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January 2009

Thursday January 1 2009

The ice was snowy and in the afternoon at 4.30 pm, some hockey players took the snow off with the scrapers (green shovels). Better hockey after that. No ice maintenance crew on duty except for Etobicoke rinks.

Friday January 2, 2009

The building attendant arrived at 3:30pm. Hockey players told the B/A that the Zamboni flooded the ice at 3. It started snowing and by 6, there was too much snow on the ice to move the puck easily. The players used the rink's big green shovels to clear the ice with the help of the B/A.

The Zamboni arrived at 7:15. It did two passes around the rink. On the first pass it did a scrape without flooding. On the second it did a flood and scrape. It left at 7:40.

It continued to snow. At about 8 when the building attendant was inside, some people used the nets to push snow against the boards. They left four large piles. The building attendant started to clear the piles but couldn't finish before his shift ended.

While the B/A was clearing snow, a woman who lives on Symington asked about pleasure skating with her daughter. The rink staffer told her there is pleasure skating and a campfire every Saturday from 4 to 6. The woman said it was unfair there is so much hockey at the rink. The B/A told her there's more hockey at Campbell, because pleasure skating times at the rink haven't attracted many skaters. He told her there is more pleasure skating at Wallace-Emerson, which has a double pad. The woman said she would rather bring her daughter to Campbell because it is closer.

Saturday January 3, 2009

When the building attendant arrived at 9:45am, the ice was covered in snow. There were eight players. They asked if they could use the green shovels. For the next half hour the players and the building attendant shovelled snow off the ice, including the piles left along the boards last night.

At 11:30 a plough arrived. The driver looked at the ice but didn't bring the plough on it. Not surprising since skaters and rec staff had just cleared the ice manually. However, the driver did clear the large pile of snow that was blocking the north Zamboni gate.

Every Saturday from 4-6, there is pleasure skating. Staff make a cooking fire by the rink and serve hot chocolate and food. Ten skaters showed up during the first hour, four during the second. The hockey players weren't happy to give up the ice, but they left without any problems. Only one of the younger boys stayed for pleasure skating. A few others hung around in the changeroom.

A recent immigrant from Morocco stopped by to chat by the fire. He said this was the first time he had ever seen an ice rink. A young family was skating. The parents spoke French to their children. When the man from Morocco heard them, he started speaking to them in French.

The Zamboni finally arrived at 6:30. The driver did a separate scrape followed by a scrape and flood. He finished at about 7.

Sunday January 4, 2009

At 10am a father was on the ice shooting pucks while his daughter pleasure skated. A second hockey player was sitting outside the rinkhouse. They were soon joined by other players. By 10:30, there were enough for a game. The ice was snowy and everybody wanted to know when the Zamboni was coming. After an hour most of the players left.

At 1pm a father and his son were alone on the ice shooting pucks. They were joined by a second father who brought his young son and daughter to pleasure skate. (On Sundays and weekdays, it's shared use from 10am-4pm. This means hockey players and pleasure skaters have to share the ice.) More hockey players arrived. Sides were chosen and there was a game. Rink staff warned the players to be careful of the pleasure skaters and they generally were, but hockey at Campbell is intense, which made it hard for the pleasure skaters. The father said he and his children were alright on the ice. The family left after an hour.

Hockey players continued to arrive and by 2:30, there were twenty on the ice. Another father came with his young daughter to pleasure skate. Told by the rink staff that it was shared use, he decided to leave. Staff suggested he try the double pad at Wallace-Emerson. He seemed interested. At 3, a third family with young children asked about pleasure skating.

The small Zamboni came at 4:50 and did a flood. It left at 5:20. The Zamboni crew only came once today. CELOS heard later that one of the Zambonis had trouble starting this morning.

After the Zamboni left, hockey continued. At 5:30, a young couple came to pleasure skate. They thought All ages in the schedule meant pleasure skating. They asked the ten young hockey players on the ice if they would mind having a couple of pleasure skaters on the ice even though it was hockey time. The players said it was OK.

