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CIMCO contracts with the city

(excerpts, Nov. 2018)

Commodity: Construction Services
Description: Refrigeration Service Programme

QUOTATIONS ARE REQUESTED FOR: All materials, equipment, labour and supervision to provide a Refrigeration Service programme, to maintain existing outdoor making refrigeration equipment located in various arenas in the Etobicoke/York district, Toronto/East York district and Scarborough district of the City of Toronto on behalf of the Parks, Forestry and Recreation Division for a period of one year with the option to renew for two (2) additional one-year periods.

4.2. The decisions to renew the Contract for any option term will be at the sole discretion of the City and will be decided at least four (4) months in advance. All terms and conditions of the Contract shall remain in effect and continue during the optional year(s), with the exception of any price adjustment. The City may take into consideration the following into its decision to exercise any option year:

4.3 The decision to renew the Contract for any option year(s) will be at the discretion of the City. Included in the decision to accept option year(s) of the Contract is a market analysis, conducted by the City for the Deliverables included herein, at the time the option is being considered, comparing the Bidder’s change in price for the option year(s) to current market/industry conditions.

3.1.7. Shortly after shut-down the service mechanics shall report on any maintenance repairs they feel are required and provide this information to the contractor Supervisor. The contractor Supervisor would then make an inspection of each facility and prepare a report to the City designating ay maintenance repairs and any equipment replacement requirements he/she deems necessary in order to maintain a safe and satisfactory operation. Link to procurement document:$file/4306-18-5028-%20NOIP.pdf

CIMCO 2019/2020 contract -- approved Sept.11, 2019. Wards 6, 8, 15, 16, 17, 18

The total potential contract award including all option years is $2,746,868.00 net of all applicable taxes and charges, and $3,103,960.00 including HST and all applicable charges. The total potential cost to the City including all option years is $2,795,213 net of HST recoveries.

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