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There's nothing like outdoor skating

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Broadlands Rink Profile

Opening: Nov. 28, 2015
Closing: scheduled March 20, 2016

Rink change area: Inside the connected community centre. Very clean, rubber flooring throughout. Change rooms are separated by gender and have no windows. No benches in the hallway and no benches outside. Community centre has two rooms with many windows next to the rink, but both are used as staff offices.

Staff: Polite, often found in their office, focused on making sure the permits get proper service.

Maintenance: There are 14 ice maintenance shifts a week. There's an onsite zamboni but no plow -- when it snows, the zamboni has to take off ALL the snow, which can take many hours.

Comments about this rink: e-mail us at [email protected].

needed more benches for skate-changing

view from the community centre window

Rink Diary

2015 - 2016


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Views of the rink

Excellent ice maintenance but the rink is often empty

When the rink is opened for public skating, people will come

From The City of Toronto Website 2014-15

For the skating schedule, go to Broadlands, then click on drop-in programs then click on Skating.


To see the (2007-2008) report card, click here

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