Monday January 5, 2009

The Zamboni did a scrape and flood at 2:45pm. At 3:30, there were enough players on the ice for a game. A steady stream of players followed. By 5 o'clock, there were twenty players on the ice. In other words, it was a typical evening. The Zamboni came back at 6:20 to do another scrape and flood. The flood took a little longer because the Zamboni ran out of water before the ice was finished. The driver had to put more water in before he could continue. Afterwards some of the regulars played more shinny.

Tuesday January 6, 2009

At 4:30pm there was a fair amount of snow on the ice, due to heavy use. It looked like the ice hadn't been cleaned since last night. Ice maintenance: 7.20 pm.

Wednesday January 7, 2009

At 10:30am, the Zamboni was sitting on its trailer on Campbell Avenue in front of the rink. The lights on the truck were flashing and the driver wasn't in sight. A city plough was driving south on Campbell towards Wallace, but it was impossible to tell if it was coming from the rink or not. It may have been, however, because it looked as if a plough had started to clear the rink and then stopped. One row of snow had been pushed into a pile. Sometime between 10:30am and 4:30pm, the rink was ploughed. At 4:30, there was one hockey player. He said the ice was pretty rough but good enough to skate on. He said he was there to "get twenty minutes of cardio."

Thursday January 8, 2009

The Zamboni scraped and flooded the ice at 7:45pm.

Friday January 9, 2009

The ice was in good shape at 10am. It looked like it might have been cleaned recently. Then in the evening the Zamboni scraped and flooded the ice from 8-8:25pm. The shinny players were upset about having to end their game early so the ice could be in better condition for the permit group that was coming at 9.

Saturday January 10, 2009

Clearing snow the old-fashioned way
Click to enlarge

The hockey players said the Zamboni cleaned the ice at about 8:30am. It was quiet in the morning and early afternoon. There were 6-10 players at a time on the ice. At 11:30am, 6 people came for pleasure-skating. As the day progressed, snow began to build up on the ice and hockey players started asking when the Zamboni would be coming. The building attendant, a City recreation employee, wasn't able to tell them because he didn't know.

Manual ice maintenance at 3 pm. At about 3, light snow began to fall. Some of the younger players asked if they could use the green shovels to clear the ice. The B/A reminded them that pleasure skating was going to start at 4 and asked if they still wanted the shovels. They did. As the young boys pushed snow to the gate, the B/A shovelled it to the side. Some of the older players seeing the younger ones shovel snow, took over. When the B/A saw this, he told them pleasure skating was going to begin soon. The older hockey players weren't happy to learn they were clearing snow for less than half an hour of shinny time. While the players were shovelling, one man offered to bring his plough on the ice. He said a B/A who used to work at Campbell had let him do that. When the players had finished, the man said he could have done the same work a lot quicker. He said he ploughs for a living. The B/A said he appreciated the offer but could not let the man take the plough on the ice.

Marina's doughnuts were a big hit
Click to enlarge

As the players and the B/A shovelled snow, another recreation employee, Marina, set up the cooking fire and began making doughnuts and hot chocolate. Two sets of parents with young children arrived for pleasure-skating. When 4 o'clock rolled around, the parents were still standing by the fire, while about 25 men and boys played hockey. The parents said they didn't want to ask the players to leave the ice. On a normal Saturday, the B/A would have asked the players to clear the ice regardless, but since they had worked so hard in clearing the ice, he let them stay after making sure no one wanted to pleasure skate.

For a while, it looked like there would be no pleasure skaters at all, although people, including hockey players, stopped by the fire for hot chocolate and doughnuts. However, at 4:30, a few more parents and children arrived for skating. By this time, there were only two hockey players left on the ice. The parents said they only needed half the ice and said it was OK for the two players to stay. However, more hockey players came on the ice. The B/A decided it would be a good idea to stand on the red line to make sure the hockey players stayed on their side of the rink. They did. Even so, it was a mistake to let the two players stay. because that sent the message that it was OK to play hockey during pleasure time. Things worked out this Saturday. The pleasure skaters told the B/A they enjoyed themselves. Still, with so many hockey players on the ice, it could have gone wrong.

Sunday January 11, 2009

At 10am the rink was covered with snow. Some of the snow was piled against the boards. The piles against the boards must have been made last night because they were covered with a layer of fresh snow. A man and a woman arrived with a young boy who was wearing full hockey equipment. The man had a large shovel which he used to pile more snow against the boards. The building attendant told the man that if he wanted to clear the ice he would have to shovel it to the Zamboni gates.

