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Citizen-Z Cavan Young's 2004 film about the zamboni crisis

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wood stove at Dufferin


Bentway photos

Jan.9, 11.30 a.m.

pylons for the sharp turn at the east end

hot chocolate/cider and warming fires closed in the day, but chairs are out

mural on the back of the change sheds

shadow tent for night-time, no skates allowed

power still external from a big "whisper" generator

mini light power stations

lots of wires tucked in behind

view toward Strachan

skaters allowed to use Ft.York toilets, but without skates

all the traffic is giving the doors some trouble

Jan.8, 2018, 8 p.m.

lots of skaters on a pleasant Monday night

this time the beach chairs face the rink

both alcohol and hot chocolate are served here

charcoal hand warmer tables, very nice

happy group around a warming table

the impression is of a lot of light

Jan.7, 2018, 2 p.m.

the "skating village" in the press release seems to be made of upscale shipping containers

there were many skaters, hundreds of people

the garage is not done yet, but it shelters the zamboni

the dj company had a heater so they could move their hands

the skate lending booth was mobbed

there were lots of loaner skates, on nice wooden shelves

shed #1 for skate changing

shed #2 for skate changing

shed # 3, and elegant chairs, but too cold to sit on

some lockers, and a banking machine

the alcohol section, and the 30-person skate lineup behind

nobody was drinking cider or beer -- too cold

skating was the best way to keep warm

Jan.1 2018

Jan.1, 2018-- A wind tunnel?

decorations along the trail

Dec.22, 2017

Dec.22, 2017, 6.30 p.m.: zamboni at Bentway Rink. Photo: Jeremy Fisher

Bentway poster image for opening

Nov.27, 2017

fresh cement still tarped against wintry weather

new cement fill-ins all over the place
Nov.20, 2017

A Cimco truck -- the refrigeration company

evergreen trees have been added to the trail

Nov.13, 2017

trail near the front, compressor room in the background

will it be strange to skate under a highway?

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