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2009 - 2010

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Campbell rink during the 2009 municipal strike
July 2009

During the 2009 garbage strike, Campbell Rink was used as a dump. To read more about that strike, click here.

November 2009

Most of Campbell rink's schedule is taken up by open shinny. People in the neighbourhood sometimes ask staff why the rink doesn't have more pleasure skating. Judging by how often the question is asked, you would think there is a big demand for leisure skating. However, when the rink does have skating the turnout is small. Last year, Campbell had two pleasure-skating times on Saturday 11am-12pm and 4-6pm. During the 4-6pm skating time staff also had a campfire with hot chocolate and other treats including at times homemade donuts. Most Saturdays nobody showed up for pleasure-skating at 11 so staff would let the hockey players stay. The players got used to the idea that this was hockey time. However, every once in while a handful of people showed up at 11 wanting to pleasure skate. On one occasion people showed up at 11:30 and asked staff to get the hockey players off the ice. This is hard on staff who already have a struggle clearing hockey players off the ice at 4pm.

The situation last year at Campbell was odd. On the hand, a lot of people asked about pleasure-skating. On the other hand when the rink had the campfire and skating on Saturday the numbers were small. Part of it was weather. There were some bad Saturdays last year. Also, the number of people showing up was starting to grow as word got out that there was a campfire. In the long run Campbell may need more pleasure-skating hours but for the time being it's hard to justify more skating hours when the turnout so far is small.

Nov.23 2009

The Dufferin Rink zamboni driver was at Campbell Rink and noticed that there are two holes in the concrete. Could it be that the garbage actually penetrated the concrete? Strange. The news was passed to the Park supervisor.

Nov.26 2009

Several City trucks were seen at the rink, apparently to fix the holes.

Nov.27 2009

During a health and safety committee inspection, it was observed that the holes had not been repaired. A recommendation for repair was included on the committee's list.

Dec.1 2009

flooding the rink, with a lot of leaves still not removed.

Flooding has begun. At 1 pm the ice maintenance crew (three people) said that the refrigeration technician had just left, saying the rink was good to go.

At 5 pm it looks like the holes have not been repaired!

Wednesday Dec.2 2009

An early-morning rink visit suggests that the holes may have been repaired, it's just that the sand from the holes was left on the slab, as well as leaves and other debris including screws, when the rink was flooded. It's hard to see clearly now -- but there is ice on the rink and the compressor technician says the machinery is fine. In fact, he says, one compressor has turned off because the concrete slab is already cooled to 14 degrees Fahrenheit.

Saturday December 5, 2009

Hockey players on the closed rink
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Campbell was supposed to open at 10am today. The building attendant came early to take a look at the ice and to do last minute preparations in the rinkhouse. At 9:30, the ice was a little thin but fairly good except along the boards where in some cases concrete was showing. Hockey players started coming after 10. By 11:30 there were thirteen players on the ice. At 12:30 the Zamboni came and did a flood. The Zamboni driver said the ice wasn't safe and the rink would have to close. Although the rink was officially closed, the gate doesn't have a lock and people went on the ice anyway.

At 4pm recreation staff met with parents from the Perth School Council to talk about pleasure-skating hours. After discussing different ideas about extending those hours it was decided to extend the Shared Use period on Monday to 4:30pm. That way parents could come with their children from Perth School at 3:30pm for a full hour of skating. Shared Use means pleasure skaters share the ice with hockey players. Staff told the parents from Perth that if they showed up on Monday, staff would divide the ice into separate hockey and pleasure-skating sides.

Sunday December 6, 2009

The rink was officially open today.

As on most Sundays a steady stream of hockey players came to the rink on Sunday. At 10am a mother and her two daughters came to skate on one side of the rink while two hockey players shot pucks on the other. The mom said she often comes on Sunday mornings before the rink gets busy. Most of the afternoon there were 14-18 hockey players on the ice at a time except during games when some of the players sat on the benches waiting for their turn to go on. Shinny players have no trouble making their own rules and following them. Cooperation is the only way to have a good game.

In the morning the ice was very snowy because it was heavily used on Saturday despite the rink being officially closed. Other than the snow the ice was good shape. The Zamboni came at 11:30 and again at 5pm. During the day the ice began to melt along the north boards which are most exposed to the sun. The ice was slushy near the edge and concrete was showing in a couple of spots. The melting ice began to harden again towards the evening.