The man said it would be OK to put the snow against the boards, because he would be bringing his own snowblower to clear it. The building attendant told him he would not be allowed to use the snowblower. The man had trouble understanding why this would be a problem. The building attendant told him the City had safety rules.

The man said he was a hockey coach and that he had invited his team to Campbell for a practice. The team was based in North York and the coach had come to Campbell because it was the only open shinny time he could find this Sunday. Another man arrived with his wife. The building attendant brought out the green shovels for the two men to use.

At about 10:45, a plough arrived to clear the snow. At 11, the plough left. Shortly after it came back, another crew arrived with a Zamboni. The plough and the Zamboni worked on the ice until about 12:15. The Zamboni scraped the ice but didn't do a flood.

Later on in the day a man who comes to Campbell regularly with his son started talking to the hockey coach. The first man said he hadn't planned to come to Campbell today because on other days after it had snowed the rink had been unusable. He said he decided to come today because he had been driving by and noticed people playing.

In the afternoon a couple came with their two young children to rent skates for pleasure-skating. This was during the shared use time on the schedule. They were able to skate comfortably because there were only a few hockey players on the ice. Later two women came to the rink to ask about pleasure skating.

Monday January 12, 2009

At 3pm the ice looked like it might have been flooded recently. There were two hockey players on the ice. They hadn't seen the Zamboni. At about 4, the regular group of shinny players started arriving at the rink. By 5:15, there were fifteen players of all ages on the ice.

At 6, there was a collision on the ice and a player was hurt. The player lost three teeth, but was able to go home on his own.

Shortly after 6 a city worker came to the rink with an edger to smooth out the bumps in the ice along the boards. At 6:15 the Zamboni arrrived. After the ice had been edged, the Zamboni first did a scrape followed by a scrape and flood.

At 7pm, twenty-five men and boys were playing shinny. There were so many players that they took shifts, with some sitting on the bench while others played. The number of players gradually became smaller. At 9, there were ten or so on the ice.

Tuesday January 13, 2009

At 11am, the ice had not been ploughed and was covered in snow. The Zamboni did a flood and scrape between 3 and 3:30pm. At 8:35pm, the Zamboni came back and scraped the ice.

Wednesday January 14, 2009

The Zamboni scraped the ice before 11 and at 5:30pm

Thursday January 15, 2009

Every Thursday there is a permit at 8pm. Most Thursdays the Zamboni floods and scrapes the ice shortly before the permit group arrives. Today the Zamboni didn't come at this time. Members of the permit group helped the B/A to clean the ice manually. The permit group was in good spirits despite the poor ice and weather conditions.

Friday January 16, 2009

At 11:30am the ice was snowy and needed to be scraped. At noon hockey players started arriving. At 12:30 ten men and boys were playing a game of shinny. As the afternoon wore on some left and more arrived. At least five of the players were boys whose schools were closed because of the massive power outage that hit west-end Toronto last night. Although large parts of west-central Toronto were still without power today, there was electricity and heat at the Campbell rinkhouse.

At 2, a few of the younger players used the rink's green shovels to scrape snow off the ice. They worked for about twenty minutes while the B/A helped. At 2:30, the some of the hockey players told the B/A who was in the rinkhouse that the Zamboni had come. The players said that a worker had looked at the ice and then the Zamboni had left. The players wanted to know why the Zamboni hadn't flooded the ice. The B/A said he didn't know but he thought the city worker might have left because there was no snow on the ice. How is that fair? asked one of the boys. "The ice has cracks," he added.

At 6:30 the Zamboni came and scraped the ice, but didn't flood it. The truck pulling the Zamboni had trouble going south along Campbell because there was a long line-up of cars headed towards Wallace.

Late afternoon and early evening were quiet with only a handful (5-6) players at a time on the ice. A few of the regular rink rats hung around the rinkhouse to chat, play checkers and drink hot chocolate, which the building attendant gave out for free because it was so cold outside.

