his friends came skating with him. The poor adult hockey players were outnumbered by pleasure skaters 15 to 3, but the b/a gave the players their own section where they could shoot and pass around the puck. This satisfied them and the morning shared use time went smoothly.

The early afternoon was quiet but things started to pick up at 2pm. By 4pm there were 21 players on the ice, enough for each team to have two shifts.

New people keep discovering the rink. One man from Parkdale said he got lost trying to find Campbell Avenue, while another man from the east end asked the b/a whether a lot of adults showed up for Sunday afternoon shinny. He also asked about local places to eat. The b/a pointed out Yasi's and Boo Radley's. When the man from the east end began to leave, the b/a asked him if the hockey at Campbell was what he was hoping for. He said the shinny was great.

Usage numbers: 10am 0 on ice, 3 changeroom, 11am 15 pleasure skaters, 12 helmets (2 adults, 10 children), 3 hockey players, 0 helmets, 3 changeroom, 12pm 3 hockey, 0 helmets, 0 changeroom, 1pm 5 hockey, 1 helmet (1 adult), 0 changeroom, 2pm 10 hockey, 3 helmets (3 teens) 6 changeroom, 3pm 15 hockey, 4 helmets (2 adults, 1 teen, 1 goalie), 5 changeroom, 4pm 21 hockey, 3 helmets (2 adults, 1 goalie), 2 changeroom, 5pm 12 hockey, 1 helmet (1 goalie), 0 changeroom

Ice maintenance: Work crew edged ice before 9am 10:15am scrape & flood, evening: No maintenance

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