During the day people, some of who said they were new to the neighbourhood, stopped to ask about the schedule. A few people asked about pleasure skating while others asked about hockey. One woman who was new to Toronto asked if there was a fee for using the rink. Of course, there isn't because the rink is paid for with taxes. One of the hockey players asked why Campbell couldn't open on Nov. 21 like Dufferin.

Sunday afternoon shinny
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Ice melting along the north boards
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Wednesday December 9, 2009

The rink was officially closed due to poor ice conditions.

Ice maintenance - none

Thursday December 10, 2009

Staff came to the rink at 2pm to talk to local residents about more pleasure skating at Campbell. The ice was covered in snow and the rink was officially closed. A Zamboni crew scraped and flooded the ice at about 7pm. When the permit group arrived later, there was no staff at the rink. The drop-in shinny players asked the permit holders to prove they had a permit. The hockey players say they left when the permit holders produced a copy of their contract with the city.

maintenance: morning - none, evening - approximately 7pm

Friday December 11, 2009

9-10pm is set aside for a permit group. When drop-in shinny players arrived in the evening staff let them know about the permit. Some of the players who arrived after 9 decided to go to Wallace-Emerson while many of the players already on the ice decided to call it a day. The permit group, however, never arrived.

Ice maintenance: morning n/a, evening - approximately 8pm

Saturday December 12, 2009

At 11am the ice was covered in snow from use. Hockey players complained about poor ice conditions. Some said they were going to Wallace-Emerson. According to the schedule, 11am-12pm is pleasure skating. There were no pleasure skaters this morning. However, about twenty people showed for the 4-6pm pleasure-skating period. At 4pm park staff made a campfire by the side of the rink and served hot chocolate. Some of the younger hockey players stayed for pleasure skating. They didn't obey the rules and staff found them hard to control. One boy was banned from the rink for throwing a hunk of ice at the rinkhouse windows. He isn't allowed back until he contacts the recreation supervisor and apologizes.

Ice maintenance: morning - none; 2.45 only

Sunday December 13, 2009

Morning and early afternoon were warm with light rain falling. The ice was rough and slightly soft. Rink staff shifted the nets periodically to keep them from sinking into the ice. There were only a handful of hockey players at the rink. Two of the Sunday morning regulars decided to stay in the changeroom and play checkers.

The players wanted to know when the Zamboni was coming. The b/a who is recreation staff couldn't say. Some of the players don't understand that rec staff don't decide when the Zamboni comes. To the rink users rec staff and the Zamboni drivers are all just city workers.

When the Zamboni came at 12:45pm, it was still raining. The operator scraped the ice twice because it was in bad shape, but didn't flood because of the rain. As it got cooler later in the afternoon more hockey players arrived. By 5pm there were 19 guys on the ice. The Zamboni came a second time at a quarter to six. This time the operator did a scrape and flood.

The boy who was temporarily banned on Sunday returned to the rink today. He was asked to go and did, but reluctantly. After he was asked to leave, staff saw him standing at the side of the rink talking to his buddies. He said he wasn't doing anything wrong because he wasn't in the rink itself. Staff told him he couldn't be anywhere in the park.

There is a problem with the rink's west gate. That's the gate on the Campbell Avenue side of the rink. The top part that is made out of chain link won't close properly. The b/a pointed this out to one of the workers on the Zamboni crew who notified his foreperson.

Ice maintenance: 1pm scrape only (rain); 6 pm scrape and flood

Monday December 14, 2009

It was warm and raining today. Hockey players say the Zamboni came at 1:30pm. The workers looked at the ice and then left without doing any maintenance. At 3pm the ice was rough and a little soft. The nets were starting to sink into the ice and rec staff had to shift them. At 3 there were 10 hockey players on the ice as well two pleasure skaters. The skaters were men who looked like they were still learning to skate.

Last week rec staff met separately with two groups of local parents who wanted to see more pleasure skating at the rink. Staff want the rink to be available to everyone in the community, but at the same time are cautious about expanding pleasure-skating hours because in the past the turnout for pleasure skating has been modest at best. Staff decided to accommodate the parents by reserving Mondays 3:30pm-5:30pm for skating. This means there are now five hours of pleasure skating in the schedule in addition to shared use time when skaters and hockey players share the ice. The pleasure skating hours without any hockey are:

Saturday 11am-12pm
Saturday 4-6pm (with a campfire and hot chocolate)
Monday 3:30-5:30pm

Pleasure skaters starting arriving at 3:30. The first group was a local girl and her young sisters who when they came last year would rent skates at the rink. This year they had their own skates. The younger girls had trouble with their skates so the b/a (Michael) helped them while the rink coordinator (Sarah) cleared the six hockey players of the ice. A couple of the younger hockey players decided to stay and skate. Soon more pleasure skaters came. Some were friends of the first girl, while three others were parents who had spoken to staff earlier in the week. At 4:30pm there were 17 pleasure skaters on the ice, which for Campbell is a great turnout, especially given the rainy weather. Many of the skaters needed to rent skates while others wanted hot chocolate and other items from the snack bar. The changeroom was lively for about an hour with staff scrambling to keep up with the sudden rush of young customers.