There was a permit at 9. The first member of the group arrived at 8:30. It took a while for the rest to arrive. One fellow came be bike. While the early arrivals waited for the others to come, one man said it would be ridiculous to cancel shinny because it's too cold. Hockey, after all, was meant to be played in cold weather.

Saturday January 17, 2009

At 10am the ice was snowy from use. No one was skating or playing hockey. At 11:30, the flying squad parked in front of the rinkhouse. At 11:55 after the workers had their coffee break, the Zamboni scraped the ice. The workers didn't do a flood.

There was no one on the ice from 10 to 12:30, when the first player arrived. Then a few of the younger rink rats arrived. There were 5-10 players on the ice at at time throughout the afternoon. A woman came by with her granddaughter for pleasure-skating. Seeing the hockey players she decided to call a cab and go to Wallace-Emerson.

Saturday 4-6 is set aside for pleasure skating. Today's turnout was low as it has been every Saturday this year, though there are a few people who turn out regularly. It was snowing and very cold which didn't help.

At 4pm the staff made a campfire by the side of the rink and started serving hot chocolate and doughnuts fried over the fire. A woman came by with her young son. They had been here last week too. At first there was only one pleasure skater. He said he wouldn't be there long and didn't want the hockey players to leave the ice because of him.

A half hour later a few more pleasure skaters arrived and the building attendant told the hockey players they had stop playing hockey until 6pm. A few of the older players skated for a while but got bored and left. Some of the younger ones went to the campfire. One of the skaters was a woman celebrating her birthday. She came skating with some friends. Altogether there were eleven pleasure skaters today including the three hockey players.

Usually the hockey players jump on the ice as soon as pleasure skating is over, but tonight there weren't any, allowing two skaters who arrived just before 6 to keep skating longer.

At 8pm, three boys were playing hockey. They had shovelled some snow against the board. Rink staff had to explain to them that this causes problems for the Zamboni. As of 8pm, the only maintenance.

Sunday January 18, 2009

Ice maintenance: 10.30 plow and zamboni, no flood. Maintenance supervisor said there would be a flood later, but that apparently didn't happen.

Monday January 19, 2009

Ice maintenance: pre 3pm, 6pm scrape only

Tuesday January 20, 2009

Ice maintenance: pre 3.30, 7pm

Wednesday January 21, 2009

Ice maintenance: Before 12pm scrape and flood, 5:30 scrape only

Thursday January 22, 2009

Ice maintenance: maybe before 2pm, 5:10pm (the zamboni driver said that the hose was broken, showed her, so they could only scrape).

Friday January 23, 2009

Ice maintenance: no evidence of ice maintenance before 8 p.m. Scrape and flood at 8 pm. (Flying squad was hampered by two blown tires on the zamboni trailer in the afternoon.) There's some concern about thin ice near the edges -- maybe a consequence of not enough floods and no rain.

Saturday January 24, 2009

At 10am the rink was covered in snow. One hockey player looked at the ice and decided to go to Wallace-Emerson. He is a regular player at the rink. When the building attendant offered to let him and his friend use the green shovels, he said no. He said he would rather spend his time playing hockey. Despite the snow there was a vigorous game of morning shinny involving 7 players.

There was pleasure-skating and a campfire from 4-6. Turnout was low, maybe due to the cold. Rink staff are hoping the Saturday campfire and skate will grow in popularity especially since they get many people asking about pleasure skating, but so far the turnout remains consistently low. Only eight skaters showed up today, but the ones who did said they really liked the idea of a campfire by the side of the rink. One of the skaters was the artist who painted the mural on the underpass on Bloor west of Lansdowne. He said he had skated at Wallace-Emerson yesterday.

At 5:30 some hockey players came on the rink and the B/A had to remind them they couldn't play hockey until 6. One player was stubborn about it and had to be told three times not to bring his stick and puck on the ice. A few of the other players decided to skate. They chased each other on the ice in a way that was inconsiderate of the other skaters. The B/A didn't do a good job of controlling them.

