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February 2009

Sunday February 1, 2009

ice maintenance: before 10 am and then no more.

There was a bit of trouble today. A few of the younger boys were throwing snowballs at their friends who were skating. The b/a told them to stop. That would have been the end of it if the boys had listened, but they refused point blank. One boy said they were just having fun and there was nothing the b/a could do about it. When the b/a warned them they could be banned from the rink, they laughed and continued to lob snowballs over his head. The b/a called the rink coordinator who told them they had to leave and not come back for a week. When the boys still refused to leave, the coordinator warned them corporate security would be called. These are not bad kids and it's too bad things went so far, but there are some simple rules everyone has to follow.

Monday February 2, 2009

Ice maintenance: plough, 4 pm.

Tuesday February 3, 2009

Ice Maintenance: plough 2:30pm, Zamboni (scrape only) 3:25pm. flood and scrape 8:30-8:45pm

At 3, two of the boys who had been throwing snowballs on Sunday were standing by the Zamboni gates. The b/a told them they had to leave, which they did.

At 6pm two park workers came by in a truck to tie up the mesh on the nets, but the nets had been fixed earlier in the day when the plough was here.

It was a quiet afternoon and evening with only a few hockey players showing up. There were never more than eight players at a time on the ice. Three of the younger boys were roughhousing in the rinkhouse so the b/a told them to go home and come back tomorrow.

At 8pm, a car from corporate security dropped by to check up on things. They spoke to the b/a about the problem on Sunday with the boys who had been throwing snowballs on the ice. They also took some pictures of the graffiti on the rinkhouse. The b/a told them the graffiti had been there since the beginning of the season.

There is a regular Tuesday night permit at 9pm. The Zamboni did a flood and scrape 8:30-8:45pm.

Wednesday February 4 2009

Ice maintenance: Sometime in the morning, then a plough came and moved the snowbanks back; then s/f at 7 pm.

Thursday February 5 2009

Ice maintenance: morning, and s/f 6.45.

Friday February 6 2009

Ice maintenance: morning, and s/f 7:45pm

Saturday February 7 2009

Ice maintenance: maybe early morning. Very water covered by afternoon. 4 pm some water pushed off with green shovels. No evening maint. flying crew says ice looks great so not do anything. by 8:30 pm ice looks dry.

Sunday February 8 2009

Ice maintenance: 10 a.m. s/f. That's all, but the ice held well.

This family didn't mind sharing the ice with hockey players
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Sundays 10-4pm are shared use, which means hockey players and pleasure skaters share the ice. In practice, this period is dominated by hockey with several lively games happening over the course of the day. However, pleasure skaters do show up once in a while and there seem to be more of them now than earlier in the year. Some skaters, even those with young children, are quite comfortable sharing the ice with big, fast-moving hockey players.

Yesterday staff were approached by a man who had questions about the rink. Today he showed up with two young girls to pleasure skate alongside the hockey players. When rink staff checked to see if they were having any problems on the ice, he said everything was fine. Afterwards, the man and his two girls drank chocolate and ate cookies in the changeroom.

Earlier in the week, rec staff got a call from Marjolein Winterink who works in Ward 18 Councillor Adam Giambrone's office. She wanted to organize a skating event at Campbell rink. Rec staff set aside 4-6 for pleasure skating and built a campfire by the side of the rink. Marjolein brought hot chocolate and marshmellows. The turnout was good. Campbell saw more pleasure skaters today than any other day so far this year. There were roughly 30 skaters on the ice during both hours while other people just stood around the campfire talking to the councillor and each other. The skaters were of all ages and there was more than one stroller parked by the open Zamboni gates. The councillor used the occasion to ask rink staff about ice maintenance.

Councillor Adam Giambrone draws a crowd
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Councillor Adam Giambrone posing with young skaters
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Monday February 9, 2009

Ice maintenance: Sometime between 2 and 3pm scrape and flood. 8:40-9pm scrape and flood.

Tuesday February 10, 2009

Ice maintenance: morning, 7:30pm scrape and flood.

Wednesday February 11, 2009

Ice maintenance: morning, 6:30pm scrape only. No skaters, lots of water on ice, nets taken off ice

Thursday February 12, 2009

Ice maintenance: pre 10 am , 3pm wet rink (no skaters), 6pm scrape, ice in good shape but more water pooling to make puck hard to move. Hand-scrape by rec worker, then the remaining water froze up.

Some of the teenagers who spend time at the rink
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Having fun at the rink
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Friday February 13, 2009

Ice maintenance: before 10 and not again until 8.15 pm (scrape and flood).

Saturday February 14, 2009

Ice maintenance: before 10 and scrape and flood at 5.40pm.