There was a small problem on the ice, which staff resolved. The boys came to the rink with a lot of energy which they used in races across the ice and in games of tag. Fun for them and some of the older girls, but not for the younger girls who are still learning to skate. Rather than stop the boys from playing tag, staff divided the ice in two. The boys and the older girls were told they could still skate fast and play tag if they stayed on their half of the ice, while the younger girls could skate more comfortably on their half. Sarah talked to the parents who said they were happy with the arrangement. The boys seemed happy too and stuck to their side of the ice.

The Zamboni came at 6 and did a scrape and flood. The rain continued to come, but a few guys still played hockey until 9 after which the rink was empty.

Ice maintenance: morning - none (according to hockey players the flying squad came between 1:30pm and 3pm without doing maintenance) afternoon - 6pm scrape & flood

Tuesday December 15, 2009

A twelve year-old boy who comes to the rink every day after school and on weekends has been coming to the rink early. He told staff he was coming early because he had been expelled from his school and was waiting to find out where his next school would be.

It was a busy night for hockey with as many as 26 men playing at a time. Some men who stopped by the rink hoping to play left because of the crowd.

Ice maintenance: afternoon - a hockey player reports that the flying squad scraped and flooded the ice at 1pm, evening - 6pm scrape & flood

Wednesday December 16, 2009

It was a quiet evening at the rink, much less busy than on Tuesday. It was busiest around 7pm when there were fourteen hockey players on the ice. Yesterday some guys left the rink because it was too crowded. Today a few guys left because when they came there weren't enough players for a good game.

At 6pm a father took his young son on the ice for pleasure skating. It is not uncommon for the occasional pleasure skater including a parent with his child to come on the ice during hockey time. Rec staff told the dad it was hockey on the schedule and gave him a poster with the pleasure-skating hours. Staff said he could stay with his son as long as there were only a couple players on the ice, but that if the game started getting too fast he and son might be asked to leave for safety reasons.

The ice was hard and smooth but snowy from use. There was already a fair amount of snow on the ice at 3pm. Players kept asking rec staff when the Zamboni would be here. Staff couldn't tell them because the flying squad doesn't come at the same time each day. When it finally arrived at 8 (it finished at 8:30) the ice was very snowy. However, the Zamboni did a good job and the players were happy after that.

Ice maintenance: morning - before 1pm (hockey players report that ice was clean when they arrived at 1pm) evening - 8:30pm

Thursday December 17, 2009

The ice was good when rec staff arrived at 3pm but got more snowy before the Zamboni came at 6:40pm. The Zamboni took longer than usual because he scraped the ice twice before doing a separate scrape and flood. The ice was in great shape after that.

The rink wasn't busy until after 7pm when there were 22 players on the ice. There would have been more, but some players who came by car looking for a game left without putting on their skates when they heard there would be a permit at 8. After looking at the schedules they decided to go to Dufferin. The permit group arrived at 8. Two of the guys wanted to know why the changeroom hadn't been open a week ago Thursday. Rec staff told them there was some confusion because earlier that day the rink had been closed due to poor ice conditions. One of the group said the ice was actually good last week.

Ice maintenance: morning - before 1:30pm (hockey players say ice was clean when they arrived at about 1:30pm) evening - 7pm - Zamboni scraped the ice twice before doing a separate scrape and flood

Friday December 18, 2009

It was a quiet evening. There was a steady stream of shinny players coming and going, but not large numbers. At 7:30pm there were 14 players on the ice and 6 in the changeroom.

A group of young teenagers wanted to rent skates for pleasure-skating at a time when a group of older players were in the middle of a fast game. Staff told the group they could rent skates for hockey but not pleasure skating. The group was told that Wallace was open for pleasure. Staff asked if Wallace was too far away for them. The teens said Wallace wasn't far but they were "too lazy" (their words) to go. They hung out in the changeroom for a while before leaving.

