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Rink Diary 2006 - 2007

Jan.2 2007, 3.50 pm

One adult, seven kids, three more adults inside (mainly Chinese). Stacey (supervisor) was there -- said they had never considered doing a skate rental out of there, since local people wanted it to be sort of quiet.

Dec.18 2006

The ice was a little slushy and very dirty around the edges as well. There was one skater, listening to music and skating in circles, smiling happily.

There were two people working. The ice is resurfaced at least once a day.

Change room: there were no mats into the washroom. Not top-top cleanliness. Nice space with plenty of benches and light, but it is a little desolate with no posters or much that lets the space feel welcoming, or even used, really!

There's no food. There are lockers.

Dec.10 2006

High, 7 celsius, low 1. The ice was dirty but solid. No sign of recent maintenance. Only 4 skaters but lots of tracks -- maybe they had shinny hockey last night? Changeroom locked. No sign of when it would be open.

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