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Rinks user's blog 2013-2014

Dec.19 2013, from a rink user at West Deane

Our rink rarely gets used during the week, not even by school classes. There are really only 2 schools within walking distance that utilize the rink for school visits and even then, it's at the discretion of individual teachers as to whether or not they WANT to take their classes skating!

Public skate is available Friday night and Saturday/Sunday afternoons, but the rest of the time is taken up with shinny. They used to have Wednesday nights available, but I'm not sure they are still offering it this year (Ed.note: no).

Our parent council holds a family skate night every year in January and this year we've added a Sunday afternoon in February.

It would be nice if there was more use of the facility, though!

Dec.19 2013, from a rink user at Sherbourne Rink

Why is the PUBLIC washroom locked @ noon on Wed Dec 18th 2013 @ the Sherbourne RINK? Five people including myself were at this rink from 12:00 - 1:10 pm on Dec 18th and the public washroom AND public change room was locked. Why? It was also locked on Fri Dec 13th 2013.

Why is there no one on site and no phone number posted on the door for assistance?

I use this rink at least twice a week since it opened a few years ago and there is never anyone on site with no contact information posted anywhere.

Dec.18, 2013, from ESL teacher Sally Bliss, about Monarch Rink

Today when we went there with the students, the change room was locked again. So it was an anomaly that the Monarch building was open one morning last week. The recreation supervisor emailed that he would see if it could continue, but we heard nothing more.

We have been taking students skating there daily. It has been hugely popular and our newcomer students are getting a positive introduction to how to keep active in cold weather.

I'm sure community members with young families would also appreciate having access to the change facilities and washrooms.

Dec.16 2013, email from rink user, about Humber Valley Rink

The unsupervised skating is not working. People play hockey and shoot pucks at all angles, endangering skaters. I have even seen hockey played during supervised skating by the supervisor! This rink is in very good shape. It is too bad there is no supervision for skaters, and that hockey players bully their way onto the ice.

This must change immediately.

Dec.16 2013, from D.S., about Greenwood Rink

thankfully peace has been restored. There was one minor incident on Friday night where the lights were off but the zamboni gate had been left open for some late night players. We called the police and that seemed to rectify things shortly thereafter.

Other than that, we've had no other incidents.

Dec.14 2013, from M.K., about Greenwood Rink

People are making lots of noise in the morning too. Last time was at about 9:30-10:30 a.m on Saturday. Only 3 teenagers but they lined up/slapshot 20 or more pucks over and over and over. At least the full hour that I was there. Ridiculous amount of noise. And...pucks were flying over the glass in the area of young children.

The other problem with the track is that if one skates on the side the blade will go from ice to ground or concrete. I happened to fall but I wasn't paying attention.

Dec.7 2013, from ESL teacher Sally Bliss, about Monarch Rink

Our classes were at Monarch Rink Tuesday morning. As promised, the rink was unlocked but the building was not. So our non-skaters (stomach ache, 1st-time jitters...) had to stand around in the cold.

Boy, it would be unfortunate if they wanted schools (our school in particular) to pay for a permit. I thought they had a mandate to get more girls, immigrants and young people in general active. On the other hand, it would generate some interesting press.

In addition to our curricular PE class skating, we're doing drop-in after school skating for the rest of the students on Mondays and Wednesdays. We really have to hustle to get there before 13-18 shinny starts at 4pm. Our school dismisses at 3pm. We got there at 3:20 this past Wednesday. Then a zamboni driver who was in training took 30 minutes to clean the ice. The shinny players were gracious enough to give our 15 skaters 10 minutes before they started. I felt we needed to vacate because a huge crowd shows up for shinny.

Dec.4 from women's shinny player Sally Bliss, about Greenwood Rink

1st Wednesday night women's shinny at Greenwood this week. The time slot has moved forward an hour this year. Historically, it's been 8-10pm; now it's 7-9pm. I asked the BA at the opening on Saturday if there is a permit afterwards, but he said he didn't know. There is nothing on the schedule from 9-10pm. Not thrilled about the time change. Enjoyed the later time to play after the kids were in bed. Oh well. Played from 8-9 with a great group of about 16 skaters. The ice hadn't been cleaned, but wasn't bad. The rink guard gave us a "5 minute" warning a little earlier than he should have while a large group of male players were impatiently waiting to get on the ice. He didn't stop a few who stepped on to shoot pucks around. They weren't a permit but expected that we should leave the ice after the women's shinny time slot, since they aren't allowed to play with us. A little education is needed here.

Dec.2 from rink user Stephen Wickens, about Greenwood Rink

I'm usually a Monarch Park rink guy, but went to check on Greenwood today. Generally, I say congratulations. It's a great addition to the east end. One issue the city is going to have to tackle, however, is pucks flying out the ends of the rink. You either need much higher glass or some serious netting. I got hit by a puck today while on the skating trail (no injury). In the half hour or so that I skated at least three came out of the rink at the east end, and at least one on the west.

Dec.1, 2013, from rink user C.R., about Greenwood Rink

"Terrible opening weekend. Weather was perfect, ice was probably the worst I've skated on. We stayed for over an hour, no sign of scraping or flooding in either pad. The city needs to reconsider maintenance intervals. We weren't impressed and it was a big let down for opening weekend."

Nov.29 2013, from rink user D.S., about Greenwood Rink

"I'd like to commend the city for building such a great skating facility at Greenwood Park. It is such a huge improvement, has been designed beautifully and thoughtfully, and already it's obvious how appreciated it is by the entire community.

It is with some regret, however, that I have a complaint so early in the season. Since opening, it has become commonplace to be awoken in the middle of the night (i.e. after midnight) to hear people taking slap shots against the boards. Skating is one thing, but the boom that echoes from shots against the boards is extremely disruptive.

I can live with no street parking during busy times at the community centre, but I cannot tolerate being awoken by people who clearly have no respect for the residents who live nearby.

I question why the rink lights must be left on overnight and also why the rink isn't locked to prevent late night revellers? And if the lights are supposed to be turned off and the gates locked, are the facility staff taking advantage of their privileges?"

November 19 2013, from Sally Bliss. Greenwood Rink

There's a thin layer of ice covering both the trail and the hockey rink. There were two skaters going around the trail, absolutely thrilled with it all. It's so nice not to have the pleasure pad surrounded by fences. Metal posts are now up on the hockey players' boxes, ready for the plexiglass which is leaning against the boards in its packaging. There's an mlse logo on the ice, so I guess some of their money went into the construction. There are lots of benches both in and out of the change house, and a rubber surface to walk to the hockey side on. Could see a bbq ready for Saturday's opening.

November 16 2013, email from Sally Bliss. Greenwood Rink

I like the open, accessible ice and the connection to the playground and the rest of the park.

Today was our first sight of the new facility. Steam was coming from the condenser and there were a couple of orange-jacket guys on the roof and on the ground. They said they're not going to start making ice until Monday because tomorrow is to be 17 degrees, but that the ice will be ready by the 23rd.

The one big question I have is if they're going to allow shinny at the same time as public skating until they get more glass up on the boards. They put the player's benches on the skating trail side with no glass.

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