A little later three other teenagers came with their own skates for pleasure skating. By then the game had ended and there were only a couple of players on the ice shooting pucks. Staff let these girls on the ice with the warning they might be asked to leave if more players arrived and the game got too fast.

Two of the younger boys who play hockey were temporarily banned from the rink for misbehaving. In both cases small incidents escalated when the boys refused to listen to rink staff. After being warned several times to stop fooling around, the boys were asked separately to leave the rink and come back tomorrow. Both boys refused despite being asked more than once. At that point they were banned. The rules at Campbell are looser than at Wallace and Dufferin, but staff do set limits.

Ice maintenance: morning - before (hockey players says ice as clean when they arrived at about 1pm) evening - 8:30pm scrape and flood

Saturday December 19, 2009

A mom and her child came for pleasure skating at 11am. They stayed on the ice for fifteen minutes. Once they left, the five hockey players began shooting pucks again. At noon after pleasure skating was over a couple came with their boy hoping to skate around the rink. They asked a hockey player who happened to be an off-duty rec staff person if the rink was open to the public. They said they were new to the area. The hockey player explained that pleasure-skating was officially over but that since there were only a couple of shinny players on the ice it would be probably ok for them to skate, but they should check with the on duty staff person in the office first. The couple was surprised to learn the rink had a changeroom and later said they liked that there was a snack bar.

A lot of people, mostly parents and their children, came to skate and enjoy the campfire during the 4-6pm time slot. At one point there were twenty-two skaters on the ice, which is good for pleasure-skating at Campbell. At first it looked like the turnout would be low, because at 4pm, there were only 5 skaters on the ice, while the changeroom was full of hockey players who had just gotten off the rink. However, people started showing up and the pleasure-skating period was busy. Getting hockey players off the ice for pleasure-skating seems easier this year, because the players are now used to the fact that the schedule is being enforced. Last year it was more of a challenge because the players weren't used to being asked to make room for pleasure skaters.

Ice maintenance: morning - 11am scrape & flood, evening 6pm scrape & flood

Sunday December 20, 2009

Usage numbers for the day:

10:00am 3 hockey (2 men, 1 boy)
11:00am 9 hockey (8 men, 1 woman)
11:30am 8 hockey (6 men 2 boys)
12:30pm 17 total - 10 hockey (8 men, 2 boys) + 7 people in changeroom (5 men, 1 woman, 1 boy)
12:45pm 16 total - 6 pleasure (2 men, 1 woman, 3 little boys) - 10 hockey (all adult men)
2:00pm 7 total - 6 players on ice - 1 in changeroom
3:15pm 14 hockey
4:00pm 35 total - 27 hockey (mostly men, a few boys) + 8 people in changeroom
5:00pm 22 hockey players on ice, 11 people in changeroom (5 girls 10 & under)
6:15pm (after changeroom closed) 30 hockey players on ice

Ice maintenance: morning - 11am scrape only followed by separate scrape & flood, afternoon - 6pm scrape & flood

Monday December 21, 2009

At 3:30pm staff told 15 hockey players they would have to stop playing because pleasure skating was starting. A local teenage girl who often comes to the rink with her young sisters came to skate as did two parents with their young children. One of the older hockey players stayed at first but left after skating a few laps around the rink. Two of the younger players stayed to skate with some of their friends. At 4pm there were fifteen pleasure skaters on the ice. Minus the three hockey players who stayed, there were twelve people at the rink for pleasure skating: a mom and her young daughter, a dad and his young daughter, a 13 year-old girl and her two young sisters, and five children under 12.

However, the young hockey players who stayed as well as their friends wouldn't follow the rules. Despite being warned several times by the rink guards not to skate fast, race or play tag because of the very young skaters on the ice they kept on going. At one point the rink guard asked a young mom with her daughter if it would be alright to give the boys a small section of their own in which to race. The mom, however, objected. She said pleasure skating should be pleasure skating and complained that there was already too much hockey at Campbell.

Finally, the rink guard asked two of the boys to leave the ice until hockey started again at 5:30pm. One of the boys became defiant and refused to leave the ice. He was then told to leave the rink for the rest of the day. Once in the dressing room he was reluctant to leave. After being warned more than once, he and a friend who was egging him on were told not to come back again until Saturday. The rink guard had been told to relax and chill out once too often for his liking.

