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Rink Cost estimates: footnotes

  • in 2003 outdoor rinks manager Bob Crump informed Ramsden Rink Friends that the labour costs for 12 weeks for 26 locations was $546,000. $1750 per week per rink.
  • In 2006 PFR said it cost $1,686,900 to run all rinks except City Hall and Mel Lastman, December to February. $2928.64 per week per rink
  • In 2007, many supervisory city staff as well Parks and Recreation management worked on a report called “Full Costing and Pricing Study”, which gave the “full cost” of running the outdoor rinks as $12.9 million a year. $21,525,87 per week per rink. (This study was not released until Jan 7, 2009, and seems to have disappeared from the city's website.)
  • Also in 2007: Parks staff said Mastercard could cover all rinks for December for $160,000:

From the Nov.26, 2007 minutes of the Executive Committee:

Outdoor Artificial Ice Rinks:

Acceptance of the donation of $160,000 from MasterCard Canada has no net financial impact on the Parks, Forestry and Recreation 2007 Operating Budget. The incremental operating cost of opening the outdoor artificial ice rinks for the month of December is estimated at $160,000 and the revenue from the donation will offset these costs.

By that calculation, 12 weeks of running all the rinks December to February would cost $480,000. $833 per week per rink.

  • In 2009 Parks staff said that having all the rinks open for an extra two weeks in November would cost $645,000. By that calculation, 12 weeks of running all the rinks December to February would cost $7,740,000. $6450 per week per rink.
  • In 2014, Globe columnist Marcus Gee was told it costs about $6 million a season to run the outdoor rinks. $10,000 per week per rink
  • Also in 2014, Mayor John Tory said that Canadian Tire and Scotiabank were donating $250,000 to fund the continued operation of 11 rinks until after March break (2 ˝ weeks extra): $9,090 per week per rink.
  • In 2015, city staff said they could run 12 rinks for four weeks in March with $200,000 from Tim Horton’s and MLSE, plus another $16,000 of city funds.

The Star, Feb.20 2015: (Quoting Mayor Tory) “It costs $4,500 per rink per week to operate each of the rinks. The cost to keep a dozen open for four weeks will be about $216,000.”

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