Sunday February 15, 2009

Ice maintenance: scrape and flood before 10am, 2nd visit by Zamboni shortly after 6:30pm as the b/a was going home

Monday February 16, 2009

Ice maintenance: 1.15 pm scrape and flood. 7 pm scrape and flood. Over the course of the day the ice melted and turned to slush along the north boards and at the east end where the sun was beating down the hardest. It was still soft along the boards after the Zamboni left.

It was Family Day and by 2pm the rink was a busy place with 13 hockey players and 14 pleasure skaters sharing the ice. At 3:30pm there were 16 hockey players and 11 pleasure skaters. Rec staff rented out 11 pairs of skates. The number of skate rentals has gone up in the past week. This seems to be connected to Adam Giambrone's visit on February 8. Most Sundays there is no pleasure skating time at Campbell, but an exception was made for the councillor's visit. The event attracted a lot of people who don't usually come to the rink and some young people learned for the first time that rentals are available. They have been coming ever since.

Tuesday February 17 2009

Ice maintenance: possible morning, around 3pm, 8pm.

A directive came today that the rink staff must stop handling money, so that means no more skate rentals and no food. No word yet on the timing of this change.

Wednesday February 18 2009

Ice maintenance: morning, then nothing all day and the rink was unusable (because of wet snow). Maybe one maintenance after 8 pm.

Thursday February 19 2009

Ice maintenance: morning, 5.30 scrape, snow fall, manually scraped 3/4, 7.30 scrape for permit, machine runs out of freeze fluid. Lots of smoke.

Friday February 20 2009

Ice maintenance:12pm scrape and flood, 8pm scrape and flood.

Saturday February 21 2009

Ice maintenance: 10.30 am s/f, that's all. It snowed in the afternoon, but there was no more ice maintenance because another machine was down.

Sunday February 22, 2009

Ice maintenance: 11 a.m. plough and then scrape only, 4pm hockey players and b/a manually scraped entire ice surface 6 pm s/f.

Racing up the ice
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All ages hockey
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Ice maintenance: 10:15am two ploughs and one Zamboni scraped snow off the ice, no flood. 3pm Manual scrape

It snowed last night and when the building attendant arrived at 10, the ice was covered in snow. Two boys with skates and hockey sticks were sitting in the benches, but they soon left. About half an hour later a man came with his two daughters to skate. The b/a offered to help clear a section of the ice.

As the skater and the b/a were shovelling off snow, two city ploughs arrived followed by a Zamboni. It took the three machines 45 minutes to remove the snow. Thee was no flood. From 12 to the man and his daughters who have been here before on Sunday shared the ice with 3 hockey players.

It has been a bit slow at Campbell lately, but there was plenty of hockey today. At 1pm there were 10 players on the ice. By 3pm there were 17. At 4 it was snowing and the ice was covered. A group of players asked the b/a if they could use the green shovels. The b/a said they could if the game stopped and if they shovelled the snow to the two Zamboni gates. The players were eager and did a great job cleaning the ice. When some of the younger players got in the way of the older ones using the shovels, they were told politely but forcefully to get out of the way.

Monday February 23, 2009

Maintenance: At 3pm the ice was in good shape with almost no snow on it. It looked like it had been scraped but not flooded. 5:30pm scrape and flood

Tuesday February 24, 2009

Maintenance: At 3pm the ice looked like it had been recently scraped and flooded. It was clear with only a few skate marks on it. 5:15 scrape and flood.

Wednesday February 25, 2009

Maintenance: morning, 6:10pm scrape and flood

Thursday February 26, 2009

Ice Maintenance: Zamboni arrived at 1:30pm at the same as a school group from St. Rita's was using the ice. Rec staff asked the Zamboni to leave so that the children could skate. At 4pm the b/a and a patron used the green shovels to manually clear thick snow off a third of the ice. 6-6:30pm, the Zamboni did one pass around the rink to pick up the snow, then did a second pass to scrape and flood the ice. When the Zamboni left the ice was in beautiful condition.

Friday February 27, 2009

Maintenance: 12.30 scrape. Ice in good condition at 3pm, bumpy but solid. 7pm scrape and flood.

Saturday February 28, 2009

Ice Maintenance: At 10am the ice is mostly clear but full of cracks, because the ice froze quickly after the temperature dropped yesterday. There is snow along the edges. The Zamboni arrives at 11:10. It does a flood and scrape and leaves at 11:30 The ice is in good condition. 7 pm s/f.

Sunday March 1, 2009

"We want skates, please!"
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Ice Maintenance: 11:30am flood and scrape 5:20pm flood and scrape

There was a steady stream of hockey players and some young pleasure skaters today, but there were fewer people than earlier in the season when the rink was often packed with shinny players. Today it was busiest at noon when there were twelve hockey players and two pleasure skaters on the ice.

Some of the people who came to the rink today were surprised to hear it was the last day of the season. A few said it was too early.

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