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Sunday Jan.19, 2014, email from would-be rink user

"The schedule at this rink is appalling. Broadlands is my closest rink and I'm basically being told I'm not allowed to play. I pay taxes for this! My friends and I have to drive from Vic park and 401 to play in Regent park which I Do not like doing just to get some exercise. I'm 25 yrs. old and work 9-5 mon- fri. I tried taking my father to broadlands on a weekend evening and the ice was perfect but the boards were chained up, it was honestly a heartbreaking experience for both of us. We had to drive and walk 45 minutes to the new rink at Greenwood. My father is 50 yrs old and played on Broadlands ice as a child when there was league play. I think times have changed and this ice should be made more available to people like me and my father. Please tell me when I'm supposed to play hockey at this beautiful rink!?" Ed.note: Broadlands has no evening or weekend adult drop-in shinny time - see our response.

Saturday Nov.23, 2013

The rink was open, but there were no skaters. There have been snow squalls all day, and as I arrived at the rink, everything was white. The zamboni driver said he doesn't like it because when he takes off the snow, he shaves some ice too, and he doesn't want to do that. He said the ice is just barely thick enough for skating, and that they had to do some extra ice-making yesterday evening.

Also the zamboni looks to be an old crock. The zamboni driver said the snow gets stuck in the augur and he constantly has to get off the rink and rinse out the machine.

snow squall just receding

zamboni trying to take off the snow

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