Ice maintenance: 12pm tried to do scrape then flood, but machine is sticking (so that it doesn't suck up the snow properly). The driver did half a turn around the rink when he stopped and dumped a pile of snow on the ice. He then took the Zamboni off the ice. He and the other park worker who came with him spent forty minutes trying to get the machine to work properly. The drivers have trouble starting it in the morning because it is frozen solid. (The Zamboni is parked outdoors overnight at JJP.) They eventually did a simultaneous scrape and flood. They finished at 1 o'clock. They did another scrape and flood at 6:30pm s/f.

  • Ice maintenance log: We kept a log here this year, for 24 days in January, to show how uneven the City maintenance has been:

January 1 - none. January 2 - 3pm s/f and 7:15pm s/f. January 3 - 11:30am (plough) and 6:30pm s/f. January 4 - 4:50pm s/f. January 5 - 2:45pm s/f and 6:20pm s/f. January 6 - 7:20 ice maintenance January 7 - between 10:30am and 4:30pm ploughed once January 8 - 7:45pm s/f January 9 - before 10am and at 8pm s/f January 10 - 8:30am. January 11 - 10:45am s/f. January 12 - 3pm s/f and 6pm s/f. January 13 - 3pm s/f and 8:35pm scrape only. January 14 - 5:30pm. January 15 - none. January 16 - 2:35pm and 6:30pm scrape only. January 17 - 11:55am scrape only. January 18 - before 10am. January 19 - morning and 6:15pm scrape only. January 20 - probably morning and 3pm s/f. January 21 - maybe morning and 5:15pm scrape only. January 22 - before 2, again at 5.10 pm scrape only. January 23 - s/f 8pm. January 24 - 12 noon s/f, 6.30 s/f.

Sunday January 25, 2009

At 10am the ice looked freshly scraped but not flooded. One man, a regular player, was lacing up his skates. He was soon joined by three others including a goalie in full equipment. The first man said the ice was great. Asked if he had noticed any thin spots along the boards, he said no. The building attendant and his supervisor walked along the boards looking for problems. There was a band of slightly lower ice along the boards, but this was probably due to the "edging" that was done two weeks ago. It was quiet morning at the rink. There weren't enough players for a game. At 1, there were only four players shooting pucks as well as one boy who was just skating with skates rented at the rink.

Second ice maintenance: after 6 pm s/f

Monday January 26, 2009

no record.

Tuesday January 27, 2009

Ice maintenance: before 12.30, again at 7 pm s/f

Wednesday January 28, 2009

Ice maintenance: pre-10 a.m., then they never showed up again the rest of the day.

Thursday January 29, 2009

Ice maintenance: pre 12, manual (rec staff and rink users) 4:30pm, zamboni 5.45 pm s/f

Friday January 30, 2009

Ice maintenance: Ice maintenance sometime in the morning, than manual (rink users and rec staff using green shovels) at 9pm. It took the permit group 25 minutes of the one hour time they paid for to scrape the ice clear of snow.

Saturday January 31, 2009

Ice maintenance: At 10am the ice was snowy. At 12:15pm a group of hockey players assisted by rec staff did a manual scrape using the big green shovels. At 3pm another group of hockey players did a manual scrape. This took twenty-five minutes of the final hour before pleasure skating. At 3:45pm, the Zamboni finally arrived. It did a scrape but no flood. The workers who came with the Zamboni told a rink user that he can't flood when it's snowing because it leaves the ice bumpy.

It was quiet this morning. From 10 until 1 there were only 4 players at a time on the ice. At 12:15, the players decided to use the green shovels to scrape the ice manually. Shortly after noon, a man and a woman came in to look at the schedule. The woman said she lives down the street and only found out about the rink last year. She said they were interested in pleasure skating. A little later two men came in and asked if it was OK to play hockey. They had been at Dufferin and Wallace but couldn't get on the ice because it was being used by "little kids."

The rink got busier in the afternoon. At 2pm there were 14 players on the ice. At 3, there were 18. Also, at 3 some of the hockey players asked if they could borrow the green shovels to do a manual scrape. The players who asked have already used the shovels many times this year and they knew the drill: push the ice to the rink gates while the building attendant shovels the snow to the side.

The b/a reminded the players that pleasure skating began at 4 and made sure the players knew that cleaning the ice would cut into their remaining hockey time. The players said it was still worth the effort and for twenty-five minutes worked diligently.

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