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wood stove at Dufferin


A visit to a Montreal rink

From Rebecca Catching, January 2020

Over the holidays we got a chance to explore the joys of skating in Montreal at the mechanically-cooled rink at Lac aux Castors on top of Mount Royal. This was one of my top urban skating experiences to date with a beautiful setting, gorgeous classical music and a warm and stylish chalet. With windows all around and even a balcony with Adirondack chairs, the design of the chalet allows parents to keep an eye on their children. There is skate rental, hat and glove purchase and a really nice snack bar which even serves beer! In the changing room downstairs, benches are made of a series of boxes where boots can be stored a clever solution to the problem of space. The Montrealers are always so clever when it comes to design. Though Toronto has many more rinks, none are as cool and stylish as this. Bravo Montreal!

big skating area: 2,500 square meters

long benches

chalet for skate-changing, getting warm, getting some food and a beer

John Deere tractor with resurfacer

downstairs: benches for skate changing -- crowded

Is this a placeholder fireplace?

benches double as lockable storage boxes: locks for rent, $3.25

roomy storage inside skate-changing benches

skate rental: $9 for two hours, $5 carrier sleds for babies

upstairs to food area, viewing area

wide food counter, with blue tiles like those at Dufferin Grove

good view to the outside, with a balcony too

Their season is odd -- what do they not understand about the angle of the sun?


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