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Shinny hockey

From the city's website description: - No goalies in shinny - No body contact - Puck is not to be raised off the ice - No slap shots - Only one puck is allowed on the ice during a game

It's a non-contact sport -- why is it banned?

The Ontario provincial website says no team sports. Drop-in shinny has no teams as they are usually known. Each game is determined by random hockey sticks thrown in a pile.

The Ontario provincial website also says that no sports are allowed where people might get closer than 6 feet. This means that sports do not have the masking possibilities recommended by public health. Why not just let shinny players wear masks -- protecting them during those moments when they get closer than six feet?

Jan.16, 2021

CBC news: Why playing arena hockey can be risky during the pandemic

Infectious disease expert Dr. Isaac Bogoch helped to design elaborate testing and strict bubble protocols for the NHL. Players were tested for days before being admitted to the NHL bubble, were quarantined in their rooms upon arrival, and tested daily thereafter.

"What you saw at the end of the day were, I think, very tight protocols that took a lot of buy-in and were adhered to by everyone not just the players, but all the other personnel in the bubble," Bogoch said. "But of course that takes a lot of resources and a huge commitment. Many of the minor hockey leagues just don't have the resources to do that."

Bogoch thinks one solution would be to move as many community games as possible to outdoor rinks.

"I think you can get out on the outdoor ice and have a safe experience, as long as it's done well," he said.

"So rather than saying no, no, no, I think we should say, well, is there a way that we can get around this and do this safely? And if careful and if done right, I think you probably can do it on the outdoor ice in a much safer environment."

Jan 19, 2021

There are a number of city outdoor rinks without fences. The rink supervisor said today that a crew of "peace officers" drive around during the night and if they find people skating or, more likely, playing shinny, they tell them to disperse, but don't issue fines.

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