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Here is an agenda that cityrinks sent to PFR management staff in 2009. It was never accepted for discussion. It overlaps with many of the 2016 proposals. Is 7 years long enough to wait?


1. risk analysis as it pertains to shinny hockey helmet policy. Action: adapt the Ontario Gov't Risk management framework to "revisit" the helmet policy, as it appears that no City of Toronto framework exists

2. public access in North York (very limited hours), big differences all over the city. Action: goal of 25% public prime time access at every outdoor rink by 2010/2011, with the 25% evenly divided between pleasure skating and drop-in shinny hockey, work toward that this coming winter, CELOS monitors it.

3. making outdoor rinks work better for more skaters, i.e. skate lending and food. Action: add two skate lending programs in 2009/2010, at e.g. a) West Mall (Etobicoke) and b) Broadlands (NY) -- assign Dufferin staff to teach how, and lend CELOS skate collection to be a starter. Add two snack bar menus: at one rink with facilities e.g. Christie, and one rink with weekend "special event" type capacity only e.g. Regent South. Assign Dufferin staff to help.

4. money handling and revenue. Action: run the three new locations according to slightly adapted existing City cash handling policy.

5. inequitable ice maintenance budget. Action: call a meeting of rink coordinators for South District rinks (Marcel Vieira, Mayssan Shuja, etc.) to examine what went wrong with rink maintenance and suggest specific solutions. Make that report public.

6. silos between Local 79 and Local 416 workers in South District. Action: have one joint meeting between all types of rink staff at start of next season, hosted by Andy Koropeski, with a strong message from him about working together, and specific suggestions of how to do that.

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