Usage numbers for the day:

11am - 7 hockey players
3pm - 15 hockey players
4pm - 15 pleasure skaters (12 there for skating and 3 hockey players who stayed
5pm - 4 pleasure skaters on the ice and 6 in the dressing room
6pm - 14 hockey players on the ice, 7 in the changeroom, 3 of whom were leaving because a permit was coming at 7
6:15pm - 19 hockey players on the ice
7pm - permit group - 21 people on the ice (17 hockey players, 3 coaches and 1 referee), 11 hockey players in the dressing room

Ice maintenance: morning - none, evening - 6:30pm scrape, followed by scrape and flood

Tuesday December 22, 2009

According to the schedule 10am-4pm today was shared use when hockey players and pleasure skaters share the ice. Depending on the number of players and skaters, staff will sometimes divide the ice but not always. Today at 1pm a dad was skating with his young daughter alongside 15 adult hockey players. Another two pleasure skaters were in changeroom putting on their skates. Rec staff spoke to the players about dividing the ice. The shinny players were polite but thought it was unfair to divide the ice when there were only four pleasure skaters. When rec staff spoke to the dad, he said he and his daughter would only be on the ice for a little while longer and he didn't want to take ice away from the hockey players. The two other skaters, a boy and a girl, said they had skated with hockey players before and were comfortable with that. In the end, rec staff decided not to divide the ice.

In the evening one of the boys who had been temporarily banned on Friday came to the rink with his older brother. The boy apologized to rec staff for misbehaving. Staff also spoke with the older brother. The older brother said the young boy had been warned by his family not to misbehave any more. Staff decided to let the boy come back with the understanding that if he misbehaved again he would be asked to leave again.

Usage numbers for the day:

1pm 15 hockey players, 2 pleasure skaters
1:45pm 20 hockey, 4 pleasure
2pm 14 hockey, 5 changeroom
2:30pm 19 people on the ice (mostly hockey, some pleasure)
3pm 8 hockey, 4 pleasure, 25 people in changeroom 10 teenagers, 14 under 12 years old and 1 adult)
4pm 7 hockey
5pm 6 hockey
6pm 5 hockey, 5 people in changeroom
7pm 8 hockey
8pm 11 hockey, 8 changeroom (10 more players arrived by car, but left when they heard there would be a permit group on at 9)
9pm 12 hockey (permit), 7 drop-in shinny players waiting in changeroom 10pm 12 hockey

Ice maintenance: morning - 12:15pm scrape and flood, evening - 6:30pm scrape and flood

Wednesday December 23, 2009

It was a quiet morning with only a few hockey players on the ice shooting pucks, but things began to pick up around 1. More hockey players arrived by car while some local children came to hang out in the changeroom playing games and doing simple crafts under the supervision of rec staff (Marina). One of the boys who had been asked to leave on Monday came to the rink today with an apology letter he said had been written by his mother. The letter was printed in pencil in block capitals but signed. The boy said he printed what his mother had told him to say because she doesn't write English. The rec staff who had asked him to leave (Michael) wasn't working but happened to be at the rink playing shinny. Michael asked the boy if he could call his mom. After speaking to the boy's mom, Michael allowed him to stay. Michael also told the boy that if he saw his friend who was asked to leave with him on Monday that he should tell the boy he could come back as well.

Ice maintenance: morning - 11:30am scrape and flood,

Thursday December 24, 2009

2pm, snowy, 10 shinny players leaving the ice.

ice maintenance: 10.20, one fast scrape, 2.45 scrape only.

Friday December 25, 2009

At 10am the ice was covered by wet snow. Rec staff used a green shovel to start clearing it off. Shortly afterwards a young hockey player arrived and offered to help. Then three more hockey players came and they all helped.

Ice maintenance: no Zamboni visits, snow shovelled off manually by rec staff and hockey players

Saturday December 26, 2009

When rec staff arrived at 10am, it was raining and the ice was covered in water. When the rain began to ease off around noon, rec staff used green shovel to manually push water off the ice.

Usage numbers for the day:

10am 0 people on ice, 0 people in changeroom
11am 0 people on ice, 0 people in changeroom
12pm 0 people on ice, 0 people in changeroom
1pm 0 people on ice, 0 people in changeroom
2pm 0 people on ice, 0 people in changeroom
3pm 0 people on ice, 0 people in changeroom
3:30pm 0 people on ice, 5 hockey players in changeroom 4pm 10 pleasure skaters on ice (skaters were constantly going back and forth between the ice and the changeroom so that some were always on the ice some always in the changeroom)
5pm 10 pleasure skaters
6pm 7 hockey players, 5 people in changeroom

Ice maintenance: morning: foreman told rec staff Zamboni had been to rink before 10am, afternoon: 3pm Zamboni scraped the ice surface once.

Sunday December 27, 2009

Usage numbers for the day:

10am 0 on ice, 3 in changeroom
10:20am 3 hockey, 2 pleasure skaters
11am 1 hockey, 4 changeroom
1pm 9 hockey, 3 changeroom
2pm 16 hockey, 4 changeroom
2:30pm 25 hockey, O changeroom
3pm 25 hockey, 9 changeroom
4pm 25 hockey, 12 changeroom

Ice maintenance: 10am workers used edger to trim ice along the boards, 11:15am flood & scrape, 6pm flood & scrape

Monday December 28, 2009

Usage numbers for the day:

10am 1 person leaving - 11:30am 30 hockey, 0 helmets - 12:30pm 24 hockey, 1 helmet - 1pm 24 hockey, no helmets - 2pm 31 hockey, 1 helmet - 2:40pm 16 hockey, 5 helmets, 1 goalie - 3:11pm 21 hockey - 3:30pm 30 hockey - 6pm 11 hockey - 7pm 11 changeroom - 7:15pm 15 hockey, 1 helmet - 8pm 15 hockey, 9 changeroom, 1 helmet

Ice maintenance: 12:40pm scrape and flood, 6:40pm scrape only

Tuesday December 29, 2009

Shinny players were very unhappy with the poor ice and with the fact that rec staff weren't able to tell them when the Zamboni would be coming. The players wanted to use the green shovels to clean the ice, but rec staff couldn't allow that because they didn't want there to be a big pile of snow on the ice or at the gate when the Zamboni arrived.

A cyclist complained to rec staff about the ice that forms on the road when water used to clean and fill the Zamboni flows down the rink driveway and onto the road. (There is a river of ice on the road next to the sidewalk on Campbell Avenue because of water flowing from the rink.)

Rec staff spoke with the father and uncle of a girl who was with a group of young people who caused trouble for staff on Sunday afternoon.

Usage numbers for the day:

10am 0 people, 11:15am - 4 hockey, no helmets, 12pm 9 hockey, no helmets, 1-2pm 12 hockey, no helmets, 2-2:30pm 18 hockey, no helmets, 3:50pm 19 hockey, 7pm - 15 hockey, 0 wearing helmets, 6 people in changeroom; 8pm 21 hockey; 0 wearing helmets; 15 people in changeroom; 9pm (permit group) 4 hockey, 0 wearing helmets, 15 people in changeroom (mixture of latecomers from permit group and drop-in shinny players; 10pm (after changeroom closed) 15 hockey players on ice, 0 wearing helmets.

Ice maintenance: morning - NONE, evening -6pm flood & scrape

Wednesday December 30, 2009

In the evening a boy who comes to the rink almost everyday was fooling around with some of his friends. When rec staff asked him to stop he became hostile so rec staff asked him to leave and not to come back until a meeting could be arranged with the boy and one of his parents. The boy refused to leave. The rink coordinator came over to talk to the boy. The boy called his father who came over. There was a long discussion. When the meeting ended, the situation still wasn't resolved. The rink coordinator and the father agreed there would have to be another meeting before the boy could come back to the rink.

Usage numbers for the day:

10am 0 on ice, 10:45am 10 pleasure skaters, 11am 11 pleasure skaters, 2 hockey, 12pm 3 hockey, 12:30pm 5 hockey, 1pm 13 hockey, 2pm 16 hockey, 2:30pm 21 hockey, 2:45pm 26 hockey 2 inside, 3:15pm 29 hockey, 3:50pm 22 hockey, 5 inside, 4:30pm 26 hockey, 2 helmets, 0 inside, 6pm 11 hockey, 1 helmet, 5 inside, 7:10pm 19 hockey, 4 helmets (3 adults, 1 child), 8pm 18 hockey, 0 helmets

Staff report: On my way home from Campbell Tuesday, a cyclist stopped me to complain about the ice that forms on Campbell Ave when water flows from the Zambonis down the driveway onto the road. There is a river of ice on Campbell next to the sidewalk. This forces cyclists to either swerve into the middle of the road or risk riding on ice next to moving cars. The water flows when the Zamboni drivers use hoses to warm the moving parts on the Zamboni and to fill up.

Ice maintenance: morning - before 10am, evening - 6:50 2 scrapes

Thursday December 31, 2009

Ice maintenance: morning - before 10:30am, afternoon - 3pm scrape

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